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  1. Did you notice how pristine the backs of both guitars looked ? I have a feeling something really, really heave fell on top of them both at the same time..
  2. wow ... ive never heard a Gibson with such note clarity like on that Dove ...frigging amazing.
  3. I own a 2008 Dove and 2002 J-150 (J-200 without binding). Id say the main diff is the super jumbo is more balanced, while more bottom end with the Dove. I really like the Dove a lot, even more than my Hummingbird, but, the J-150 is just too good and gets 80% of play.
  4. 43mm nut for a banner LG-2 ? Are they nuts ? My 43' is 45mm and baseball bat profile ...and 19 frets.
  5. They both sound good but im wondering if a baggage handler was having fun with them on the same flight ....jeez.
  6. Thats really lovelly Guth. I do recall hearing a couple of your tracks some 8 years ago that I really loved. It really inspired me to start my journey with fingerpicking. This is a lovelly reminder.
  7. I wanted to kill this guy after 1o mins ...soooh annoying.
  8. So I was told from others i was bit too bleak and the demanded a happier tune ... but todya the sun is out, so here is my fave happy go lucky tune from The Cure .. The maple jumbo in full flight in this one. Sal says to keep on posting so ..
  9. glad you enjoy it .. here is a live versioin of the original for those not familiar with the track .... gorgeous track, meloncholy, sad ..
  10. Keith, good to hear from you, thank you for listening and stay safe !
  11. Anne, thank you,. Good to hear from you, stay safe our there !
  12. Yeah, probably a bit too much projection for straigjt up strumming (like an AJ) but for lead work, finerpicking and hybrid strumming its a winner ...which is more Slash's kina style, so makes sense.
  13. Very smooth Sal. And that J-45 studio has a lovelly dry tone to it, dont it ?
  14. Thanks for listening and your comments guys, nice to be back on the board. Yeah, i just felt like i wanted to capture this tune in the current mood. Yes Lars, Nick Cave & Bad Seeds, and yes, it does showcase the power of the big bodied maple Gibby Jumbo. I really do love how it sounds plugged in, both in terms of the note clarity but also the layers of sound you can get out with relatively little work .. theres only two chords in the song, but the single notes really do ring out. Stay safe out there and thank you for listening and commenting. EA
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