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  1. Steve, I have no answer to your question but the should be a very nice guitar. It is nice to see you around. Thanks John
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  3. My 2009 ES-345 in walnut looked plastic and shiny when new now it has a lovely, well used patina. No chips, nicks or cracks but with a bit of wear on the gold it's beautiful and it was not a VOS model. My L-4CES is coming along well also. Thanks John
  4. I have a 2009 ES-345, 1975 Guild Starfire IV with a mahogany body and a 2013 Guild GSR Starfire VI with a spruce top and maple body. All are thin line semi hollow body guitars with dual humbuckers. These all seem like they are similar guitars but all are quite different playing and sounding and unique in their own way. I don't think I would but another Starfire or a ES-335. Although I would buy a ES-330 and I am not trying to be a smart ***. Thanks John
  5. I think you need to get a second opinion, just to be sure. Thanks John
  6. As for the Lucille I think it's more the individual guitar. Several people who have played my 2009 ES-345 comment on the piano like tone unplugged. "there that one did the trick" If they only could have heard it...". Thanks John
  7. It's OK, I am on the outside now. John
  8. beware of the goblin girls. Thanks John
  9. I like my ES-345 with out the pick guard. thanks John
  10. When I had to replace the switch in my 1991 LP Studio I found they originally used a Made In Japan switch. A Switchcraft switch would not fit properly. I was told the Japanese switch is a high quality switch and just as good as the Switchcraft switch. Thanks John
  11. I found that when I had to replace the switch in my 1991 Les Paul the switch was a Japan made switch with metric threads. I was miffed and thought Gibson was using a cheep China switch but my guitar tech told me the Japan made switch is a high quality switch and as good as a Switchcraft. thanks John
  12. A friend who is a guitar tech. showed me a Gibson LP with the truss rod so close to the fingerboard that they ground material off the nut to get the cover to lay flat. So what do you do when you have to adjust the nut and reinstall the cover? He said he has seen this several times in the past year. Thanks John
  13. Check with Chicago Music Exchange They have some great deals on Gibson Memphis guitars and a great return policy. I was there recently and it took all my will power not to walk out with an ES-330. Good luck, John
  14. I agree completely, but the COA might add to value. It's all about the guitar itself and how it fits you. Both my 2009 Gibsons are excellent players and were nearly perfect when I bought them new. I hope you like it as much as I like my ES-345. Thanks John
  15. I have a 2009 ES-345 in walnut and it has a COA. As does my 2009 L-4CES. The ES-345 was made in Memphis and the L-4 was made in Nashville. Thanks John
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