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  1. long scale sounds better, to my ears, for fingerstyle guitar.
  2. he's got a tough road ahead. I wish him the best of luck. interesting video.
  3. vincentw


    I'm not a fan of the drummer's style. I prefer more of a wall created by the rhythm section.
  4. Yeah JM, I've seen her here in Nashville a few times. She actually was raised in nashville then moved to Charleston so she could make money on gigs. She's a little Loretta Lynn stick of dynamite.
  5. agreed. Jazz is an under-rated genre...by popular standards. Most jazz players are obscure, sad as that is.
  6. why hasn't anyone voted for this guy?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLVTaN0Tz08
  7. I thought you had meant to say: Gutted Rickenbacher Find. Good for you!!
  8. Yeah, this is the best version I've heard aside from DP's original.
  9. Is this the guy who's been touring with Bryan Ferry? and also played with that rockabilly cat...Robert Gordon?
  10. This reminds of Christmas time. It's still summer so it just doesn't seem right, right now.
  11. Did ya eat at Gus's Chicken?? Blues City Cafe??
  12. never heard of him until now. Very nice indeed.
  13. I always liked the Masterbilt Premiums.
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