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  1. So whats the deal with this? Has anybody heard anything about any Epi production on these?? I want one but no way can I afford a gibby. An Epi version will do just fine for me! I think we got enough Slash Epi's produced, it's time for a new ACE!!!!
  2. I'd like to see them offer a round 50's neck profile as an option to the std, plus top and custom LPs. Kinda like what gibson did with the traditional plus top LPs. I like the fatter necks, heck, I'd buy a custom and a std plain top in vintage burst right now if they offered em' with a 50's neck profile
  3. I checked all the big chain stores and they all have the cab as "discontinued". But I also discovered the blackheart 1x12 cab is real close in design to the epi VJr cab. In fact, during my search I read somewhere that it was designed by the same dude. Looks like if I want another inexpensive cab, I get a Blackheart 1x12, the 5W head looks pretty good too What is up with Epi amps?? the valve Sr seems like it never got off the launch pad and fizzled, the hot rod jr, heard very little about it other than the reverb was weak.
  4. WTH, I'm way late on this one...discontinued??? but the head is still in production??? Shoot, I was gonna get another cab and put it off until now, then I find out discontinued... freakin-A, I need to stay up on this stuff. Is there a new version of the 1x12 cab in the works or a replacement?? Whats the deal??? ................markerdown
  5. This Ace seems pretty much on the level. Just as Rastus said, by the ser #, the axe you show in post 1 is a 2000 model made at th Sain plant in the ROK. Looks like it was made in july of that year. The early prouction models (I think it was only the first year) had the 2 lightning bolts at the 12th fret and I'm pretty sure the tulip shaped tuners. They are suposed to be the "rare" ones that people tend to hoard. Then the ACE signature block was added to the 12th fret and the tuners were changed to the std. FAKE made in china epi Aces have the reverse signature on the 12th fret, the tuner pegs and control knobs are aligned wrong and the pups are not dimarzios! Actually, the gibby has the pearloid tuner buttons which are correct for an ACE signature model. The allparts pearloid banjo tuner buttons will fit the Ace epi. The std pearloid buttons need to be honed a bit to fit
  6. FWIW, mine is a 2004 and has the kidney shaped tuner buttons. I was lucky enough to find a NIB NOS Epi ACE thanks to Shawn. I searched for quite a while and was always leary of fakes and there are many out there. Ya gotta be real careful and do your homework!!!!! In fact I played a fake trans black gibby ACE this weekend. It was made in china the guy bought it on line and paid around $320 for it with hsc. When I picked it up, it just didn't feel right. The neck was a slim profile, the weight felt a bit light, and the electronics were definetly not real. It sure looked nice though, it didn't have that driving power that the dimarzio super D pups have.
  7. I got one!! I jumped on this as soon as they were available for pre-order. After going thru the 59 epi and giby 50's studio goldtop order canx goatrope, I was not gonna be denied for the third time! This is one sweet epi! Has the fat 59 rounded neck, the BB pups sound great, and it came with a brown epi hsc. The quality of the build is outstanding, the gold top is just killer! I play mine thru a marshall class 5 and am extermely happy with it. I also picked up a NOS '54 oxblood std. I like the fatter necks. Both great axes!!!
  8. It's the "My Les Paul" forum. It's an awesome site plus it has an epi section :-) oops I snagged the wrong pic outta that post. My original pic is the Sammy Hagar chickenfoot gibson LP. Pete.R has the correct pic. Still, I think it's pretty cool lookin'
  9. Saw this Epi LP prototype in Black Cherry on the MLP board. It sure is sweet and I want one!!!!
  10. Nice axe!!!! And a belated happy birthday!! You are now an official geezer...welcome to the club
  11. The vintage 59's in that old epi made a world of difference. Don't know what pups were in in at the time, but the 59's sounded great. The new owner of that particular epi sure likes em'. The 59's are what they are, still, like most GFS pups, great for the price
  12. I've got the H55 and H54 which are the vintage 59s in one of my epi LPs. I like em', they sound great. I had a set of their texas pups in one of my project strats too. best bang for the buck out there
  13. Wooohoooo!!! happy, happy NGD x 2 and here is the other NIB Ace Frehley Epi that sdjjadk mentioned earlier in this thread. It now resides at my house!!!!!!!! Yeah the vaneer top ain't perfectly bookmatched like my other MIK plus top but I don't mind. The neck is a bit fatter than the std. I likey!! She plays great!!!! 2004 Ace Epi This axe flat out rocks!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I got one. It replaced a seiko classic divers watch that I bought in the early 80's. The luminox is feather light compared to the seiko. The face is lit up nicely. I doubt the sniper remark is valid, it's not that bright. It's good enough to see during a night dive with your wrist turned in front of your face so you could see it. It's an excellent dive watch. Just my .02. I haven't been shot yet
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