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  1. Yeah I guess it was aimed at girls because of the weight, which is a good idea. I know my new SG feels like a feather compared to my Agile, which has the ebony fretboard and is a dead ringer for a real LP. 2 totally different beasts, I love em both
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-SG-GODDESS-/160432665684?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Guitar&hash=item255a883454
  3. Hi all, I just bought a new SG Ebony Standard (traded my Ibanez S series in on it.) Can I just say I LOVE THIS FREAKIN BEAST! Bought it, brought it home, plugged it in and love it. I only wish that Gibson had not yanked away all the little mom and pop music stores' right to carry Gibson guitars. Anyone know why Gibson did that move? Guitar Center is a joke (every guitar they carry ought to be labeled used because of the tweeners playing the crap outta them and scuffing them), but no one else in Knoxville, TN is able to carry Gibsons. Anyhow. I researched all the SGs and was close to getting a faded SG or SG voodoo but in the end I really liked the Standard better. Looking forward to hearing other SG owners' stories, complaints, issues or praise and DIY stuff. Ciao' ??
  4. well I solved the problem, be it grover tuners or the plastic nut (which after really looking at it it had little pieces dangling off where the strings rub it)........I took it back to the dealer and got credit. My Agile LP is a way better built guitar and it cost $520 less retail price. Epiphone needs to put graphtech nuts on these guitars IMHO.
  5. according to http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx, Guitar Info Your guitar was made at a factory not yet added to the database August 1998 Production Number: 0304
  6. I took off the string and examined the nut very closely and could not find anything wrong, no nicks or grooves, that was one thing I did early this morning! Any other suggestions??????
  7. Here's an email I sent to Grover tuners, anyone else had this problem if your Epi came with Grovers? Hi, I purchased a new Epiphone Zakk Wylde les paul custom last week that came with the stock Grover gold tuners. I have emailed epiphone/Gibson about a problem with the G string tuner slipping ( actually kinda pops) when you try to tune it so it is not-tuneable (which is a big pain) but have not gotten a response from them. The guitars serial number translates that it was made in may, 2008. What can be done about this problem? The other tuners are fine so I think it's just a defective tuner. Which grover tuners come on this guitar OEM anyway? Epiphone does not state this.
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