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  1. The serial number is consistent with serial numbers used in 1970-72. Not 1969.
  2. 2008 Production (RS4TVSNH1) Sitka Top Some GC exclusives and Limited runs with red Spruce tops 2009 Production (RS4TPVSNH1 W/2009 SER #) Ad Red Spruce top For specifics, email Customer Service
  3. vincentw


    Did you reference G & R?? Humbuckers.
  4. Eljay's got it right. Satin finish and no binding on the neck.
  5. '54 Goldtop. There's something extraordinary about the tone on these.
  6. Sat just a few feet away from Dave and Gillian years ago at one of their Station Inn shows here in Nashville. One of the best shows I've ever been to. Looking forward to seeing the article.
  7. vincentw


    Check out a Nashville band called American Bang. The lead guitarist uses Gibsons with P-90s. That should answer your question.
  8. Musical feedback. I'd grab this guitar in the studio with a small tube amp for a real driving rock sound where you'll want controlled feedback. Could be trickier as a stage guitar but I'm assuming you could work it out with your gear. Jazz would be no problem and I think Grant Green used to play a 330.
  9. You know, when he started playing that minor chord I was diggin' it. Add Gilmore to the mix and you might just have something. BTW, which one is Pink?
  10. All DLR era Van Halen. Was too young to ever go to a show (according to my parents). Still haven't let that go.
  11. Also spread the word that indie sites like Guitar Dater Project do not always give accurate information, as they are based on programs that cannot catch certain exceptions only Gibson would know. When in doubt, please call Gibson Customer Service.
  12. The SKU shown in the ad is ESDTHBNH1. HB (within that SKU) is the color code and it would represent Honey Burst. Give the serial number to Gibson Customer Service by calling the 800 number or emailing service@gibson.com and they will confirm.
  13. vincentw


    The Custom Shop, particularly the Memphis factory where the ES models are built, is using Pelham Blue as a finish and can probably be requested as a Custom finish if you want it. I don't recall it showing up as a finish on any recent Gibson USA models, however.
  14. It sounds like you might actually have an early 70s SG Deluxe. Remember the SG Standard was discontinued and replaced by the SG Deluxe in 1971. Some of these had dot inlays. To confirm, however, please email comprehensive photos to service@gibson.com. As far as your other questions, a vintage dealer can help answer rarity and value.
  15. You love the adjustable saddle.... Also, from a warranty perspective, you will void the warranty on the guitar if you replace the bridge.
  16. Before purchasing I recommend emailing comprehensive photos to service@gibson.com. There are certain minor characteristics of the 50s Les Paul Customs that can help determine if the guitar in the photos is consistent with the 50s era LP Customs. But of course that still does not guarantee that this is not a scam....bank transfer?
  17. The patent number was stamped into the back of the pickup from 1975 to early 1991. Most Gibson humbuckers during this period were referred to as "Gibson Humbucking Pickups."
  18. Faux binding on the Goldtop. I'm pretty sure that's new for Gibson. Very cool. All great stage guitars!
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