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  1. The idea of a "Do-it-Yourself" Thread is an excellent one.
  2. Why, YES, I did!!!! Ahhhhh, but it makes logical sense, with your being so wrapped up in the "NON-WIKI". Inboxes are the furthest from your mind - totally focused on gathering and dissemminating DATA!

    I can dig....

  3. Found your reference to REVIEW. YOU CANNOT RCV new messages AGAIN....SIGH.

    I'll get it into Review Thread!


  4. Well, the only thing I have left - are you able to Plug in to a different amplifier to test? If guitar sounds "normal" again, it's the VOX. If guitar Pickups still have same muddy sound, this will lead us back to guitar, and things like input jack contact with plug in, etc. Are you able to try this? "Input Jacks - How to keep them CLEAN" - Really! http://www.300guitars.com/300s-tips/300-tip-how-to-clean/ Good luck, keep us updated, please!!!
  5. Would tend to agree with others - sounds like you may have accidentally turned one of the knobs on the Vox - you have Volume, Gain, and Tone. The Guitar has a 99.9% chance of being OK from just putting it away, and the fact you mention it is happening no matter which Pickup you select leads me back to the VOX. From a Review of the VOX: "Absolutely no problems whatsoever in the couple years I've owned it... Except for a short while when I didn't realize I had the phones plugged in the wrong jack and didn't know it." Never know, have to eliminate ALL the things that need to be checked. EDIT - is the AMP jack that goes into the guitar clean? No goop or foreigm material on it? Same for your headphone jack.
  6. you have 2 options - one, use template, get measurements. two -make own drawing, get measurements. Perhaos you can lay hands in a real one, of another owner will take the time to make some for you... Templates: From GuitarBuldingTemplates.com http://www.guitarbuildingtemplates.com/electricguitar.htm under "Classic Designs". You can get measurements FROM this, just not thickness.
  7. The Orange I've never seen before! Wow! WHAT COLORS are the wildkats actually available in???? I'm thinking about a "MAYBE Purchase"?
  8. Your review has just served it's purpose for ME!!! I've been a solid-body player all my life (other than Acoustics) and have tried semi-hollows, but never could find one that "spoke" to me, mostly as the Larger Size just didn't feel right. Your review now has me Very curious about the WILDKAT, especially this part: "A smaller sized semi-acoustic guitar, falling somewhere between the dimensions of a Les Paul solid body and a 'Dot' semi." Maybe there's something there that I personally would go for? And I agree with your assessment of the P-90s - great pickups, both Clean and Dirty. I recently purchased a "Non-Epi" git with P-90s. I plugged up, put amp on settings I normally use for Humbuckers, and within 60 seconds realized I had found the "Holy Grail" for vintage 70's Rock Tone. Great Review, Sir. You have just re-ignited my own "G.A.S.", d@mmit. It's a beautiful guitar to boot. (SIGH) Gonna have to start investigating a WILDKAT... EDIT: $399.00 USD at MF and GC. I'll keep looking to compare prices...
  9. Wie Geht's????

    Mein het er hat drei ecken, drei ecken hat mein hut.....

  10. Save your cord - It's useless for plugging into an AMP, but is perfect for rolling up in case pocket and uing with Korg tuner.
  11. One of the things I do at work is write Technical Documents, So I tend to provide an abundance of information! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocv5WdBmSok
  12. Danski - Welcome to the forum. Let's get your issue sorted out, then we can welcome you properly. Normally there are things we look for when getting an "Iz IT FAKE?" question, one of which will be the appearance of the Headstock serial #. Other things will require good, straight on pics of the BODY so we can see the Knobs, pickguard and screw, bridge and tailpiece...Basically a good shot of the whole thing. Other full git pics wouldn't hurt either. There are things that raise RED Warning Flags to us, one of which is the Serial Number stamp. I'll explain in a bit. White EPI Les Paul Customs are notorious for being "faked", but the makers still make the same boo-boos, which is why we're holding what we look for close to the vest, so to speak. PICS!!!!! For example, on Ebay, the sellers put them up for SHORT periods of time, and after one is sold, they use the SAME pics for the next one. Also the BACKGROUND of the shots can be a giveaway, plus seller info and history, which we scrutinize. Don't give up hope just yet, we need to see more. OK, back to serial number: I have two EPI LPs, both made in China, one at the QuingDao plant (EE) which yours indicates, and the other at the DaeWoo plant (DW). I've taken pics of the serial numbers, and I'll put your pic up as a comparison and explain what I don't like about what I see. DaeWoo Plant, 2006 QuingDao Plant, 2008 (Both Mine and Yours): You'll note that on the EPIs I have the FACTORY LETTER CODE is the same size as the rest of the serial number, and spacing between letters and numbers is consistent. On the EPI you posted pics of the Factory Letters are noticably LARGER than the rest of the serial number, and the spacing is a bit off/wider, EVEN THOUGH both our Gits came from the SAME factory, in the SAME Year, just a few months apart. This is why we need to see more good pics of the front. Are you able to say if this was an Ebay purchase? Shipped From? Price lower than expected? Looking forward to more pics!
  13. Infiner - I went ahead and linked this thread in the "Do-it-Yourself" Sticky. You've put a lot of effort into the research. It's in the Guitar Wiring Diagrams section as a "Stand-Alone" topic. This thread had come up before, but at that stage it seemed to be still in an experimental/under development point, so I just waited. Now, others can easily pull it up, comment, etc. Any changes/additions to THIS thread will automatically be pulled up if clicked on in the DIY, and now this thread won't "get lost".
  14. Good to see you back!!!

  15. I'm getting Musician's Friend Bumperstickers constantly - clear with white letters. Haven't used any yet, though.
  16. Saw this earlier around 5:30AM, pulled up this link out of curiosity, decided RTH was the Go-To Guy, as I didn't see the Invader in the "Un-Wiki": Many Epi Invader Pics with website for each pic: http://www.google.com/search?q=pictures+of+Epiphone+invader&hl=en&rlz=1T4PRFA_enUS429US430&prmd=ivns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=Nj_NTfC5NoSUtweN2_34DQ&ved=0CBoQsAQ&biw=1003&bih=535
  17. Hey, Smokehouse!!!! Welcome to the forum! RaSTus gives you the A-OK as a letter of introduction! Introduce yourself on the forum, so we can properly humiiate you!

  18. Robin, Sir Robin, he whose box is always full...

    I've been tasked with re-vamping my company website, need to ask you question(s). But, Noooooooooooo - "Cannot rcv new messages"!

    I'll start a thread in the lounge.

    Already PM'd Sjael, rcvd response from him. looking for additional input/point of view.


  19. Same here - Cool Work....NOT!!! It's FANTASTIC WORK!!!!!!

    PM doesn't work, either.

  20. Ahhhhhhhhh.... Very Useful information! No post is complete without a pie chart or Graph.......
  21. Value? Overall condition will be BIG factor. GOOD condition, 300 - 400, have seen ASKING price on craigslist of 600 - Haw, haw... Some research links for you! http://www.matsumoku.org/models/epiphone/scroll/pics.html http://www.google.com/images?rlz=1T4GWYA_enUS316US264&q=pictures+of+epiphone+sc-550&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&ei=ydExTf20MIH_8AbAmO3LCA&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CC4QsAQwAA&biw=1257&bih=594
  22. Based on your pics, and the fact that the wire is coming into the cavity thru it's own "little hole" also lead me to believe that it's the bridge/tailpiece ground wire. Yeeeesh - what a lame soldering job, wire end looks like .... T.T. Lights, AMX, And Willy are heading you in the correct direction. If you had a multi-meter, this could be confimed in seconds. Without one, just do the "tape to back of Pot" thing as Willy recommended. Maybe electrical tape for a bit more holding power? If willy's suggestion proves correct regarding re-establishing the Ground via taping, just re-solder to back of a potentiometer. That should put you back in business!
  23. Thanks for the creative pics! Excellent work - wish I had Photoshop, but not ready to sell out 1,000 Clams!

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