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  1. sort of a James Brown/Jimi Hendrix blend, eh?
  2. Hey y'all: I just picked up a gutted Jack Casady bass and I'm wondering if any of you have some recommendations for alternative electronics that will give me a passive old-school tone? I guess the first hurdle is using something that will fit in the current pickup cavity. Any ideas?
  3. I can't get to Photobucket here...
  4. Leo Kottke. watch and learn. if you want volume, them grow your nail out just enough to nick the string on your down stroke after a flesh strike. That's usually how Leo does it.
  5. I really wanted one of the EC models. I played one, and it was a unique tone for sure...bright, crisp, and unique. Definitely like EC said about having a certain character and flavor.
  6. I used to own one...awesome awesome guitar.
  7. That guitar was probably handed to him when he jumped onstage for whatever this was....
  8. "perfectly recreated neck designed to sit just a little thinner than the well-known rounded '59 neck profile"
  9. Currently, almost the entire regular production line-up for Gibson USA is available left-handed...all finishes.
  10. I honestly didn't expect it to be THIS quiet.
  11. I recently heard that Gibson Repair now has a Plek machine. Call Repair directly to find out: 1-800-444-2766, ext 2284
  12. Maybe if you can post a photo of the stock machine heads we can offer a suggestion. But this is always a difficult issue, and we can't guarantee you won't need to "drill or fill" when you actually do the replacement.
  13. here it is! http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/electro-harmonix-holy-grail-nano-reverb-guitar-effects-pedal?src=3WWRWXGB
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