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  1. Very nice SG, funny thing is I just bought a used 2012 standard in lefty last week! It looks much better cleaned up in real life!! I just hope mine is not a fake.... congrats on your purchase..
  2. thanks BigKahune that's what it must be!! take care,
  3. good post, It has got me thinking, on Sat I saw a lefthanded cherry burst 2011 std same as mine but a cherry burst like my epiphone lp, looking at my Gib Les Paul it is nowhere near as red as the one I saw in the store? I figure the letters on my card are LP STD = Les Paul Std HS = ? CH = Chrome Hardware LH = left handed 1 = not a second anyone have any idea of the colour? thanks in advance!
  4. I also have to add (very strongly) a lefties biggest problem in musical stringed inst are the retailers themselves, they just don't want to carry lefty inst. therefore they say they don't sell, (well of course they don't sell, lefties know they have nothing in stock so why go into thier store?? (It's a visious circle) I just bought a lefty 2011 Gibson Les Paul standard, nobody had one around here (north of Toronto) drove to Buffalo NY (luckily)Got what I wanted. Couple days later I went to the same local store where I live & in conversation I respectfully mentioned they missed out on a $2500.00 sale. All they said was I wouldn't be covered under warrenty(that's the least of my problems!)it's only one year in Canada anyway!
  5. Scott, My mom also got the ruler over the knuckles when she was young, She was from the old country (Wales) I guess we are pretty lucky at that.
  6. Here is my lefty view. 1) play the way is most compfortable, (I couldn't do it right handed) I'm a lefty period. 2) If you end up only being able to play lefty, Just buy a lefty guitar/bass, there are a lot more to choose from (Black)then there were in the 60's (None). One day I got fed up with unbalanced body, my arm turning down the vol control, I decided no more upside down guitars ever! Today I have 4 basses 6 guitars all lefties. I find it funny that we shouldn't discriminate against sex,race or creed etc, but it's ok to discriminate against lefties, (sorry I was told that is not discrimination, That's Business)Yeah right! don.t get me wrong I'm cool with all this (after 62 yrs of life as a lefty it's all I know. On the plus side you don't need to worry about GAS as much as our Rigthy brothern! there ain't much avail to GAS over lOl
  7. There's no shortages of Les Pauls at Long & Mcquade here in the Toronto area, in fact I even found 6 lefty's & found a 2011 (2008)standard that is great, now in a happy home.
  8. Hi everyone, I bought a lefty 2011 (2008) standard & I have to say it is an awesome playing/sounding guitar! (will get a photo on here as soon as possible just got it last night) The only question I have is, the controls are wired righty which is opposite to all my other guitars. Does anyone know if they can be rewired lefty? Being on a pcb I may just have to get used to it. I feel it is an over sight on Gibson's part if they are all like that! I'm not complaining, just asking, after all we lefties are always being challenged so what's one more? thanx,
  9. for me it was the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Seeing PM was a lefty as I am (we were far & few in those days) anyway that's why I'm a Bassman!! 1974 lefty Ricky 2007 lefty Fender Jazz 2006 lefty Hofner (icon) PS if anyone at Epiphone should read this where are the lefty EBO or EB3 models???
  10. Hi Tom, actually, in the olden days (60's) they did, Fender Jazz used to have a dampener under the chrome tail piece (with the big F) also my 74 rickenbacker has it where you can move the felt piece up or down, but nobody ever used them so most companies no longer have it. (I know fender no longer does) I think Rickys still do! I do it on most recordings just to keep the bass a bit tighter sounding! another thing I do is use an eq when recording my hofner beatle bass as it sounds thin. (but it is fun playin it!! take care!
  11. Yep, you got the sound, it's much tighter without the ringing. now just bring er up a bit more in the mix & JO would be proud
  12. Good job Tom, I'm opposite to you I'm a bass player starting to dabble in guitar (since retiring) As far as the bass goes for fun I would try a different approach, for example, put something under the strings (behind the back pickup) to deaden the strings (more of a thumby sound) so the strings don't ring, & a little less treble. I do this using paper towel folded up on my fender bass when recording at home to get that motown type sound.. please don't take offense, as I feel you did a fine job with the bass part,
  13. those two SG's are the most beautifulv ones I have ever seen! I want a vibrola for mine, but I am so lucky (not) I'm a lefty & I have neer seen one for sale. congrats, guys!
  14. Congrats, she looks fantastic, I want to do this with my Dot. any issues installing the big B?
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