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  1. I agree with Buc, the singing is on pitch throughout, thats such a big step forward. Now that you got pitch sorted, try working a bit more on dynamics (guitar or vocals) and variety. Its a tad flat and repetitive in its current form.
  2. QYep, I hear you. Ive done one gig in 2019 and it wasnt much fun. It just became repetitive and a bit like a job. I hated bringing and preparing all the gear. like yourself i needed a break and fresh inspiration. I still do some open mikes and hosting an open mike / bbq party on my terrace with friends.
  3. Looks like a ones avatar / pic and signature details will need to be inserted again.
  4. Well if it sounds like this one then its a real damn good sounding guitar, all round. Reminds me of my Dove, but with that Gibson slope balance. It sure put a big smile on the bloke reviewing it, more than other guitars, and Ive seen him review quite a few. I really am fond of Gibson large maples. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA7ltaoHdf4
  5. Do you have any demos Jinder with the AJ ? New or old?
  6. Im a big OM fan, so for me J-45/ OM-18, great mix of short and long scale mahogany / sitka greatness.
  7. Best feedback ever is from the bar owner ... if you get booked again, its positive, if not, you sucked. I ofter recorded myself and watched vids back as a feedback tool.
  8. I agree. Getting real strong in all respects, especially the harmonies and production quality. Dont know the song but it sounds like the kind of song that Anne would write and sing.
  9. EuroAussie


    That was superb, in all respects, outstanding ... hats off !
  10. Nah ... ive played with a ‘lazy’ lead piano player. He just plays impro and asks for key. Then he hits the transpose button on his keyboard to C and just noodles over my rhythmm and singing. It sounded fab.
  11. Its like a one night stand ... just go with your instinct for guidance.
  12. Hmm, interesting. The tone does have a nice vintage flavour to it but it also to me sounds like its holding back a bit. Im guessing they were already getting a bit over braced by 68 ?
  13. Excellent point Larry. If you can change the key to suit your vocal sweet spot it will make a real difference. Sometimes its just a matter of capoing one fret lower or higher or so and it makes a huge difference. A strained voice is not something that sounds good to the listening ear.
  14. Doing warm ups before singing or a gig is definitely a good idea. In particular Lip rolls or tongue trills. I used to do tongue trills to the Australian anthem about 10 mins before a gig. It runs through 2 octaves and gives me a good warm up. But honestly, these days I just choose 3 songs at beginning that I know really well and I can dig into and that works as warm up. Its like a car, just need do a couple miles, warm up the engine and shes right to go. Of course if youre doing Thom Yorke 3-4 Octave range songs you might wanna run through a few more scales before ...
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