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  1. Hey GibsonGuy....I'll certainly give some thought to your 185. I looked at the pics and it looks very nice. I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger yet, but have noticed that there aren't very many used Maple J-185 ECs on the market, and no Rosewoods. Actually, I'm a little conflicted about new vs. used and Maple vs. Rosewood so haven't made up my mind yet.
  2. Hey Sandy...how would you describe the tonal diffeence between the Rosewood and Maple? And what made you buy the Rosewood? I'll admit, it is beautiful!
  3. Thanks! All good advice...the 2008 I'm looking at I can get for a pretty decent price, probably $2600-2700, because it's a display model and does have one minor blemish. I kinda like to donate my own dents and dings since they become part of my history with the guitar. This one is a beautiful blonde...and I've always been partial to that look. I went by Monday to play it and saw they have moved it to a lighted display case in front of the guitar room and it looked absolutely beautiful sparkling in the light, and then I played it again...it is truly a sweetheart! The only reason I haven't pulled the trigger is because I was doing some research comparing the maple to the rosewood (settled on the maple), and because I was considering having my dealer bring in a new one for comparison. But, I don't think I can wait any longer! Two things I'm thinking about doing: 1) replace the plastic posts with bone, and 2) I may replace the pickguard with a custom one similar to what's on the J-200 (not one of the 200 shape, just the design). Some might say that may make it less valuable, but I just like the look. Donovan
  4. I've never owned a Gibson, I admit it! I've had Taylors, Martins, Fenders, and a Japanese-made Aria knock-off of the S-200. But I just played a J-185 and have been jones'n for it since! So now my problem is that my dealer only has an '08 build he's selling as new...what I'm wondering is if there are any improvements, either structural or cosmetic to the most recent build that would make it a better guitar than the '08. There's no seasoning impact because it's an '08 that hasn't been played much, just stored... I'm also wondering when Gibson will release the newest build?
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