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  1. I saw Johnny Marr for first time in a Festival in Zagreb this summer. Stood 10m from the stage .. his playing (both Smiths songs and his own) put tears in my eyes. That never happens to me ... so it seems Johnny Marr has to be the man for me too, if my emtional reaction to his playing is based on. He just knows how to play the notes that really touch you ... and believe me, im not the crying type.
  2. Thanks for the info, wasnt aware of that. JT, out of curiosity, how are the non-truss rod banners perceived in terms of construction, overall quality ?
  3. If its got no truss rod like mine, you can be sure its 1943.
  4. I think Im going to order a pair also. I have these big Sony cans, with external noise reduction but something went wrong with them and souns too cold through them. I might give thee a go.
  5. I think there is an AJ for around $1500 on the AGF right now.
  6. **** almost 10 years since i bought my Furch OM with a cooked top and I have to say the sitka top looks now vintage , almost like cedar and so does the tone. Open, cranky, retro. But it took 4-5 years to get there. Point being is that its not instant soup, takes a few years to get the true benefits of a cooked top.
  7. Id be interested in these. I like the masterbuilds but the always died super fast. Two weeks and cooked ( unlike DR Sunbeams with similar tone). if its similar to before but longer life then its a winner.
  8. No. The re-finish is unappealing and theres way too many creacks. Get the Legend if you dig the tone. Theres a reason why banners go for at least $8k
  9. You forgot to mention the most important charactersitics , the tone ! Which one sounded better to you, that should be at least 80% of the consideration. But from my experience almost all banners sounded infinitely better than the Legend. You just simply cant replace 70 year old wood.
  10. Agreed. I was gonna say it also, but held back, sort of.
  11. From these two the True Vintage, sounds more sparkly and open. The Vintage one sounded actually really tight and not particularly impressive. Weird as its meant to have the cooked top to make it looser, but it wasnt. But really, if you want to talk true vintage, get a 50's or 60's J-200.
  12. The Marshall is lovelly and reliable amp, but i sold it and bought an AER Compact 60 which is a completely different experience, quite a few notches higher, but with an equivally higher pricetag. But I found it to be absolutely worth it. Anyway, this was more to show the pickup, what you were hearing was mainly the sound from the PA and the pickup, plus the guitar of course.
  13. Yeah, would have first set EQ on the Marshall, then on the house PA to get a warm, full sound from the amp/ pa combo. However the golden principle for me always is to keep the mids on zero when plugging a Gibson acoustic. Irrespective of pickup type. I find its the mids that mostly ruin the tone and make it sound too bright and clinical, more electric than acoustic. I like that pickup. It sounds good and i always have it with me as a backup or if i wanna much around plugged in on the LG-2 or J-40
  14. Not sure if this will help but I found this 8 year old clip of my 69' CW with the Fishman Rare Earth blend, going into a Marshall AS50D and then small house PA. I didnt use it much but to my ears this sounds pretty good.
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