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  1. Those Keef chords he hit for a short moment sounded sublime.
  2. Ive recently discovered how my HB TV sounds so much fuller and deeper with a thicker pick. Normally I play with a midium thicked pick around .75mm, but my Bird really responds positively with a 1.33mm pick. Fuller, richer, both strummed and when picked individually. It makes sense as the guitar has that fundamentally flatish tone, and a good, hard pick with some bite can really bring that tone and volume out.
  3. Looks great, sounds pretty average to be honest.
  4. Both still sound very tight to me. Maple guitars need the shite played out of em first to soften em up before reaching that lovelly maple syrup warmth.
  5. Stopped making the J-150 more than 10 years ago. But its a great guitar, Id strongly recommend getting a used one. Its become my favourite Gibson in the herd.
  6. Whatever the guitar, if you want it to play like butter have it professionally set up with an accomodating action.
  7. Always go for tone first, period. You will get used to the looks, quickly, and it will never change. But great tone builds, develops, makes love to you ... go for tone.
  8. oh i hate it when they do that !
  9. yeah, but sometime they put it a little to the left of me ... have to fire their asses for that.
  10. I get my roadies to place it on the floor in large print, afer they put the water around, got the towels ready and soundchecked all the gear.
  11. Know what you mean ... I have a J-150, Dove and J-40 and they get most airtime in that order ...with the J-40 quite a bit down behind the other two. Although the Martin Jumbo has a very unique voice, incredible depth and tone sustain, but just not as fun and versatile as the maple big birds. Im right now moving and was wondering if I only had to take three guitars with me it would be the J-150, Dove and Southern Jumbo. And it had to be just one guitar Id be pretty satisfied just with the J-150.
  12. Not a fan of the J-35 here. I find the tone to be far too light and thin, Ive never played a J-45 Studio. However in that lower range price the model that I found to be BY FAR the best in terms of tone was always the J-15, which I find gives the J-45 standard a real run for its money.
  13. Ive always found a huge difference in sound from a standard Hummingbird to the premium ones, ie Vintage, True Vintage. Its worth the extra cash in my opinion.
  14. so you finally got the J-200 you always coveted mate ? I remember you talking about owning one years ago on the AGF .. well done matey ! As a side note i would ignore what the pricing says now. give it a month or two, wait till we go into a deep recession. its gonna be nasty but one upside is that guitar prices will drop drastically, in particular the used ones.
  15. Thanks for listening guys. Its a pretty sloppy job listening to it a bit later, timing not quite right but I got into the mood and thought, why not ? Yes, the Dove is a beast, it has a grittier, rockier tone compared to the maple super jumbo which is more lush, balanced. Both are amazing. Along with the Southern Jumbo its the three Gibsons in my stable that get 90% of air time.
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