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  1. Tripping Billies - Dave Matthews Band
  2. "perfectly recreated neck designed to sit just a little thinner than the well-known rounded '59 neck profile"
  3. Check Guitar Center. If they can't get the JB ES-335 for you, then it's sold out.
  4. and don't hesitate to email Gibson Customer Service these links to service@gibson.com
  5. Report this one to Craigslist. This is actually illegal in the USA.
  6. The Memphis factory did not exist in 1999. A 1999 ES-335 would have been built by Gibson USA.
  7. clear as mud. Memphis is building 99% of 335s today. The one I used to own was awesome. So was my Memphis made 339. I don't quite understand all the fuss over this.
  8. Send me a picture. vwynne@gibson.com - Thanks!
  9. best acoustics I've ever heard were a '46 and '47 J-45.
  10. Eh...Norlin era LP Customs didn't slow Randy Rhoads either, btw. The acoustics were hit the hardest.
  11. email customer service for a spec sheet. I think we should have one. It's Gibson USA...not Custom Shop.
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