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  1. Congratulations on the new guitar! The headstock looks the same as my KG-11. It's a great little guitar and surprisingly loud and punchy for its small size. I attend a bluegrass jam in Baltimore, and a guy there plays one - you can hear it better than some of the bigger acoustic dreads.
  2. My AJ is pretty loud, though our old Kalamazoo KG-11 holds its own, especially for such a little guitar. From the same people who brought you the L-00. Raucous is a good word to describe the Kalamazoo as well.
  3. Yes, there is plenty of love for Cousin Kenny - he is perfect for Marty's band.
  4. I saw them on the same tour down in Houston - enjoyed Marty's set more but the whole show was hard to beat.
  5. Guy Clark did some voiceovers for Taco Cabana commercials a few years back - he says he liked the tacos, so why not? https://lonestarmusicmagazine.com/qa-guy-clark/
  6. +1 on the EJ-19s, they're what I use on my J-50 and AJ. Actually the EXP coated version. I'm a Wood Brothers fan, but I don't know their whole catalog and I don't know that one, thanks for posting that!
  7. Very cool, I love the looks of the J-50. I'm interested to hear how it sounds with the torrefied top and scalloped bracing.
  8. +1 on the owner's character - I've dealt with him a little bit. We eagerly await your report!
  9. I put a K&K in my J-50 about 2 years ago, am very happy. I'm pretty sure you will like the results.
  10. LOL, the one I linked wasn't a cherry burst but a '70s style burst respray. I wasn't convinced the neck and body were originally part of the same guitar either, since the neck was painted black. But they were asking $1600 and I still wonder if I should have bought it - super punchy and memorable. Would have been a good candidate for a refinish job.
  11. Wow, what a great song, beautifully played. Thank you posting that.
  12. Holy cow - I admit I'm something of a lurker, but I step away for a month or two and Sal's bought another guitar? Last time I checked in you just bought the AJ and were loving it. Congratulations - nothing beats a great deal on an outstanding guitar! Just wondering - do you still have the AJ? Charlie
  13. Are they like D'Addario's with light unwound strings and medium bottoms? The EXP-19s I use are 12, 16, 25, 35, 45, 56. Adds some oomph to the bottom end, my J-50 in particular sounds good with them, I didn't go back to using regular lights once I tried them.
  14. Good song choice. The dark tone of the AJ works really well here.
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