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  1. That was really superb, and you totally nailed the harmonies - just the right blend !
  2. Lars, try it a bit higher, capo it 2 frets higher. I reckon this key is a tad too low for you right now.
  3. Yeah, Id agree that nectar comes out best with old piping, but jeeez it sounds so quiet then, dont you think ? You really need to dig in with the pick to get some projection out and fingers ...might as well have them all acrylics. Its proabably why I favour the Dove, has that nectar syrup, but with old strings the note seperation is still clear, projection is strong, but also super warm.
  4. Yeah, that guy showing off didnt serve the demo well, but nevertheless that Hummingbird sounded absolutely delicious.
  5. DR Sunbeams or Pyramids for my BirdTV. 12 gage.
  6. The old masterbuilts sounded great but died wasy too fast. One week and the bass strings sounded like spaghetti
  7. Show us how she sounds Jinder! Congrats, love my Dove also
  8. Ive not gigged for about 6 months. Lost motivation. But then i pickedup one day my J-150 and started playing with my Harmoniser and core parts of a song came out. Vers, pre, chorus, chords, rhythm. So Im now aiming to finish it on garagaband and put other instrucments around it. Its first song I actually quite liked what i wrote. Wil share when ready.
  9. Its about how much you wanto to 'pan' the reverb more towards guitar or vocals
  10. I use an AER Compact 60 with my J-150 and the tone is superb. Id highly recommend it.
  11. Hes a really great guy, seen him a couple times play live in Prague and enjoyed it. But on recording I drift off after about 7 mins of his playing.
  12. Yeah, its that mix of old wood dryness and maple tone definition. Sounds really balanced, dry, woody, yet warm and with a note definiton that you would struggle to get out of an over saturated Hummingbird. I do love my Dove, its a keeper for ever.
  13. Haters are just going to hate .. 😉
  14. The tone should be much better. 10s are waay too light for an acoustic, they simply wont make the woods resonate much.
  15. I saw Johnny Marr for first time in a Festival in Zagreb this summer. Stood 10m from the stage .. his playing (both Smiths songs and his own) put tears in my eyes. That never happens to me ... so it seems Johnny Marr has to be the man for me too, if my emtional reaction to his playing is based on. He just knows how to play the notes that really touch you ... and believe me, im not the crying type.
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