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  1. Re: stock Fishman UST - I just wasn't satisfied with it and put in a K&K mini, IMO it has a much more natural sound with a handy volume wheel in the soundhole, a big upgrade if you play plugged in.
  2. My 2001 J-50 had a UST pickup which appeared to be factory but I can't prove it.
  3. It looks like they have the thermally aged adirondack top - I haven't heard an AJ with one of those yet, would like to play one.
  4. Sounds good. I like the pick guard on the J-45 studio - thought it was a J-50 from here.
  5. I'm not clear on the specs for the 1942 SJ - pictures have rosewood b/s but the first set of specs says mahogany back and sides. Then it says rosewood back and sides at the lower set of specs. With a possible couple of exceptions during the wartime period, weren't SJs generally mahogany?
  6. Congrats on the new guitar. The white tuners look so much better.
  7. Looks like a '90s to early 2000's J-50 - white tuners and not Grovers. I have a 2001 J-50 that looks just like this.
  8. Looks good, love the aged look after only 18 years. I think it's an advantage that the blonde finish yellows more visibly than on a dark sunburst. Keep us posted on the progress.
  9. From the type of music that you list, it seems to me the Hummingbird is a better fit. But Sal has a good point, the AJ would give you something different to play when you feel like it. Your post doesn't say where you are, but in the US, there are always plenty of AJs for sale on Reverb for very good prices, you can always change your mind and pick one up some other time.
  10. Congratulations on the new guitar! The headstock looks the same as my KG-11. It's a great little guitar and surprisingly loud and punchy for its small size. I attend a bluegrass jam in Baltimore, and a guy there plays one - you can hear it better than some of the bigger acoustic dreads.
  11. My AJ is pretty loud, though our old Kalamazoo KG-11 holds its own, especially for such a little guitar. From the same people who brought you the L-00. Raucous is a good word to describe the Kalamazoo as well.
  12. Yes, there is plenty of love for Cousin Kenny - he is perfect for Marty's band.
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