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  1. I have Burstbuckers in my geckoburst lp........really great pups. I agree with the overall opinion that they have a open, airy tone. My LP has replaced my Explorer as my main guitar because of this. I have '57's in my SG standard. The 57's are great as well, very "classic", even tone for each string, and I have noticed a really great low end response with these pups. I'm not really understanding the lack of love some of you guys are expressing for the 500's. I have 2 Explorers, and 1 V with these pups and they sound great. I have also put these pups in a few guitars that I have bought over the years as replacements.....they never fail me. I also play in a complex, psychedelic band; and ALL we use are complex chords, and I have never had an issue with clarity with these pups going through my Marshalls......but I do agree that 57's, or burstbuckers will open the Explorer up to new tonal possibilities. Keep us informed when you make your choice, and do the switch.
  2. Piro

    The Custom Club

    1968 Les Paul Custom. Tuners, and saddle have been replaced due to age. rest is all original. i will post better pics soon.
  3. How do I join this mighty club? Here is a pic of my almighty gecko!!!
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