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  1. Yep, gotta have that switch between pickups. I bet the neck pickup sounds killer!
  2. I prefer a fancy fretboard inlay to start on the first fret.
  3. This was the 10 year anniversary. Since then, Paul Simon has released yet another fantastic album and toured the world giving incredible concerts. Perhaps the context weighed heavy on him that day.... Indeed, I think so.
  4. I've always heard that you kinda know when your an alcoholic or addict because your life starts to unravel and you sink to very low points in your career, etc. Isn't BJA riding higher than ever at this point? This rehab thing is a publicist stunt.
  5. i was lucky enough to get one with a rosewood fretboard back when they were first being built. It's really a work of art. It's a little too aggressive for my current projects but I sure do love having her in the stable.
  6. Yep...drooling over these.
  7. always makes me laugh, but I guess we need to remember that the humbucker was still very new at the time. this is basically a commentary on how amazing those humbuckers are.
  8. Agreed. And I too am a lefty who plays righty. But righty seemed natural to me since, as you say, the left hand seems to be doing most of the intricate work. I never understood why righties play "righty". Ha! At one time in my life, however, I was quite proficient at finger rolls with my right hand. It wasn't easy to learn, but I conquered it sufficiently. I should've stuck with it and contiued on as a solo artist instead of joining bands. The bands ruined me!!
  9. I like JW better now than when he was in his White Stripes heyday. He definitely takes himself a little too seriously though.
  10. I like Neil Young, a lot. Huge influence on me. I will definitely purchase and read the bio.
  11. Epiphone and Kramer are part of the Gibson family of brands.
  12. I can't tell why he said this. Was he speaking to their performance? or behavior? Hard to tell.
  13. Bob's sound man out to lunch, eh? Too bad.
  14. the most versatile Gibson electric, hands down.
  15. I've seen some bluegrass shredders playing their martins through Fishman amps here in nashville. They always sound great.
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