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  1. That's a really good question - I'm still kickin myself for not buying one at the time!. The old guy who made em was a tooling engineer - used to design and make things like gear boxes complete with gears etc for a job most his life - but in later years would teach engineering and machining steel to tradesmen for his employers because no one could do the things he could on a enginering lathe. I think he;s long since passed - he would take this timber I supplied him (Sheoke a member of the allocasuarina family (fraseriana) and he would take the veneers off at thousandths of an inch thickness - which was the REAL skill. He selected that timber because I had it quarter sawn and dried to his specified 12% EMC, and when dried it has less than 0.5% shrinkage between seasons so retains extreme stability which was important for his end use age. I used to supply the boat building industry with this timber, because of its stability in a marine environment, and because of its beauty with open lace to fish scale grain pattern with the medullary rays (not unlike that of American white oak - except with a very orange hue)....it was used for helm stations and bunks and berths on high end luxury cruise boats in the tourism industry in our country. (You guys would probably use cherry for a similar end use). Anyway - this slightly orange timber with the open lace pattern in very thin section would transmit a wonderful soft orange hue of light. He would treat / finish these panels of Sheoke veneer in his lamp shades, with a natural organic oil made principally from the oil in orange skins to bring out the grain and protect the timber, and then finish by polishing it with beeswax. The warmth from the incandescent globe would drive out a lovely orange citrus smell from the orange oil and a slight "bitter alloe's" smell from the timber which when mixed makes a wonderful perfume (we used to add essence of boronia oil to the orange oil as well - which takes out the sharp citrus tang from the scent and mellows it a lot). These lamps would make the room smell as good as the light made it look. Whilst not a lamp shade this little nest of tables - are made from sheoke timber I speak of - you can see the open weave lace grain pattern in the front board of the tops, from quarter sawn sheoke wood, with its medullary rays forming the "lace" effect. Tangentially cut it makes a full on fish scale effect. It's all in how the board is sawn as to how the grain looks. This particular timber is technically a softwood - yet has a density of about 660kg/M3 - which is 2/3rds of what our dense local "Mahogany" timber Jarrah (Or Swan River Mahogany as it was marketed, Euc marginata) which is about 890 - 920 kg/M3 Our Mahogany looks like this! I've had luthiers tell me this timber would be "no good" for a guitar due to not having the right "tonal qualities" - yet some of the very best Ginson Customs are made from Mahogany with a maple top... timbers with similar density properties go figure. Sometimes i think local luthiers are maybe too involved in importing their body's blanks from US suppliers to even KNOW what tonal properties our local timbers might have - without investing the time and effort into at least making a few guitars to test it out!! But thats just my opinion - I'm no luthier. Those local luthiers who DO use some of our local hardwoods - select timbers grown in our outback deserts that are even MORE dense than our local mahogany, timber with MORE than 1000Kg/M3 density - i.e. it won't even float in water - it sinks THATS the stuff they look for. This seems to be the sort of timber they chase for instrument making - goldfields burl wood. This whole guitar timber selection seems to be a bit of a black art! Cheers!
  2. I put a bright light behind my Gibson Les Paul and couldn't see jack! So I need a brighter globe? I don't think theres any relationship between a timbers light transmission properties and it's resonance, tonal, sound qualitys.... I've a certificate in timber technology and milled dried and machined my own timber for 20 years. If anything the density and dryness (EMC Equilibrium Moisture Content)..are the determiners of what tonal qualities a timber will have. Dry timber generally has a "ring" to it when you tap / hit it - whereas unseasoned is wet and has a dull thud tonal quality. Timbers grown in extremely harsh low rainfall environments that grow slowly and have very tight narrow growth rings, tend to make great stringed and woodwind instruments, because of their tonal qualities. Theres also the difference between softwoods and hardwoods and contrary to popular myth this has NOTHING whatever to do with how dense the timber is or how heavy it weighs. Hardwoods are classified so because the tree reproduces by flowers & seeds Softwoods reproduce by cones nuts and spores. Typically softwoods have two types of growth rings - the normal annual round growth rings that a hardwood also has - but in addition a set of medullary rays, that go from heart of the tree to the outside. How the timber is sawn from the log - whether it contains radial or tangential grain or a mixture of each, can determine the resulting grain pattern in both hardwoods and softwoods and also affects the rate of shrinkage and expansion from season to season (Stability) of the timber. These all have effects on the performance of an instrument & the suitability of the timber for it's intended end use. I've seen some very pretty lamp shades made from very thin veneers of timber with interesting grain patterns, that allow the light to shine thru - and reflect the pattern onto walls within the path of the light for a nice effect. These timbers could be either hardwood or softwood depending on the pattern of grain effect that you want. Quarter sawn oak (softwood) with its open lace pattern is VERY effective as a light shade - but who knows what sort of instrument tonal properties it might have?. I cannot see any obvious relationship between light transmission properties of a specific timber versus it's tonal qualities for instrument making. Look at some of the reed type woodwind instruments, soft but flexible reeds cut to fit the mouth piece of the instrument create the sound that's then amplified and altered by the body of the instrument. The properties of the reed - compared to the properties of the timber in the body of the instrument (say Clarinets and Oboes etc) are completely different. Would this same timber make a good guitar body? Hollow or solid? I've heard Luthier's carry on like old tarts about the required tonal qualities of timbers for guitars - and more often than not their entire experience of the timber is no more than selling what they have in stock of mahogany or quilted maple etc, than any physical relationship of the timbers density or grain structure or shrinkage rates etc in fact few of them knew how to differentiate a hardwood from a softwood. There's a lot of plain old baldfaced lies, told about timber when it comes down to it and that's how a lot of the top prices are commanded - based on what timbers in the guitar!. Cheers!
  3. That sounds like a great deal! Good luck with it! Cheers!
  4. I did just recently. Landed here for the equivalent of $2411 English Pounds That's a little less than the equivalent of the 2800 pounds quoted above tho. The $US isn't travelling too well ATM. There's a good chance by the end of this month it could crash badly - which as long as the pound doesn't go with it would be the time to buy one from the US and have it shipped it would seem. I saved about 940 english pounds equivalent over buying it from the local guitar shop by importing one from the US. So... I know you said Black & Gold (and that's what i bought).......but - might you not considered this maybe? http://cgi.ebay.com/2010-GIBSON-LES-PAUL-CUSTOM-SHOP-1968-HISTORIC-68-RARE-/270593949552?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Guitar&hash=item3f00a7ff70 3295 U.S. dollars = 2 228.45935 British pounds 2010 GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM SHOP 1968 HISTORIC 68 RARE! VERY RARE CLASSIC WHITE FINISH w/ GOLD HARDWARE! SWEET! Now THAT is one sweet looking Gibson custom shop Les Paul brand new, never played with all the case candy and certificate of authenticity etc. I know from recent experience that you won;t have any probs buying from this seller. The ebony ones are pretty nice too... I just saw that white 68 and it kinda caught my eye. Good luck with whatever you do - you would need to check on freight and any import duties and taxes payable (VAT?) as they would affect your final price also. But If i were you I'd wait till the end of June at least and see what happens to the $US coz if it drops a LOT (and it could with this gulf oil spill business, and trouble in the middle east and the 2 Koreas etc), then you would stand to do considerably better maybe in the conversion rate. Good luck what ever you do! Cheers!
  5. No its coz your a pond scum sucking buttwipe, who likes to urinate in everyone else cornflakes, - while tooting his own horn! Maybe posters are just sick of you and your always negative contributions. You could always just leave! Ohh and don't let the door hit you in the back on the way out! Someone had to say it! Cheers!
  6. Don't listen to the "self appointed" 'Gibson Police' here - the custom historic re issues, suck big time - and they would only urinate in your cornflakes after you got it anyway! Just get what ever you like, and be happy playing it!. Cheers
  7. http://reviews.ebay.com/Gibson-Electric-quot-New-quot-Fake-replica-guide-amp-tips_W0QQugidZ10000000008225351 Hopefully Ebay acts on this listing - as their own ebay guide, points out the obvious signs to be wary of. When you think about it - the high bidders have done every one else a favor. 1. they will never pay those $ to the seller. 2. no one else can win it at a lower price and get defrauded. 3. Essentially I suspect REAL Gibson owners (maybe even the manufacturers?) are defending the value reputation and integrity of their own & loyal customers instruments, by denying this person the opportunity to defraud anyone using the Ebay system. At the end of the day that's a good thing IMHO. Cheers!
  8. Great deal - you did well - I hope you enjoy it & play it to the max! You know the deal - post pics when you get it! Cheers
  9. Anything country & western! But then I discovered subliminal masking, and started playing all my country and western records backwards! I got mah dawg back, mah trailer back, and mah truck back, and mah girl back, and then I didn't wanna kill myself no more! That's why I like's BOTH kinds a music - country AND western! But seriously.... Nirvana....come as you are! When this was first released, I used to drive a school bus full of kids (who today are all grown and have kids of their own go figure), and one of the lil darlings had a cassette tape with this song on it and it seemed to go on forever....and he would act up and carry on like a pork chop until / unless he was allowed to play it. He played it so much I hated the freakin song and to this day still do! One day it got to the point that i just couldn't take it any more, and when the tape ended and the kid wasn't lookin - I ripped it outta the tape player and flicked it out the drivers window of the bus! . You know - maybe 15 or so years later - I hear this song on the radio now and I don't mind it near so much. It still makes me wanna kill myself butt! So - you can imagine how it made me feel waaay back then. Cheers!
  10. It's like this, (didn't you guys watch porkies?). The Jocks are boinking the band chicks and the cheerleaders are boinking the rock stars! It all works out even in the end - everyone's getting some tail - thus everyone's happy & no problems!. Sadly these days with both music and sport, some of the participants have got themselves somewhat confuzzled about the rulze, and the jocks are doin the rock stars, and the band chicks are doin the cheerleaders! :- Now THIS is where all the trouble starts.....because those that aren't gettin any tail, then want to watch the band chicks and cheerleaders at it - but they don't want the audience (well except the band chicks sometimes - some a them are right show offs) and so some gets unhappy, and then all the crap starts. Least that's how I remember banned camp...(oops I meant band camp)! I learned all this watching the Porkies movie......Ohh I left out Stifflers mother.....- well another tail for another time maybe, (yeah - when [if] I get back from my inevitable trip on the short yella bus with the rest of the winda licker's, going to banned camp!) done it again! Cheers
  11. You know what they say about woodstock. If you can remember it - you weren't there! :- Cheers
  12. I'm waiting for the Gibson Les Paul Traditional Standard Custom Limited Anniversary Classic Edition Vintage Original Series Re-Issue Studio Cafe Latte Mocha Frappachino Decafe Lite Long Black Robot Chameleon Darkfire Dusk Tiger AAAAA Quilt Maple Top Cherry Burst with the 60's neck.......in frog pond scum green & signed by the Amazing Rhythm Aces just before they recorded their epic fail album "Too Stuffed to Jump!!". Should be out any day now! Cheers.
  13. Whattaya get, if you put 34 Gibson guitar players together in the one room? . . . . . . . . . . Yep - a full set a teeth! Cheers


    Ohh - OK... Yes the Ibanez is a S 270 in the pic. When I bought the Black beauty - it was listed at $3150 on evilbay at a guitar store in Texas. Bye the time you added all the freight, duty, taxes & exchange rates it landed here at $4600 odd. Prior to buying it - I went to a local guitar shop who had an exact duplicate as a wall hanger, that I played - they wanted $5600 firm and wouldn't negotiate any at all on that price. So bringing one in from USA saved all up about $1000Aus. How does one find out then, what the REAL retail price is likely to be? Having just spent $4600 - funds are somewhat depleted right now - BUT, it wouldn't take THAT long to put together another similar sized amount and I'm in fact already almost back to that position due to a little good fortune along the way. The idea of putting together $10K is a different story. I couldn't bring myself to play an instrument that I paid that much for....I'd feel "guilty" being that extravagant with $ every time I took it out to play..... Such an amount would for example - "pay off my outstanding car loan'....or be a good deposit on a block of land, to build a house - or make a GREAT start for a superannuation account for retirement in 35 - 40 years time. With the reported problems in terms of fragility / breakages / lack of dependability, longevity, reliability, with Gibsons existing robotic tuning devices, it's seems pointless investing "collector guitar" type sums of funds into an instrument that apparently won't be playable maybe after a year or two of actual use, because the robotic tuners aren't apparently designed with long term durability in mind?. How long before the camera battery technology becomes outdated, and you can't get a charger / replacement battery's to operate the guitar? Today's technology world moves so fast that bye the time somethings implemented in a product its already obsolete. Will this limited edition - become such a instrument within say 5 years? - will we be seeing string-less guitars, using infrared make and break beams, instead of strings and contact sensitive fret boards with no metal frets? Who knows where technology will take us.....replace the timber with resin infused synthetic kevlar and carbon & glass fiber - to reduce weight and add stability in differing moisture environments?. I'm thinking that technological advances might be good things and this is the definite start of a new age of guitars...but in that environment, is "collector guitar pricing" appropriate? Many years ago US made the best hi fi electronics components and my parents invested such serious $ into Marantz hi fi components that today - are made totally obsolete, by the progress of Japanese electronic development and manufacturing. These examples have taught me to be wary of paying top shelf pricing now, on something that can quickly become obsolete overnight, by just one small advance in technology. Won't all electric guitars cease to have cable jacks and communicate with their amps via bluetooth technology? Why don't they already? - complete freedom to roam the stage at will! I think Gibson's on the right path with new technology - I just think mixing it with their collector guitar at collector price range, is a mistake IMHO. Others obviously will think different. It remains to be seen if they can sell enough units at these prices to remain profitable and in business. It's a very curious position in which Gibson find themselves I guess in this brave new technological world. What will be the "worth", of this particular model if say fender, or PRS were to bring out a string-less blue-toothed electric guitar next week? Only a couple weeks ago one of the custom luthier's in my area, was showing me a new custom model under construction for a local band - with programmable special stage lighting and sound effects, controlled completely remotely from the guitar itself, bye programming in certain frequencies within the song that's being played, to trigger the effects at the appropriate point in time, via blue tooth technology. I am sensing that this particular new guitar will quickly become.....out dated / out moded / obsolete. For example. Say that I invent a battery operated device, that contains blue tooth technology, plugs into the standard jack of any existing electric guitar, and performs the same functions that chameleon and computer program-ability of the current Gibson product does without the robotic tuning capability? Suddenly - the purchase of just ONE new "effects device" turns all of my guitars at will into a similar capability of the high end Gibson product. Kids these days are electronics experts, some 16 year old will build one of these in his bedroom for his Xbox controller and mobile phone and his cobber studying 'puters at uni will write the software code to run it all. Microsoft will buy out their patent for a $ gazillion, and mass produce them and every kid will have one for Christmas. And the new Gibson product?........ yep relegated to a museum somewhere like the Smithsonian. I could be wrong. I was once! Jus sayin Cheers


    Fireball $6,108 msrp [blink] [blink] Thats $Aus 7435 after exchange rate conversion. $UPS Freight = US$189, = Aus$230.00! Now were up to $Aus 7665 5% duty on the $7435 = $Aus371.75 Now we are up to Aus$8306.75 10% Good & Services tax on any imports over $1000.. = $830.68 = $9137.43!!!! [blink] Ohh crap yeah - they will run out the freakin door at that price, quick send me a freakin truckload, on the double! Jeeze, I hope Gibson's marketing guru drowned in those floods! For chrissakes - what kinda weed are they smokin in Nashville these days?.... you'd have to be on crack cocaine to dream your going to sell those to ANYONE with half a brain at that price!. :- Note to self - sell Gibson shares - this co ain't going to be with us much longer in this economy with this kind of genius marketing strategy! :- If your gonna go belly up - I guess doing it in a big way is the way to go out! Sheesh, Cheers!
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