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  1. https://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2018/musicians-hearing-loss.html?cmp=SL-DSO-OUTBRAIN-DESK-HEALTH-HEALTHRSS-MIXED-CPC-BRANDSAFE_More+Rock+Star+Musicians+Are+Facing+Hearing+Loss_0018ef8c5d44caf2cf5d1a0d1801a88ded_Music+%7C+New+Music+News%2C+Reviews%2C+Pictures%2C+and+Videos
  2. Check your humidity also, top raises and lowers depending on humidity, throws off intonation
  3. Hello one and all!! I've been away for a while and just wanted to drop in and wish everyone well! Hoping you all are playing like mad fiends on your beloved Gibsons. I am down to 3 Gibbys.Gibson L-20 (1994 Centennial year), 1923 L-2, and a Pure Voice J-45. A little concerned on the future of the Gibson Corporation though. Glad I have what I have. How is the quality of stuff coming out of Bozeman these days? Keep plucking'!
  4. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2017/08/31/world-famous-nashville-music-icon-faces-mounting.html
  5. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2017/08/31/world-famous-nashville-music-icon-faces-mounting.html
  6. What do these go for used? I played my friends full size J-200 in maple, and it seemed very bright. I would think that the Mini J-200 would be even brighter? Any experience or comments on this one?
  7. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/msg/5922359349.html
  8. Please enjoy this beautiful song, Tommy Emmanuel with a nice vintage Gibson….NOTE: look at how wide the string spacing is at the bridge compared to the neck…..cool old guitar…
  9. I know exactly what SB is talking about…..may be a GREAT instrument…..but if you don't bond with it….it must go. I've had my friend play my guitars to me, in this category…..and they sounded FANTASTIC….yet, when I played them….no bond….lol…..life is interesting isn't it?
  10. One time, when everyone was touting the "magic" of Tonerite, and praising the results....lol....there was great back and forth between the believers, and the non-believers.....so to break the tension of the arguments, is wrote" Look, if it doesn't work, you can always give it to your girlfriend as a gift!"..... Lol...that's all I wrote, and one moderator wrote me a one page lecture on how inappropriate my statement was, and a warning, that I was on probation, and could be banned for another violation of AGF standards.....lol....Since he had several quotes from the bible in his signature, I wrote him back, telling him that all I said was to give it to your girlfriend. And reminded him to " Judge ye not lest ye be judged" and the one about the speck in one mans eye and the log in yours....his initial reaction was just over the top for what I wrote. But the thing I really disliked over there, is when someone would post about their new Gibson acoustic, and the same bashers would come out with the same lines and arguments about the Gibson sound, the quality , the fiascos of the 70's.....EVERY TIME!!.....here some guy was proudly posting about his new Gibson, and would just get torn apart.
  11. Nice groupings guys! I remember one guy, who used to be on this forum, Maninblack....that dude had quite a family! Keep me coming!
  12. One thing I would be concerned about is…..who knows what torrefied tops will do in 20 years. Dana, said some of his first attempts resulted in bridges coming off……Who knows? Maybe these tops will last 100 years like old Gibsons and Martins….maybe they won't……there isn't any research…..just wait, and trust, and see…..
  13. Torrefied tops becoming the way of the future? Interesting article... https://reverb.com/news/are-torrefied-tops-the-new-industry-standard-dana-bourgeois-weighs-in
  14. Player grade vintage: "A prized vintage instrument made more affordable by modification, repair, or years of usage." (According to Reverb.com) Marketing or is this actually something?….lol They go on to say on their website: Player Grade Vintage Guitars Not every vintage guitar can be a pristine, all-original example destined for a collector's vault. Dings, scratches, replaced parts and refinished bodies all lower the price on these vintage guitars and basses, making them fantastic deals for musicians who want a classic instrument to play. I guess this is true for vintage guitars, but try to sell a two year old Martin on Craig's list that has even a single (gasp) scratch on it……lol….be prepared to be bent over on a barrel…….
  15. I've heard a few of these….. http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-25-greatest-acoustic-songs-hard-rock
  16. Your "stumbling" would be a great take for me! Good job...I had forgotten about this song.....
  17. Your "stumbling" would be a great take for me! Good job...I had forgotten about this song.....
  18. I've been searching for a new torrefied guitar case! I hear there are some models with plecked latches!!! And some have bumble bee fur lining!...I can hardly wait!
  19. Guys....lol...I was just trying to see how you guys would figure out the delta difference in cash between two guitars regardless of make or model.....jus how you figure out how to determine the cash differences between a higher priced " company x" and a lower priced "company y"....lol...now I'm sorry I mentioned Martin and Gibson.....this was just a "for instance" it could be any two guitars
  20. Fred….who or what are you still kicking?….lol….keep it up buddy!!
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