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  1. kk awesome thanks any tips on what pin size to order?
  2. Ive done mods and things on my cheaper guitars but if I buy B.C pins would I have to mod anything I have a 2008 j45 standard. With the saddle I understand I will have to adjust the height
  3. In vancouver the granville street Tom lee location is now selling epiphone and gibson
  4. when i first got my j45 i was worried of the top cracking but i realize the climate im in is pretty good and I don't have to worry much. My luthier and old boss just said yes it was expensive but just enjoy it and it might get scratched up but its better to just enjoy it and I have
  5. daadario lights i tried these martin thin cores last week to see how they are......hated them I am thinking of trying a coated string but my thing is I break pretty often so it might get pricey
  6. i bought an epi 7 years ago thinking o I can save some some a few months in traded it and bought an lp standard. If you can get a older tokai, orville they can be a really nice. The epi sounds good for the money but the fretboard felt cheap on the one i had but was a ok guitar, but the gibson was a whole different beast.
  7. When i got mine it was kinda rough but it i aired it and mine seems to just smell liek smoke now
  8. there are many strumming patterns on the net but everything ive ever wanted to speed up I always start slug slow with a metronome and slowly increase the speed when I feel like I can do it in my sleep. just my 2 cents
  9. i dont remember who said this but i was told to soak your fingers in warm salt water......never tried it tho
  10. Long and Mcquade is kinda our GC.... that being said they have a monopoly pretty much on gibson in canada. anyways they do negotiate for cosmetic stuff the one i searched for and eventually bought after numerous j45s had some belt rash and scratches on the pick guard and they had it discounted at 1900 i got it for 1700 cad.... so if its just in the finish it might be possible to save some cash
  11. cool, I put mine on the 4 position its decent I was warned not to put straps on the headstock by the luthier i go to, but ive heard on the net that is just a myth.... anyways glad u got a solution
  12. On my gibson les paul standard i played it for 6 months then wondered why on vibratos on the 1st string I was slipping off. Land M the gibson retailer was like O its just the nut we can get you another plastic one put I was like Nvm ill get a bone one put in my my luthier, 50 bucks no biggie then when I get it there he says the fret ends were filed at the the wrong angle and so I took it to a few other respected techs and they said the same thing. So I took it to l and M and said can I get this fixed and they said they cant do it under waranty bla bla, but they would contact yorkville I kept bugging them as well finally they said "they are hand made instruments" I said I know that but it was hand made inproperly the guy said theres nothing htey can do. So i ended up getting a refret. Its a wonderfull guitar but customer service crap like this really bugs me, file them properly! I Havent had a problem in 8 years now.
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