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    1984-5 Explorer

    stolen..........man that sucks.
  2. Piro

    Explorer Issue

    Flood. Gibson's warehouse got hit bad. Lots of guitars got ruined.
  3. I got to play one once....killer guitar!!!! Sounds pretty good too. Wish i bought it
  4. It is funny. I have the same issue on all of my black Gibsons........just the black ones. Does Gibson use a different quality finish, or lacquer on ebony guitars then on the rest?
  5. No bad dogs....just terrible humans. Pittys are great dogs. My friend rescued one a few years ago and I fell in love. My next dog will be a pitt for sure!
  6. I don't want to scare you, and I do not own a 339. But in my experience Gibson's QC kinda sucks. My first experience came in '98 when I bought my V. The nut on the guitar would not hold the low e, the neck pick up was disconnected. I had to return it to Gibson, and they just sent me a new guitar. In 01 I bought an Explorer....same problems as the V, minus the nut. In 04 I bought another Explorer.....same issues. I was also an Employee of Sam Ash from '99-'01(worst 21/2 years of my life). In this time I ordered a Gothic Explorer for a customer. When the guitar arrived, the paint was not dry....so the guitar stuck to the pink fabric inside the case. I had the same issue with another customer with an Alpine White Les Paul Custom. Now I love Gibson. They are my favorite guitar company by far, bar none. But this has been a problem I have experienced several times over the past decade. On the upside, they have always taken care of mu guitars in a timely manner, with great results. None of my guitars that they have serviced has given my any problems since. Keep in mind that they mass produce most of their guitars, so problems like this are bound to happen.
  7. I think everyone needs to relay and get high[cool]
  8. I have said it a million times: GECKOBURST!!
  9. I have said it a million times before: GECKOBURST![/size]
  10. Loads of cool effects out there! Try some of the more crazy options from Moog, Electro Harmonix, Devi Ever... The EH Frequency Analyzer is my all time fav.........great sounds Also the EH Hog is loads of fun. Stay AWAY from the carbon copy. I know everybody is singing praise here, but they are NOT made well. I have been through 2 in the past year. For delays look into a EH memory Man, or Memory Toy. Anything Moog makes is amazing!!!! At the end of the day it is all about imagination. If you can dream of it, rest assured there is a pedal, or combination of pedals that can create the sounds you want. once you do select a few pedals, take the time to learn them inside and out. Good pedals are like instruments themselves.
  11. Stop complaining about it and play more. You'll get used to it.
  12. From experience: The EMG's will make the guitar very sterile. Try to find a good passive set up. Lots of good choices out there. You will be happy with the EMG's until you play a Squire that has the same pups, and sounds the same.
  13. I start with a Morley Power Wah Distortion that I drive my amp with. Into a Electro HArmonix frequency Analyzer, into a EH Hog, into a MxR phase 90, into a Line 6 Synth Mod, into a dunlop crybaby, into a boss flanger, into a line 6 echo park.......i like sounds:-({|=
  14. Ha! this stuff is great! I don't know why so many people get so offended by this. I think these folks are just letting their hair down, and having a ball. Rockband, and Guitar Hero on the other hand................
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