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  1. My dream rig? I don't and will never play live, but to annoy my neighbors I would want... Marshall Dual Super Lead running into Mesa 4x12 Cab Marshall Dual Super Combo Amp Ibanez Jay Yuenger Iceman Gibson Les Paul Custom - Ferrari Red Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Tabacco Burst
  2. I won't call it "hack" but I was able to investigate on this guys website where he has more pictures under an unlisted directory. The 2000 LE isn't blue on the back and sides but a DARK natural stain on the mahogany. So either way both the 2000 and 2007 are wood grain on the back and sides, so at this point I guess I will settle for any of them. And yeah milod, it will definitely show up when I DON'T have the money.
  3. I found this in a local record store and they wanted $50, so it must be good.
  4. Austin is a cool spot. I am from Dallas and not necessarily a huge fan of Austin but I know the scene down there is active. Supposedly austin is the safest city to move to financially. My only warning is that from 1991-2001 *roughly* the music scene and the whole scene in Texas was in Dallas, mainly because of Reverend Horton Heat and Pantera. Trends in Texas seem to travel in 10 year increments and 10 years is almost up in Austin. That is not to say that it will not stay in Austin but it should wind down soon. If I were to bet any money on where the scene will be next I would say San Antonio, it's not a far drive to Austin in case the scene stays out there for a little longer, but I am only warning you that if you spend a lot of money and energy moving down there, it could possibly wind down soon. But you should like Texas, I can't stand the weather, almost quoting SRV but when it gets hot out here it gets hot and morbidly humid. Traffic in Austin is bad day and night. But after that, those are the only warnings I will heed.
  5. Thanks for the links, but I am still hoping for a solid blue LP. But I bet the day that I am looking for the manhattan midnight it's not available. I sent this link to Vette and it's for a good price but if someone on here IS interested in this one I can pick it up. http://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/msg/2087286797.html A guy on the mylespaul forum said he has one of the 2007 but sold it to his friend and his friend MAY want to get rid of it, I am only curious on the price but I am still going to try to hold out for the solid blue 2000. Chances are as always as soon as I spend the money on something the guitar WILL show up the next day when I don't have the money.
  6. I don't know why, but I recently got back into Steve Winwood. That dude is UBER talented These are my picks. I haven't heard this album all the way through. My parents had the record when I was a kid and I remember thinking it was the coolest album cover when I was a kid. Someone already stated this album cover, but this is the album that changed my life. This one and the tarkus one were the ones that made me realized I wanted to do something with art and music in my life. Underwater love is an amazing track.
  7. And this is my first Gibson Les Paul since I had to get rid of my Custom in 2001, so I just want it to be special. And I know right where you are. While I was in school, all my big purchases were computers, which unfortunately are going to have to happen quite often. It's not fun being broke, but it makes me feel better when I play a Gibson. Having one in my hands is a really special feeling. I knock Gibson, but yeah I am addicted to their product. I am just HIGHLY defensive of $2000 right now.
  8. I hope so and thanks! B) When I say it's been 10 years of being broke, I mean it's been 10 years of being REALLY broke. The boo-hooing is over, school is over, one day I will have my girlfriend or wife hate me for spending $8000 on a Custom Shop guitar for myself and not $8000 on a ring for her or something, but for the right redhead, I'd consider it, especially if I am 6'3" and a tall redhead is a rare breed and worth it But $2000 is an ungodly amount of money to me right now which yeah, for the privilege of having a Gibson, I'll eat Ramen for a year. Since over $120,000 in student loans is about to take it's toll and kick in, this might be the last $2000 for a guitar I have in a while...or ever, so hopefully people can understand why I am picky with that $2000 for now while I am just diving head first into the wading pool of looking for a career.
  9. There are plenty even now that aren't reliced. I know people dig relics, but I never understood why people just don't do it themselves. But it is definitely cool to hear him talking about his guitar, that's cool. Does anyone know what the last year that Gretsch's were made in the U.S.?
  10. LMAO!!! I don't see this as whining as I have resorted to going the used route like suggested. Since you are ridiculously rich pay for half of the custom shop fees for me. It's easy to say, "Go to the Custom Shop" but that takes half the thrill out of the hunt for this guitar. I remember calling Gibson back in 2006 and asking if I send them a beat up les paul how much it would cost to re-paint, re-bind the body and neck, and basically re-do one, the point for me is the binding on the neck and I was looking at $5000. And that is on top of the $1500 I have to spend on getting a beat up les paul in the first place. The most I can work up is about $2000. Which I will happily spend on this guitar. When it takes me about 10 years to yuck up $2000 on a guitar, I want to get what I will enjoy for years. Nothing is wrong with me looking for this guitar. Obviously there are other people who enjoy "blue" les pauls otherwise these guitars will have been on ebay for years. So I am looking that is all, it does bother me that I have 1 or 2 periods to shop from. But it seems that they try it every 10 years so it's round about 10 years since they have done it.
  11. I don't recall necessarily "bad mouthing" the custom shop other than saying I would rather age a pelham myself. And all I posted on the mylespaul forum is what I am looking for. The reason I wouldn't go to a luthier to make a copy is because the one thing that I LOVE Gibson for even today is their fret edge binding, which limits me to ONLY Gibsons and a few of the Japanese copies from the late 70's early 80's.
  12. Well yeah that's why I have decided after about 6 months of trying to find a Gibson I like thatI am going used. It's just been one that I have wanted since I was a kid and a solid color blue on a LP still excites me. The fact that I have finally seen a solid green especially on that Lucille, says to me that it would be cool to see a solid green on an LP once, which I have NEVER seen. I already posted about those and am still "thinking" on it, but I went by and talked to an old friend at GC and he said, "yeah" if I try to add too much distortion it will give a little feedback. I really really like these. And the fact that they just did them for this, although there are only 25 in each color, makes me hope they do it with an LP std or cst soon.
  13. I know, there is not an EXACT blue that I want done unless I have the custom shop do it. But yeah, I want it to be a stock gibson. They did a few candy apple blues back in the early 80's I have seen a LP standard and a LP custom. In 1992-1993 they did candy apply blue on SG standards which looks awesome. I would even consider one of those, but it's time for a Les Paul. I would really want something that came stock from the factory. Which is the main problem, they have only done 2 or 3 runs of solid blues, which is why I hate Gibson recently. This blue Lucille they are doing, really get's my engine revved because I think that's what they should have been doing for a while. Hopefully they come to their senses soon and do some more. They have done some custom shop's recently that are fairly common, but they have either natural back and sides or black back and sides. That Mahattan blue is the only time I have ever seen a transparent blue that I liked on a figured top, usually a trans blue looks kind of gross. I got these images from mylespaul forum which I just joined to post that I am looking for one. Here is the sapphire one they did back in 2007-2008 which has natural back and sides. If they did an ACTUAL Pelham blue that I can let age naturally over time I would scrounge for one of those, but they have done pelham blue "aged" or "relics" or whatever they do to gross them out. I do like the color pelhams get after getting aged naturally And that is about it. Is my frustration with gibson valid?
  14. I have seen those plenty of times. In fact my roommate two years ago was looking at buying his first Gibson ever and that's the one I helped him choose. I like this one because it's solid blue. That is my dream gibson. I saw a candy apple blue 1982 les paul custom go for $2300 in 2003 and I wish I knew who bought that damn thing. I doubt I will ever be able to afford a custom shop, but if I ever did, I would get a Les paul custom in candy apple blue with white and chrome. That or a blue "completely solid" 339. But this production is as close as I can get and probably the only one I can afford.
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