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  1. Alabam by Cowboy Corpus - cool old song with some good picking and different lyrics
  2. Fred_Engr


    Ah the much maligned, misunderstood and under appreciated guitar none other than the Yamaha. Here are some clips of a Yamaha LL400. Never Comes The Day 1.mp3 Story in Your Eyes.mp3 Fred
  3. J-200 absolutely! Because it has a sound that is amazing.
  4. Ah Benny Hill now there was a good show - Drool Drool Drool Drool - talk about jugs, ops I mean, Pints.
  5. Onewilyfool We have had that for eons in Canada, it is called a plastic cup and when we go fancy we use Royal Chinet dinner ware. Fred
  6. Perhaps this may help http://www.athensmusician.net/archive/2001-05-01_geneimbody1.shtml
  7. According to their website "As with other instruments the ToneRite® works because it relieves the natural tension in an instrument." Maybe it has other uses too!
  8. There is a SJ300 Rosewood for sale on Ebay right now, starting bid $1000. http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-SJ-300-Rosewood-Custom-Shop-Guitar-SJ-200-J-200_W0QQitemZ280452851229QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item414c4ae61d#ht_770wt_1165
  9. Hey Gilliangirl how about "Where Evil Grows" Fred
  10. Good day Working on Charles Aznavour - Yesterday When I Was Young Rod Stewart - I was only joking Beatles - Yesterday Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World Tommy James and The Shondels - I think we are alone now Onewilyfool - I have chord/note transcription I did of Good time Charlies got the blues and Yesterday if you are interested. Fred
  11. sji200 I give a 6 year old guitar lessons, here is some of my experience. 1. Usually they will want to pay one song over and over 2. She has a full size guitar and it is nearly impossible to make full chords - like C, although she can do a G, so when first learning had her make part formation of chords, but now she does full formations when possible. 3. She started with a Hanna Montana guitar - pink 4. Switched to light strings and tuned down a step so she can press on strings and not hurt fingers 5. She picks the songs 6. Children at this age loose interest quickly so play games like try to stump the teacher - see if I can guess the chord(s) by closing my eyes as she plays different chords or what verse is she playing now. 7. Likes to play singing notes which helps with learning notes and chords. 8. She knows the name and position of many chords 9. Like fortyearspickn said about spending on the first guitar, but I will add to make sure the action is a low as possible, if possible to adjust. 10. I am kind of preferential to Yamaha guitars for someone learning as they tend to be well built and sound good for the money.
  12. "The voice inside my head tells me I am sane, so I must be sane."
  13. Been watching this person's youtube videos and he is probably one of the best I have seen who is not a noted professional - some debate as to who he is though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9ok5Iwiclw
  14. SeanF Pictures usually help Fred
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