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  1. Top story and in the end I thought the guitar sounded splendid. He didnt play cowboy chords but showed us how it sounded up the neck - he played the rhythm from Everlong, Foo Fighters for those wondering. Certainly a competent player.
  2. Really disappointing just how much Gibson has dowgraded the J-45. They had the J-15 and J-35 as brilliant, quality alternatives, but they could not help themselves.
  3. Fabulous Sal. Youve become so good at this now. I really see ongoing progress every few months i hear a song from you.
  4. I own both, early 2000's production. Between the two I prefer the Super Jumbo as it has a more balanced, lush tone which is simply perferct for strumming. I also like it a lot for figner picking. If you like a thicker bass, bottom end than the Dove should be a strong consideration.
  5. Id look at it. I found J150 / 200's built between 2001-2005 to have an amazingly consistent strong tone. No idea why but they really shine from that period.
  6. $4,500 for the Noel J-150 ? Paid $1,400 for my J-150 and I bet it sounds better.
  7. Ive always felt that while there is A LOT of similaries between the two models, the key difference is that the CW seems to have a much dryer tone, while the Bird has that honey nectar, more saturated tone. Could be because of the pickguard thickness, who knows.
  8. Back on top of Lars, big progress here. Both in the songwriting and the vocals. Keep going forward !
  9. Well, the pricing is almost $4,500 .. is it worth it ? I bought my orginal 1943 LG-2 for $2,999
  10. yeah, its bad here in Czech Republic. We have the distinction of having the highest per capita new CV-19 infections rate in Europe .... 6 times higher than the US, around 14,000 new cases daily. My girlfriends was diagnosed yeterdaay and im going for the test Saturday ... no symptoms whatsover for either of us. Odd how it effects people in different ways. Anyways ...gigging ,probably not likely till 2022 in this neck of the woods ....
  11. Oh, Im glad he went back to the J-150, it really sounded great, odd seeing him with a blonde though. Kelly Jones from Stereophonics is another big J-150 fan, and it really sounds great in his hands, here is a sample of it with a mike out the front. And mine after I updated the pickgurard a few years ago, I love this guitar ... bought it for $1,400 some 10 years ago ... bargain !
  12. My 2002 J-150 is by far my favourite Gibson in the stable, and also one of the very best super jumbo Gibbies Ive played. It looks great also. I hope this will be a winner for Gibson, but Im also very very curious what the price point will be - in theory it should be a good chunk lower that an SJ-200 Standard ...lets see. Although ... a few years ago he did switch from the J-150 to a D-28 that he seems to be playing mainly now. Here is a really lovelly performance with him on the before mentioned J-150.
  13. She's a nice greek girl from Adelaide Bruce, but luckily along the way met, and hooked up with Richie Sambora and her career went upwards. Here's a lovelly clip of them playing an acoustic version of Living on Prayer together. Personally I dont mind the red colouring, but would not go for one myself.
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