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  1. A Washburn all laminate dreadngouth, with an action so high you coule park a 747 underneath it. Almost demotivated me from the acoustic guitar, until I played a Gibson J-200 for the first time and my desire was sparked again. Bought an EJ-200 and was off ... thats around 1992.
  2. Good choice, its a better compelment to the D-18.
  3. The question that comes to my mind, why have you not connsidered a J-45 ? It could be the right middle ground between the two.
  4. yeah, really fab sounding Dove .. what i like about it is that it has that great balance of long sustain on the bass notes, mainly comign from the old wood tone ...and fast decay on the higher strings ... it really sounds like two guitars in one, which i think is a hallmark of any really good sounding Gibson acoustic. oh yeah, and the guys face and mood was exactly the same when i bouht my old '69 Country Western from Matt Umanov, many moons ago ... pure bliss
  5. I reckon theres two ways of looking at it ....one from the music theory perspective and the other ...which key does it 'feel' in ? To me it 'feels' like a minor key song, its melancholy, moody , total minor feel ... so Ill go with A minor. Still as per my view from .. ahm .. 4 years ago. What if they finished with A minor chord and not C major ... would there be any debate then ?
  6. If I was in your shoes I would get a used J-15. I think this model stacks up to the J-45 quality in terms of overall tone and performance, unlike the studios and the like the released last couple years.
  7. I didnt find the AJ a particularly good comapanon for vocals. Its tone is quite rustic, and it projects very loudly. I found it competes with the vocal rather than complements it, like a J-45 for example would. I sold my AJ however to a kid thats going places on the scene and his voice sounds really good with it .. so as usual, its all highly subjective.
  8. Its actually a J-40 Nick. Had it for about 6 years. And yeah, it has a unique voice, totally unlike any Gibson. Extremely resonant, but due to the jumbo body shape quite balanced. Has that high end ‘shimmer’ that 40 series Martins exhibit. You should hear it in dropped D, thunderous !
  9. Thanks Guth, yes Ive been an avid fingerpicker for a few years now, so many songs to sing with the fingers. Really enjoying the journey. I do recall your vids from the past and really loved your playing with your fingers, good to see you back. You asked for some more vids, and actually i dont have too many others, but I do have this one of my mate putting teh J-150 through its paces plugged through an AER and also one where I did a fresh string test, unplugged.
  10. Well it aint no Jackson Browne but she definitely has her own style and delivers it well. Good on her.
  11. Here's a couple from the volt when I put a new pickguard on my J-150 and bought the Dove.
  12. That was really superb, and you totally nailed the harmonies - just the right blend !
  13. Lars, try it a bit higher, capo it 2 frets higher. I reckon this key is a tad too low for you right now.
  14. Yeah, Id agree that nectar comes out best with old piping, but jeeez it sounds so quiet then, dont you think ? You really need to dig in with the pick to get some projection out and fingers ...might as well have them all acrylics. Its proabably why I favour the Dove, has that nectar syrup, but with old strings the note seperation is still clear, projection is strong, but also super warm.
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