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  1. Why, YES, I did!!!! Ahhhhh, but it makes logical sense, with your being so wrapped up in the "NON-WIKI". Inboxes are the furthest from your mind - totally focused on gathering and dissemminating DATA!

    I can dig....

  2. Found your reference to REVIEW. YOU CANNOT RCV new messages AGAIN....SIGH.

    I'll get it into Review Thread!


  3. Wie Geht's????

    Mein het er hat drei ecken, drei ecken hat mein hut.....

  4. Good to see you back!!!

  5. Hey, Smokehouse!!!! Welcome to the forum! RaSTus gives you the A-OK as a letter of introduction! Introduce yourself on the forum, so we can properly humiiate you!

  6. Robin, Sir Robin, he whose box is always full...

    I've been tasked with re-vamping my company website, need to ask you question(s). But, Noooooooooooo - "Cannot rcv new messages"!

    I'll start a thread in the lounge.

    Already PM'd Sjael, rcvd response from him. looking for additional input/point of view.


  7. Same here - Cool Work....NOT!!! It's FANTASTIC WORK!!!!!!

    PM doesn't work, either.

  8. Thanks for the creative pics! Excellent work - wish I had Photoshop, but not ready to sell out 1,000 Clams!

  9. Welcome, RiceComm! Just checking your stats -always curious WHERE on the Planet our members are located!

  10. Hey, Lance! Welcome to Forum (our little "slice of Heaven"?). Was on my profile page, noted your visit.

    How many guitars is TOO MANY? I used to have 8, but have cut back to 4. On the other hand, we have a few members who have at least 16 (my attempt at counting may be off).

  11. Hello, NM! Congrats on hanging on to a 1967 Casino for so long!

  12. Thanks, PeteR. It's the Beatles Haircut.

  13. Hey, Girl!!!! Is your Inbox full? "Member can't rcv new msgs"?

    Good evening, your Majesty! Hath Milady played any Journey yet?

    Nay, nay says she! For Matters of State require attention - food, shelter, restroom privileges, fuel for the Royal Ride, etc. (Smile).

    This place is a trip. But Fun!

    Just wanted to say hello!

  14. Apologies for the "dorkweed" rant - I posted a comment regarding this in the "Lounge is Back" thread.

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