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  1. I got a Gibson SG 61 Reissue with the sideways vibrola for my 50th birthday back in March. I love this guitar. The only issue is the tuning stability when I use the sideways vibrola. It instantly goes out of tune. It even goes out of tune when I unfold the arm out to use it. It looks like the unit never returns to its original position when I use it. Now, I knew what I was getting into when I bought it. It was only around for a couple of years in the early sixties because it wasn’t very good and was replaced by the Maestro Vibrola. I love the idea of the sideways Vibrola and it’s ease of use. There’s got to be a way of making this work and some people have. If it does get to a point where it’s totally unusable and unfixable, then I’ll either lock the whole thing down or put a Bigbsy on. Any ideas on a fix are most welcome!
  2. It sounds incredible. She’s got Burstbucker Pros and they sound incredible. Great clarity and nice balance between both top end with grunt. The sideways vibrola was very twitchy at the start and would go out of tune if I looked at it. It was set up with Elixir 10s before I got it. I spent a bit of time stretching out the strings and the more I use it the more stable the vibrola has become. I’m not sure it needs to be broken in from new but it’s worked.
  3. I would like a nice Firebird! 👍
  4. In advance of my 50th birthday on the 14th of March, my amazing wife has got me this amazing 61 SG Reissue with sideways vibrola. This has joined my 2015 Les Paul Traditional and 2003 ES-355 to form the holiest of Trinity’s.
  5. It's hand painted pine from a 100 year old barn that Fender found in Indiana. Very light but very soft.
  6. Thanks. :) It's incredibly light, it feels like it's going to float away....
  7. I’ve been very lucky recently to get two beautiful Fender Guitars. Two weeks ago I practically stole this 2012 American Standard in Candy Cola red for €750. Then today I got this incredible 2011 Fender Telecaster 1952 Indiana Barn find, one of 300 made. The lightest Tele I've ever played.
  8. It's the wall of the shop I bought it in. They specialise in Vintage Guitars.
  9. Just moved the images to Imgur, thanks for letting me know about that. :) The neck is a slim neck, 60s style. I've got a Les Paul with a 50s neck that's like a baseball bat.
  10. I had to post photos of my Gibson ES-355, my dream guitar that I got yesterday. I traded a Gibson ES-335 and a Fender Highway One Stratocaster for it in Some Neck Guitars in Dublin. Some of my all time Guitar heroes have played these down the years, Johnny Marr, Chuck Berry, Noel Gallagher, Lenny Kravitz and many more. The varitone option is amazing. You can go from full Gibson to Gretsch and almost Strat sound with the turn of a knob. This is not like the ones Gibson are reproducing these days. This is the real deal. Ebony fretboard, varitone and stereo with the amazing Lyre (or Maestro, I'm not sure) vibrato. This is also fitted with OX 4 pickups which are as close to PAFS as you can get. This is definitely a reissue from 2003. I just need to figure out what year reissue it is. If anyone knows it would be great. This guitar is a unicorn. You just don’t see them in Guitar shops in Dublin.
  11. In my experience, there is nothing worse than a Guitar or amp that stinks of cigarettes. I've bought and sold a lot of second hand guitars over the years and I am not a smoker. I will not buy a piece of gear now that has been exposed to cigarette smoke. I bought a Fender Stratocaster from a heavy smoker a couple of years ago. I should have seen/smelt the signs when I picked it up at his house and the smell there nearly made me sick. I tried just about everything over a four month period to get the stink off the Guitar. Nothing worked. The best result was furniture polish which just about masked the smell however the Guitar also smelt strongly of furniture polish. I sold it shortly after. Now, when I am selling a Guitar and make a point of calling it out in the ad that the Guitar has been stored in a smoke free environment. Amps that have been exposed to smoke are even worse as they have fabric and other materials that you cannot wash in the same way. At least a smelly Guitar can go into a case, an amp will stink out the whole room where it's stored. It's disgusting.
  12. I loved them. I watched the re-runs in the seventies as a kid. I saw them play live in Dublin in 2002 and they were great even though it was just Micky and Davy with the backing band.
  13. I love those Electromatics. I recently picked up a G5422 TDC in Cadillac Green. Those blacktop filter-tron pickups are the business. These Korean made Gretsch Guitars are every bit as god as the ones that come out of Japan. The fit and finish is flawless and the sound from those pickups is to die for. I honestly don't know why someone would spend thousands on one when they can get the same for under a thousand. I brought mine to my last band practice and the rest of the band couldn't stop drooling at the sight of it. :)
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