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  1. Birdman ....hwo are ya matey. Personally, i would not give a hoot about it. Just play and humidify the damn thing.
  2. The Hummingbird looks so great next to hear, ideal fit ... better even than that old CW she used to play. Bling on bling here.
  3. Nice one Sal ... you have such an FM friendly voice ...easy on the ear.
  4. Very cool ...first time Ive seen her play a Hummingbird. is it a song about rolling joints ?
  5. That was a surprise to me, guess too many Taylor fans out there now.
  6. If its a really warm sounding SJ-200 then give Elixir PB's a go. I normally HATE those strings, I foun they sound awful on mahogany backed guitars, but they really shine on maple, the tone is rich and natural. Plus also provide that extra brightness and cut-through that you probably need given the warmth. btw .. certainly 12's, tried 13's but no, choek the tone too much.
  7. DR Sunbeams are superb and surprisingly Elixir PB’s sound really good, i don’t normally like those strings.
  8. Cheers guys ... will try to produce fully as a multitrack this week, finish it finally.
  9. Thats a tough spot to be in but his attitude is spot on ... thats where it all begins. The big man will get through this.
  10. So Ive finished the fundamentals of my orginal that I posted here a month ago. I added a third part including a solo at 1.50 min followed by a bridge and a melodic outro (actually based on a suggestion here). Ive also completed the lyrics and name the song: No Way Out. Its also increased a bit in tempo. Ive got a lockdown open mike at my place tomorrow where 4 guitarists will have a go the solo, then we will produce it. If anyone has any other suggestion feel free to shout out. I did a fast demo recordign of the full song (minus solo) on music memos app on my Iphone tonite with a drum beat on my phone, no effects with the banner LG-2, single one track take. cheers, EA
  11. What about the blind boy ... is he still blind, and a boy locked down with his Irish whiskey and a J-45 ? ps: i miss the grumpy ones, like big nose JerryK.
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