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  1. I've used a TP-6 on most of my guitars as well as the Schaller version. I can leave a little slack in my winding and use the fine tuner to get in tune. Also, it helps if you got some nut or saddle binding going on and you are tuning down and back up a bunch and it goes sharp after it ticks past the bind. The fine tuner gets you locked in quickly without having to screw with it until you get the binding issue resolved. On a side note, they used to cost $50, dunno why they doubled in price the past couple of years, which is what got me started using the Schaller version.
  2. Sounds Awesome! Have a good time!
  3. I use the Dunlop Jazz III XL, Red Nylon.
  4. I have never heard of Gothic Slam. Now, Vio-lence was on the same level as say Death Angel before they broke up, maybe a bit closer to the Exodus/Testament tier of thrash. Rob Flynn ended up doing Machine Head and then Phil Demmel later joined Rob in Machine head. Both Rob & Phil are from Vio-lence.
  5. After that weakness.....time for something off the top shelf. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3uvQu-8Myo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3uvQu-8Myo
  6. I plan on putting a Schaller stud mount bridge on there, just like I used to do with old BC Rich's if I do get one of these. Either with or without the fine tuners, most likely with. It feels like a TOM bridge under your palm.
  7. Same can be said about a number of Pro Basketball and Footballers, but yeah - I'm not wearing rose colored glasses. I know a lot knock MMA as just nothing but violence and "not a sport", but that's because sometimes true street thugs get involved in it, but those guys usually get weeded out. There are true sportsmen in MMA who work hard at maintaining a standard. For me anyway, I'd go to ancient Roman gladiatorial games if I could. I still think that would be a brilliant way to raise money for victims families by forcing murders and life criminals to fight in the arena for our entertai
  8. The more I see and hear about the 2014 line, the more I want that LP Melody Maker in TV Yellow. That is just looking to be a most killer guitar and at a great price.
  9. That's BS. MMA guy should get a medal for removing one worthless POS from the criminal pool.
  10. Yeah, if I got one as a gift, I wouldn't be a hater. That Dr. Groovy guy always says off the wall stuff, good for a laugh but YMMV.
  11. Yeah, if I got one as a gift, I wouldn't be a hater. That Dr. Groovy guy always says off the wall stuff, good for a laugh but YMMV.
  12. I had an old battleship gray Traynor 2x12 combo (solid state) that was like an industrial beast of an amp. I can hardly even find pictures online of them, basically looked like this but was a 2x12 combo. Took pedals well. I also had two 4x10 Traynor cabs (battleship gray tolex) that I used under an Ampeg V4 head driven by an old Ibanez Sonic Distortion pedal. I miss that V4.
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