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  1. hope you enjoy peeps,all the best http://youtu.be/cIwZfiyP3As
  2. hi,i bought a j200 back in 1996,i had little knowledge of saddle and action n so..it was hard to play so i lowered the action myself which is where i ran into problems,not enought saddle..the neck relief was fine,i took it back to the store and they replaced it instantly. From then on ive been very conscious of that problem because i like the action fairly low.To be blunt gibson has got a neck angle problem on alot of the guitars ive tried,i waited until i could get a j200 with plenty of saddle with a slight relief neck.I can tell you i waited a long time to find one,ive tried 4 other
  3. best just to say the j200 is a mans guitar..haha
  4. i understand the "telling" part but gibson will use the most cost effective quality product and that can be equally telling,but in time to come i will really compare both because im gonna order some,if they are they will go on the j200 instead,i will get a luthier to resize the headstock holes to take the push in bushes,
  5. gibson deluxe tuners are exactly the same as the grover keystone so id put my money there,as for better quality thats a matter of opinion really gotoh verses grover verses schaller etc..i had a hummingbird tv a few years back with the gotohs on and the back casings look cheap,ya not agree?
  6. gotta say i agree with you..i would like the lighter look without the hex just the push in circle bush,,perfect
  7. to look like this http://www.guitarvillage.co.uk/product/11918-150/Gibson-SJ200-TV-True-Vintage-SJ2TPANGH1-New-Antique-Natural-Inc-Case.aspx
  8. thanks for the pics,from your front pic the fittings just dont look right to my eye,like it needs a washer or something?
  9. i will have to see hoiw long they last..my tuners have hex nuts so the gotohs probably wouldnt fit with their push in bushes?
  10. hi,why did you replace the gibson deluxe tuners?ive just installed them on mine thanks
  11. think they are similar in closeness to the wood as these http://www.guitarvillage.co.uk/product/11918-150/Gibson-SJ200-TV-True-Vintage-SJ2TPANGH1-New-Antique-Natural-Inc-Case.aspx
  12. they are fine ,not has close as they look..do some have longer shafts?
  13. heres some pice please make up your own minds
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