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  1. Hi forum, I finally sold my 2008 Les Paul Standard. I got so sick of people on this forum slagging off the standard, aswell as Gibson for producing it, I just didn't want to be associated with such an ALIEN guitar anymore, LOL[biggrin] . No to be honest, it was a beautiful guitar, lovely quilted/flamed Iced Tea top, but I didn't like the chambering!!. It didn't give me the tone I was looking for. I tried a traditional and although being weight relieved it didn't do anything for me, tone wise. It was also quite heavy and I didn't want this either. I considered buying an older Les Paul, but I felt this meant I would end up with a secondhand guitar, and I actually wanted a brand new instrument. Enter my PRS Custom 24, Birds, with a 10 flamed maple top, which I have just purchased. This guitar doesn't carry any "image baggage", and is so like a Les Paul, in both sounds and looks. I have finally found my dream guitar, at last. I think Gibson did make a mistake in producing the 2008 Standard, but in producing the traditional they have not improved on the original Standard at all IMHO. I guess the arguments over these two models will rage for the forseeable future, the 2008 Standard always being portrayed as the "black sheep" of the family, which is bound to potentially affect future resale values of these 2008 Standards.I'm glad I got out while the going was good. At the end of the day, a guitar was made to be played, not just looked at!! If in the future I do get a Gibson again, it will most certainly be a LP Custom.
  2. Is the actual Gold Gibson Warranty valid outside of the US? I didn't think it was.
  3. Hi Cdntac, I didn't return it because I didn''t realise how different it was to a "normal" LP. I'll speak to Gibson.
  4. So I will ask the questions in the week of our Gibby Rep, Vincentw!! Poor bloke he has it all on his shoulders doesn't he!! Best Regards, Alan[biggrin]
  5. gibsonlespaul1319, Not exactly!! I looked and saw Les Paul 2008 and also looked on the internet. I didn't know a Les Paul from a Hunk Bucket!! The guitar i received was not a Les Paul Standard. I've since found that out .OK so I didn't play it but surely the name should tell the story!! Best Regards, Alan
  6. Hi Vincentw, Thanks for the invite. I'll contact you in the week through the forum. Kind Regards, Alan[biggrin]
  7. Yes I have a choice, normally, but not on this occasion. I bought this guitar as a Les Paul Standard, shouldn't it be a traditional? I don't know. Please could someone from Gibson comment? :-
  8. Hi Forum, I hope there is someone from Gibsons Customer Service Team on line, because i need them to explain why they produced the Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008. Les Paul is and will always be a person I respect in totality. His vision, mastery of the guitar, and legacy cannot be challenged or underrated, IMO. I have always thought of Gibson as a company in the same way!! I have been reading many posts deriding the 2008 Les Paul, you know the one with the neutrik locking jack, PCB, locking grovers etc. The thing is I actually bought one. I have also played a couple of Traditionals over the past few weeks and they are much better sounding guitars by far. Obviously they are NOT chambered, and they have a certain respect that this new incarnation clearly has not got. The actual description of my 2008 is : Gibson Les Paul Standard Professional with premium finish. I paid £250 more than for the traditional. (No doubt for the neutrik jack ; £3.44p, PCB and pots ; I've no idea, pots are pots, why change something when it ain't broke?? The locking grovers ; I can change 6 strings in 10 mins flat, I just don't like them or need them. When I ordered my dream guitar, the Les Paul Standard, I actually received something totally different, why I don't know. I have been trying to sell it, with no success, I'd rather have a secondhand beatup old ' proper' LP than this. Please could someone from Gibson give an explanation, as to why this particular model was actually produced? Best Regards, Guitarworld[biggrin] "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny." Frank Zappa
  9. Came across this guitar for sale, on the below link!! Is it real or fake, it seems a bit too cheap to me?? http://www.guitarmart.co.uk/advert/G02767
  10. Hi Forum, My friend has been looking for a gibby and he came across a green one of these guitars. he asked me to ask anyone on here for any info'. I have never heard of them. Many thanks.
  11. Brilliant reply, I'm looking at acquiring a 335 soon. Played loads. haven't found a good one!! Good night, sir!!
  12. R9 yes things are dear in the dear old UK most of the time, I'm getting a brand new 2010 Gibson Les paul custom in ebony delivered here tomorrow. £2499 GBP!! Wow what's all the histeria about. The UK is falling apart, the US is falling apart!! Gimme a break the world depends on certain things. Maybe not the UK and US! Australia watch out my friends!! Musical love to all, Pictures soon to follow!!
  13. Would someone please explain this obsession with the weight of an LP Standard!! This guitar on this link was made during the early 50's and is 8.5 pounds. What sort of mahogany is this? My 2008 Standard weighs in at 9 pounds, and it's the hated "chambered" monster!! I love her....and my wife, LOL. but then again she is cool, my wife is HOT!! I like to stay inbetween if I can!!:) ;) http://london.craigslist.co.uk/msg/1788145905.html
  14. Thanks Captain, I realise i have a few things to consider!! Nice '57 Bucketbot, I think I'll go for ebony and gold!! Sweet looking and a classic combination. I like the aged effect also. [biggrin]
  15. Thanks to all for the replies, I think the general concensus is to buy new!! I am now going to try out as many as I can, and keep on looking online. I did actually have a White LP Custom in '79. Irony is, I didn't know what it was then. I bought it for £200 in a local music shop, the man said it was a Les Paul, and boy was it heavy. I basically needed a guitar for a punk group I was in. I didn't have a clue what it was, I just played it. It didn't have a TRC, only the Gibson logo on the headstock, so I new it was a Gibson. It was in quite a tatty condition, but hey, it looked good in a punk group. I had it until '85, when the headstock broke off, and I then dumped it. :-& I wish I had known what I know now. Nevermind, the next one I get I will treat like royalty. LOL, thanks again.
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