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  1. https://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2018/musicians-hearing-loss.html?cmp=SL-DSO-OUTBRAIN-DESK-HEALTH-HEALTHRSS-MIXED-CPC-BRANDSAFE_More+Rock+Star+Musicians+Are+Facing+Hearing+Loss_0018ef8c5d44caf2cf5d1a0d1801a88ded_Music+%7C+New+Music+News%2C+Reviews%2C+Pictures%2C+and+Videos
  2. Check your humidity also, top raises and lowers depending on humidity, throws off intonation
  3. Hello one and all!! I've been away for a while and just wanted to drop in and wish everyone well! Hoping you all are playing like mad fiends on your beloved Gibsons. I am down to 3 Gibbys.Gibson L-20 (1994 Centennial year), 1923 L-2, and a Pure Voice J-45. A little concerned on the future of the Gibson Corporation though. Glad I have what I have. How is the quality of stuff coming out of Bozeman these days? Keep plucking'!
  4. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2017/08/31/world-famous-nashville-music-icon-faces-mounting.html
  5. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2017/08/31/world-famous-nashville-music-icon-faces-mounting.html
  6. What do these go for used? I played my friends full size J-200 in maple, and it seemed very bright. I would think that the Mini J-200 would be even brighter? Any experience or comments on this one?
  7. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/msg/5922359349.html
  8. I'm with Hogeye on this……wouldn't this specification be more suited for an Epiphone than a flagship Gibson model? Send Epiphone the Micarta, and have Epiphone send all their Ebony and Rosewood Fretboards and Bridges to Gibson…..
  9. Same as Corian kitchen counter top materials….I had a Martin 00-17 once that had it on the fret board and bridge…it really didn't bother me at all…felt fine, sounded goos…..here is a vid of that guitar I did…
  10. According to one dealer I chatted with…..the sunburst DOES cover a lot of cosmetic flaws in the wood. I had an AJ Natural antique top guitar and the top wood was flawless….tight grained Sitka. VERY tight grain……just beautiful…..would have been a shame to burst that top!
  11. BK…I'd ask you , "What's shakin' "…But I think it is too soon….
  12. 1.GIbson J-45 Classic 2.GIbson J-45 Modern 3.GIbson J-45 Custom 4.GIbson J-45 True Vintage 5.GIbson J-45 Pro 6.GIbson J-45 Artist 7.GIbson J-45 New Vintage 8.GIbson J-45 American 9.GIbson J-45 Legend 10.GIbson J-45 Studio 11.GIbson J-45 Pre-war 12. GIbson J-45 Deluxe 13. GIbson J-45 Limited 14. GIbson J-45 Standard 15. GIbson J-45 Studio reissue 16. GIbson J-45 Custom Koa 17. GIbson J-45 Custom Maple 18. GIbson J-45 Custom Rosewood 19. GIbson J-45 Long scale 20. GIbson J-45 Antique Natural 21. GIbson J-45 LTD 1960'S J-45 ,Ebony Black 22. GIbson J-45 LTD 1968 J-45 ,Cherry Red Finish 23. Gibson J-45 - Wine Red 24. Gibson J-45 - Vintage Sunburst 25.Gibson J-45 Cobraburst 26. Gibson J-45 Amberburst 27. Gibson J-45 Red Spruce Sunsetburst 28. Gibson J-45 Historic collection 29. Gibson Brad Paisley Signature J-45 30. Gibson John Hiatt Signature J-45 31. Gibson J-45 Celebrity 32. Gibson J-45 Reissue 33. Gibson J-45 Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Deuce 34. Gibson J-45 Custom Vine Rosewood 35. Gibson J-45 Reissue Historic 36. Gibson J-45 V.O.S. 37. Gibson J-45 Pure voice 38. Gibson J-45 Koa Maui Wowie 39. Gibson Standard CST J45 Madagascar Rosewood 40. Gibson J-45 Western (added) 41. Gibson J-45 Modern Classic (added) 42. Gibson J-45 Gold top (added) 43. Gibson J-45 Brazilian (added) 44. Gibson J-45 Flamed Maple LTD (added) 45. Gibson J-45 Mystic Rosewood(added) 46. Gibson Kazuyoshi Saito signature J-45(added) 47. Gibson J-45 Banner WWII(added)
  13. Just gave mine to my girlfriend…..she's enjoying it more than my guitars did…..
  14. One thing Tonerite DOES do, is wear out strings prematurely…….even Elixir's…..Some folks claim, (I've not seen evidence in my guitars) that it also speeds up the wear of the bridge plate, as the vibrations cause the ball ends to "gouge" the bridge plate prematurely, in other words, sooner than regular play would do…..just a thought…..I like mine. I find it works better with Rosewood B&S guitars, almost does nothing for all hog guitars…..I use it just before I change my strings….My friend has it on his vintage Roy Smeck ALL THE TIME he is not playing it….with no problems, and he claims it has opened up greatly
  15. I once posted on a heated "Tonerite" thread over on AGF, that if someone bought a Tonerite, and felt it didn't work, they could always give it to their girlfriend…..lol….I got a scathing verbal spanking from one of the born aginner moderators they have over there…..so be careful…..for or against, these Tonerite threads can get nasty….lol
  16. If you have only one Gibson guitar, that's not a bad one to have!!! Welcome!
  17. AM I going to have to add ANOTHER J-45 to the list???
  18. If the sound is good..I'd get the J-45 12 fret in a heart beat!
  19. For a guy who isn't trying to make money off John Denver's name….lol…he mentions him 7 times. Also, that is the longest english sentence I've ever seen…no periods, no caps…lol….One thing that is interesting…..18 tuners, and only 12 bridge pins???
  20. I imagine that if you live a bad life and go to hell for it, that this will be the only guitar you get to play, AND they make you change stings on it every day, AND no electric tuner……AND you can only finger pick it!!!
  21. That element pickup is so thin, I don't think it makes any difference to your acoustic sound. If you remove it, you can mail it to me???…lol
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