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  1. RandyB

    Nut or Tuners

    FYI, I had posted separately about a badly cut nut on my 2020 LP Standard. Initially, it appeared to be merely a cosmetic issue, but as time went on, I began to have sitar and intonation issues. So, I took it to a very reputable tech who confirmed that the nut was causing problems. I'm having him put in a bone nut replacement with a full set-up. Based on the symptoms you describe, it sounds like the same thing.
  2. Yeah, I'm gonna leave it alone. Gibson said they'd replace it under warranty, but I would rather not do that on a new guitar if there are no issues. I can live with the cosmetics.
  3. Spoke to two luthiers yesterday and showed them photos. Both said the top of the nut could be shaved down, but they'd leave it alone if there were no buzzing, binding, or intonation issues. I can live with the minor cosmetic issue. Funny thing ... I was in the local guitar store yesterday and, while there were some better looking nuts on the LPs, none of 'em felt or played for me as good as mine. Also, those LPs had other issues such as unfinished lacquering and residue staining, even on some of the customs. So, my conclusion from all of this is that while Gibson has made some necessary and welcome strides at improvement, it appears that it still has a long way to go on the QC front ... plainly, that's not a surprise to anyone, although I had bought in initially to the idea that Gibson had progressed more than it has. If I were to change the nut, I'd likely take it to a luthier in any event rather than the local guitar store from where I bought the guitar.
  4. Well, at least I'm not alone. She plays fine with no fret buzz or binding, so it appears to be more of a cosmetic thing than anything else. Not a big deal at this point. I'll likely change it out later, but not right now. What have you done, if anything, about your SG?
  5. No. It's brand new from the factory. I wouldn't touch something like that.
  6. My 30 day trial with my new Standard is almost up. I'm wondering whether the nut is cut too deep. No fret buzzing or anything, but it's deeper than nuts on other LPs I've had and seen. Thanks.
  7. Totally not right. I would return it, if possible.
  8. That headstock doesn't have a prayer.
  9. I see two guitars from another manufacturer which don't belong in the same photo with that beautiful LP.
  10. RandyB

    LP Tailpiece

    Maybe it's my eyes, but it looks like you're top wrapping. If so, then that would explain the condition as there's more stress on the TP, and it will tilt. I bought a 60's Standard in Bourbon Burst a couple of weeks ago, and there's no issue with my TP as I don't top wrap. Worse comes to worse, take it back where you bought it and ask them for a replacement TP, or call Gibson and ask for one under warranty.
  11. I've heard it said that you don't find a guitar, the guitar finds you. Well, that happened to me last week. Was browsing at a LGS when I picked up a 60's neck LP Standard in Bourbon Burst ... minty fresh out of the box from the factory. From the minute I put my hand around the neck, I knew in my heart that she had to be mine. Played her for about an hour and then tried a couple of 50's necks just to compare. It wasn't even close. So, with a very supportive wife and a salesman who cut me a nice deal of 20% off of MAP, I brought her home. Pic attached. She's a real keeper, as is my beloved wife. It was a happy day for me.
  12. When purchasing my LP Studio Worn, I tried Epiphones as well. I didn't like them at all ... from playability to quality. It was really palpable. I agree with one of the posters who said that just seeing an Epi headstock would put a negative vibe on each session for him. I'm inclined to agree ... had I bought an Epi, I would have been lusting for a Gibson EVERY TIME. Perhaps it's an issue of good marketing, but I really feel that way. Since I would not have been happy if I'd purchased something else, I got a Gibson.
  13. I thought that switch turned the stage lights on and off.
  14. RandyB

    wine red?

    Beautiful color.
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