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  1. Really sorry for your loss, This story makes me think of my first dog. I have never cried for the loss of a human being... but a pet... That's always tough. I feel sad when I think about his last day, but OTOH the little bugger still brings a smile to my face whenever something triggers a memory about him. Pets are wonderful, but man... their time here is way too short.
  2. Bldsnn


  3. Bldsnn


    Just copy the address and paste it in the "insert media " button ->
  4. Congrats! Enjoy the awesome tone of this little amp! For me it was a no brainer. I needed a practice amp that was portable and not too loud. The Andertons review made me pull the trigger. This amp actually sounds great. Rob Chapman uses it as a rehearsal amp with an actual band in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnDrKSmoLeE
  5. Bldsnn

    Sg 61 Reissue

    Mine is a 2007 guitar of the week.
  6. I have the micro terror for band practice only. It's loud, even with the 8" speaker. All I can say is that it sounds better with a large cab. A 1x12 sounds ideal to me if you want to gig. Couple of things I dislike: It has an external adapter thingy like on a notebook which is a little bit too delicate for me. It's always the first thing I break. The wire is just thin as opposed to the one that goes into the power socket. The headphone output is just crap... It sounds very harsh and just not right.
  7. They should have watched this first... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhQhZyNKqhM
  8. Bldsnn

    advice on an SG

    They all have an angle of 17°
  9. Bldsnn


    The trem works and is pretty sweet for subtle vibrato. I will never use it though, so I removed the arm.
  10. Bldsnn


    This mustang followed me home today. Got it on sale. The short scale and the small size of this guitar fit me well. Great tone and plays like a dream. I personally love the racing stripe and the blue colour. It's one of the 2012 Kurt Cobain models. I'm a big fan of Nirvana and always wanted one of these.
  11. Bldsnn

    advice on an SG

    It's the angle between the neck and headstock. Most gibsons have this angle.
  12. Sg all the way for me. (61 reissue) LP is too heavy, not enough upper fret access and... I look better with an sg. Tone is something I don't really care about. If it sounds good, it's ok. Playability is what matters to me. The neck dive issue is something that doesn't bother me, I have a nice strap...
  13. In the series black books: While house sitting they accidentally drink a very expensive wine, so they try to recreate it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvqSWsn0ED0
  14. Bldsnn


    I use those plastic rings that cost virtually nothing and doesn't require any modification at all. They have never failed on me! Also a nice leather strap is indeed the way to go.
  15. The voice should be powered by your body, not the vocal chords themselves. It's all about using the right muscles. If your neck area is tense during singing or speaking, then you're straining your voice. It's mostly the abdomen that should be powering the voice. Posture and such. Also not every voice is capable of being loud. The irritation comes from straining and it can be prevented. Relax the vocal chord area and use your body. There are exercises to train this. Not speaking at all is never the answer (only in cases of vocal trauma of just after an operation is it a solution). Just speak in a relaxed manner and never whisper. Whispering is really bad. It dries the vocal chords and makes them vulnerable so more damage can be done. To sum up: Relax the neck area and use the body drink water before singing and in between songs (no juice or milk or alcohol or whatever) Know the limits of your voice volume wise (proper technique should be learned first). Hope this helps. Voice training isn't my major, but I do know the basics as an almost speech therapist.
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