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  1. Hello I brought the guitar back to a different Guitar Center location had a new set of strings put on and strung correctly. That's 2 hours of my life I won't get back :(
  2. Hello, I just had my Gibson ES 355 restrung with the strings over the tension bar. I did not even notice the tech did this until I got home from Guitar Center, which in hindsight was probably my first mistake, anyways I was sick of popping another set of Dr Blues strings BC I am a relative newbie returning to playing after many years, long story short I noticed the bridge seems very a lot higher then it was before however, intonation is on, seems to almost stay in tune but again new strings so this should stabilize and a fixed bridge. Can anyone offer advise, should I go back and have this co
  3. Hello, I thought I would post a pic of the incredible work done by Jeff Mosby guitars/Custom truss rod cover with ebony/real MOP. Pictures don't do it justice. See link below www.mosbyguitars.com Steven
  4. Hello, I purchased a new guitar from an online dealer. I noticed this finish issue. You can see the glue leaked out and was painted over where body meets the neck. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. Hello, in light of the holidays I thought I would post a family shot Gibson ES 335 Block Antique Red, Lollar Low Wind Pickups (Aged covers) Gretsch White Falcon 6136T (Soon to be upgraded to TV Jones Classic Pickups)
  6. Hello, New player here, I currently have Dr Blues 11's on my ES 335 and love the tone but its a little hard for me to play. If I move down to 10's how much loss in tone can I expect? Dont want to go through the hassle of another setup if this is not a good idea. i know ease of play is number 1 but I can always grin and bear it bc I love the 11's tone. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your comments, my Huss and Dalton DRH, I had done in Sunburst serial number is 3095 :)
  8. sorry not a response to your post and dont mean to hijack the thread but saw your list of guitars , I just got a huss and dalton dr-h and love it, how do you like yours?, what type of music do you play on it?
  9. Hello, What is the best way to clean out the dust in a semi hollow (335)
  10. I have a 2010 gibson 335 block with burstbuckrer pros, does anyone know the Pot value are these 500k?
  11. Hi, I have a 335 block inlay which comes with the BB Pro. I want to replace w the Seth Lover 55's. Is there a best strings type/guage that compliments the pickup?
  12. Hi, I cant take credit for the work I had it done by a inlay professional. The wood is ebony. Thanks for the compliment though!
  13. Hello, I replaced the plastic truss rod cover on my ES 335 with a custom cover. Thought I would share. Now I just have to install it! Original Pic
  14. Well, I finally decided on an amplifer, more money then I wanted to spend but I got a deal on a used Swart Atomic Space Tone. Great reviews, all tube reverb and tremelo, hand wired. Thanks for all of your help
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