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  2. They look like great guitars. I really like the finish on that one with P90s...That may be my favourite finish on a Supreme.
  3. L5Larry, that is a really nice guitar. Can you tell me, what did you think of the tone of the mini humbuckers? From what I have heard of them, they sound really nice....kind of half-way between a strat and a les paul?? Thanks... P.S. What is that guitar in your avatar pic?
  4. Congrats on the new guitar..please post some pics when you get the time.
  5. Nice guitar thejay! That is the coolest Firebird colour of all I think....
  6. Hi All, I think Firebirds are awesome. If you own one, please post some pics of it here as I know all of the Firebird fans would love to check them out!. Thanks....
  7. Hi All, I know they are perhaps not for everyone, but I love a good SG supreme...would love to own one some day... If you have one, please post some pics of it here as I would love to see them. Thanks!
  8. Tough to go past Cream era Clapton. Derek Trucks is also AWESOME!!
  9. All guitars posted in this thread are truly gorgeous...congrats to all who own them. I thought I would jump in as well.... My 2004 '56 Historic Goldtop:
  10. 6-2151


    P90s are great pickups, awesome for blues and rock, so you can use them for sure. However, if it is heavy rock you play 90% of the time, I would lean toward some humbuckers. Good luck.
  11. Hi All, thought I would chime in.... My 2004 LP '56 Reissue Goldtop:
  12. Gary's one of the reasons I own and play a LP. Seeing him play a Firebird V is awesome!
  13. Hi All, I was fortunate enough to see Joe Bonamassa play his first ever Sydney gig around the end of March this year. All I will say was it was INCREDIBLE! He has such a high level of ability and feel for music that it is truly humbling. being a few from the front, dead centre was an experience I will never forget. He played a place called "The Factory" which held "maybe" 900-1000 people...it was such a great atmosphere. The songs played were all excellent and Joe was in a pretty cool mood despite learning earlier in the day that his number one Goldtop (he used mostly during the RAH co
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