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  1. Ok, I promised pics.....sorry so late on this. But how bout a couple of action shots. Me with LP and my band the Toddlers at a blues jam Sunday 6-6-10 Me with LP and my band The Toddlers playing a LONG set at monthy Art party 6-5-10
  2. This post is kinda old but I have to give my opinion here as I just picked up a LP Studio with BBs and am eager to share my opinion. 490/498 in my SG Std. BB pros in my LP Studio. Bridge: The 498 is clearly hotter. Has more midrange, hard to control sometimes but gives the pickup a unique sound with a lot of character. Even tho it's hot, it's really not great for a lot of metal. Doesn't clean up with the knob as good as BBpros. Flubby in the low sometimes especially with certain amps. Very pronounced upper midrange that is hard to control sometimes. VERY unforgiving with a
  3. Sounds good but maybe a bit too much of the compression effect. Makes it sound a bit artifact-y. Basic tone is nice tho. Nice playing too!
  4. BTW - I just may keep the old Gibson case like you mentioned. I left the case with my ebay friend but told him not to put it up yet till i make a decision. I could use the money for sure but it would be cool to keep.
  5. LOL, pics coming, I promise! I wasn't gonna post a pic of the LP because it's just a basic thing everyone knows what it looks like. But if I gotta prove my cred I'll get right on it. I left the case with my buddy so he can take pics and post on his ebay account. I'll definitely get those pics up here too.
  6. I was given an old Epiphone LP once. I was going to learn how to refret with with guitar, but it was such a POS. This guitar WAS in fact made of plywood, I couldn't believe it! I ended up throwing it out, it had bad water damage anyway, truly not work saving for any reason. THAT was the worst LP I ever heard.....yeah, yeah, I know it's not a real LP. Just sharing my story. Seriously tho, I tend to not like the heavier ones. A lot of people swear by heavy ones for the sustain but I believe an LP's design has a lot to do with the sustain and sound. I believe in medium weight guitars.
  7. I've got a 98 Standard. Likes: 1. Fret access 2. Price - In comparison to equivalent LP. (my original reason for purchase) 3. 498 pickup has unbelievable character. That's the only way I can describe it. 4. 490 in the neck is awesome for blues and jazz!! Dislikes: 1. Guitar is not balanced on a strap. And mine is not even a particularly light one. I've gotten used to it. I use a strap that grabs a little. And I play with the strap a bit on the short side so that helps too. 2. 498 pickup. - Full of character for lead but can be muddy in the low end particularly
  8. Hey all, I just bought a used 09 LP Studio in faded brown. Love it. I always thought the Studio came with 490/498s like in my SG Standard. Now I'm reading that they are Burstbucker Pros in the faded models. There seems to be conflicting info out there on this. Did they change this at some point? Has it always been BB Pros for this model? Is my 09 model the 490/498s or the BB pros? It sound great either way, but it would be nice to know. The LP sounds different but I don't know if it's the guitar or the pickups. I really like the 498 pickup in the SG, it's got real character b
  9. I have 2 other good guitars that are both having problems. Amer Std. Strat. And a 98 Gibson SG Std. The SG needs a refret and I went to GC to get a box to ship it to a tech I trust. When I went in the store I noticed a used 09 LP Studio worn brown for $650. Barely played condition. Had to have it, I'd been thinking about one of these for a while. So I spent my refret money on the LP. I talked him down to $600 with the case. When he returned from the back with the case, it was a VERY badly beat up SKB, with multiple cracks, etc, very bad shape but usable. The original owner kep
  10. For that kind of cash, I would just fly to wherever the guy is and check it out in person. $75g for a guitar, that's beyond ridiculous. Unless it's an investment, NO guitar is worth that unless it's gold plated.
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