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  1. ...I know the meaning of "SG", Wikipedia works everywhere round the world. I just thought that every Gibson model from 2007 had these holes in the body. But, as I can see, I am not the only one thinking that modern pieces are lighter than those of the past. So, if you're all so certain that there is no place for chambers in a SG, it must be true. A matter of wood in the end. I had the answer.
  2. Maybe I make some confusion with language. I mean what in italian are called "camere tonali", you know, the holes in the body that Gibson put into guitar from 2007 to make it lighter. What's the english for that?
  3. Hi everybody, I love my chambered 2008 SG Standard but, sometimes, it seems to me I am playing a sheet of paper, not a piece of wood. I tried also some older model and the weight was more like that of a guitar. Do you agree?
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