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  1. guess they're doing site maintenance. the whole site is "unavailable"
  2. Just happened to be checking prices on MF...ALL the Epi HB's and SHB's are tagged as "NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION" anybody have a clue??
  3. Thought this would be some good reading. The review is in Premier Guitar. http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2012/May/Epiphone_Ultra_339_Electric_Guitar_Review.aspx
  4. Dont even think it's necessary to answer this guy. He hasn't been on since his post. LOSER TROLL.
  5. OK, Mike. Glad to help! I use a lot of GFS stuff and never have a problem. Guess you could spend a lot more but I dont see the point.
  6. The GFS bridges are a bit deeper(front to back) so you get more intonation adjustment. The saddles move about a 1/16th of an inch more. Sometimes that's all you need.
  7. Thanks for the Bridge advise!

    Cheers friend!


  8. Mike, it should be easy. http://store.guitarfetish.com/Large-Bushing-Tuneomatic-Style-Gold-Bridge_p_445.html This bridge drops right on. to remove the old studs get a piece of round metal(a nail or small threaded rod)and cut it so it's to a little more than 1/4in.long-make sure it'll fit in the hole after you remove the screw. drop the cut nail or rod in the hole and screw the screw back into the hole... the stud will rise out of the hole and you can pop the new(gold one)right in, for the tail piece make sure you measure post to post, then go shopping. I've used these bridges on 2 Epi's(
  9. I know it's not a Sheraton, but I put a set of GFS bucker size P90's(Dream 90's) in my Dot and they sound great. I think the Mean 90's are more suited for a solid body. The Dream90's are plenty hot for a hollow or semi hollow...just my opinion!
  10. Nice score . I'm partial to the NH, but that Wildcat is beautiful!
  11. I have the Blackstar HT-1. Great little Amp
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