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  1. I've only heard 2 tracks so far. Are they all 12 barr blues songs. They really have got that nailed down. sounds awesome.
  2. I use musicians friend. No tax or shipping cost. I've sent 3 guitars back and the return shipping was no charge either. I have been very satisfied with everything associated with all my purchases. I had a VHT amp for well over 6 months and called to let them know I was having a issue and they instantly sent me a replacement with no shipping costs at all. Way more than I expected.
  3. There's this 55 year old kid down in Tampa that's is tearing it up. If he could clean up is open chords a little more. And learn what a metronome is used for he could be deserving.
  4. I thought I read somewhere that Pete Townsend quit using SG Jrs when they changed construction. And he couldn't flex them anymore. I'm assuming that was the tenon. Or maybe I just dreamed it, the 70's were hard on me.
  5. 3 piece Norlin era neck on the 69. That is a sweet looking guitar.
  6. I used to collect football cards and in the 70's the team logo's were always air brushed out. Because, the license was with the player not the league. The use of the NFL trademark would require a license. Not sure if it equates to this issue. Wouldn't want somebody after the fact wanting a piece of some iconic photo, claiming trademark infringement.
  7. What year is it? What model is it? How many were made? How many are known to exist? Lots of questions here.
  8. All my pedals buzzed to unusable levels unless a 9V battery was installed. I must have had the worlds worst 9V adapter. I even thought my house wiring might be suspect, the buzzing was so bad. I finally tried the Godlyke Power-All PA-9B 9V Digital Power Supply Basic Kit. It is the real deal. It does exactly what it says it does, for only $20. There are enough videos on the net already no need to add anymore. I was really surprised, so I thought I would share my impression of the product.
  9. The Ibanez artcore line is awesome. The ceramic pickups are voiced for jazz style clean playing. I'm not sure how they would sound with high gain, but you have your Les Paul for that. You could find a AS75 for under $300 (335 clone). Do not discount these extremely inexpensive instruments.
  10. Good call on the stairs. It's hard to stay on top of every make and model ever made. Especially the proprietary models where they went out of there way to make it hard for anyone else work on. Lots of calls for tech support.
  11. Thanks I'll try that tube again to see what's up with it. It makes sense, flipping the switch from hi power to low power made noise so the power section seemed ok. Just the signal to the speaker was lost.
  12. Didn't notice any problems leading up to the sudden silence. I took it apart to see if I could find a fuse, but didn't. I had a spare 12AX7 tube so I change it and it works. Is it unusual to lose sound between strums from a tube like that? I'm a nube at amp repair, until now that is. It's a VHT special 6. One 6V6 and one 12AX7 tube. I repair elevators all day without knowing what I'm doing. I could probably repair amps without a clue, as well.
  13. The only thing I'd do is ditch the little birdie picture for a flaming skull or a grim reaper. Just kidding that is beautiful.
  14. I'd have to say Harvest, just classic, however: The album I played the most and enjoyed the most was Decade.
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