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  1. I have an R6 which i bought new, i didn't notice on the top it has a slight mound about the size of a quarter just an increase in height only minor. but it was very evident. now days I look at it as my individual guitar and adds character. i have had binding issues on a a custom shop before as well. I returned that guitar
  2. Finally took the plunge and bought a J45 its been the holy grail for me for years. so happy she's beautiful and sounds better than she looks
  3. cheers man Happy to be compared with either. this clip was pretty easy the second clip has been much harder acting sucks.
  4. cheers next one should be coming soon
  5. yep just a gopro and my mac. oh that and some good mates a friends clothing store and an exotic dancer who helped out. it was all done over 3 weeks using rehearsal studios and uv lights. Even the strobes are off our iPhones budget a $30 t shirt for the model and a bottle of Ketel one to the store. done and done. Next one we are having a mate who is an actual cinematographer do the filming.
  6. cheers guys glad you liked it. So far the only criticism is the model should have been in it more lol
  7. i don't advocate violence normally. but even Jesus would be trying to crucify him. I just hope there is a special place in hell for him
  8. well its as good as I can manage with limited time and a macbook. but here is our video for the song Turnpike Enjoy
  9. Yeah I have to really work on the neck. mines a 2011. the wiring options are brilliant I really love the tone knob sending the middle pup out of phase. i find im playing with that middle tapped and the tone pulled out on either neck and middle or bridge and middle. and using the full bridge to really thin the sound out. i think this will be my go to for a very long time. I used to use the SG who for darker songs cos it really wasnt as bright as the Les Paul either the Junior or the Goldtop and then the Junior for most other songs. but this I get pretty much all three plus some unique sounds just from the FireBird.
  10. Yeah that and the 56 goldtop and the white who sg it's a more of a disease lol
  11. Well I decided that wandering around new orleans with a pocketful of cash may not be the wisest thing. So I tempered my P90 addiction with a Firebird in Pelham blue with 3x p90s tapped and phased. I also got the gold rush edition of the blues junior with the greenback in there. no i can just go to new orleans and enjoy the music
  12. cheers guys I read your responses and went out here and bought a Firebird NR in Pelham Blue with triple p90's. I thought by the time i brought one back and paid import taxes it would be about the same anyway.
  13. Im heading up to New Orleans from Australia and want to visit some guitar stores in town whilst im there. Can anyone recommend a good store not just a guitar centre. Cheers.
  14. well put it this way at one point ive had nearly every pedal that TC have made and it and the Polytune mini are the only ones that are left. its an awesome pedal the looper isnt the best but its still clear. Oh and the hall of Fame is an excellent pedal I just prefer my amp reverb.
  15. So a few of you guys were asking to hear the recordings once they had been mixed. As I said these are for demos to book gigs so they are rough. All the tracks are live recordings. no over dubs, he has just compressed and played with the levels. www.facebook.com/bushkillparkau or if you dont want to like us to listen www.reverbnation.com/bushkillpark cheers
  16. for a while now I have been trying to find that vintage growl without using different amps on stage. many thanks to Keeley the Keeley Time Machine boost kills it. Im so happy i finally have my sound. :)
  17. Thanks guys there is a lot of talent and experience on here and your input is more than valued. Cheers.
  18. Debating if to get the vox cabinet to match but it sounds amazing through the orange v30's
  19. Cheers man. It's my favourite to sing and play but I like the levels on walk and my love best
  20. I put a link up in the thread but its at.. www.reverbnation.com/bushkillpark cheers :)

  21. Thanks Guys, its been a long time in the making. re writing after band members left and trying to get my voice back after vocal nodules. But the band is now gelling and getting tighter. So at last im happy with where we are going.
  22. sure,. these are all live tracks no overdubs just compression and gating. the levels are being played around with this week. http://www.reverbnat...om/bushkillpark
  23. Spent the weekend in the studio recording our demos for the band. Had some new toys to play with an R6 Goldtop and the AC30HW so stoked.
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