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  1. Would NOT attempt with GOLD covers, for sure. A couple of years ago, I stupidly used a bit of Brasso on some crappy GOld covers to remove black marks that would NOT come off any other way for a Project Guitar. Within SECONDS, I had the SHINIEST Chrome covers on the planet. Brasso is some wicked stuff on ultra-thin GOLD Plating. Never again.....
  2. From the EPI LOUNGE "Do-It-Yourself" Sticky' sub-category - "Fretboard Care": "CLEAN/OIL FRETBOARD and POLISH YOUR FRETS!!!" (May help get rid of that "Rough Feeling" you get when bending notes) http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/54572-wire-wool/
  3. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-special-ii-gt-electric-guitar Looking at the MF Pic above, I fear it HAS been glued on over your Poly finish. Attempting to remove will most likely result in damage. Only two suggestions, 1. Take BLACK magic marker and "black out" the white stripe so no-one notices. 2. use hair dryer and putty knife, heat glue to gently break bond, then CAREFULLY pry off. Don't really recommend this due to potential to ruin underlying finish. I've seen threads where folks ADDED a Pickguard, but never the reverse. I'd probably just leave it.
  4. Off to GUITARFETISH Website you go! Humbucker-sized P-90s Glore - Dream 180s, Dream 90's... Gotta remember, though, a Fender pup has a BRIGHTER sound than a P-90, which has a more mid-range, VINTAGE rock sound than a humbucker. Like a Single coil on steroids (P-90s). A bit of Tone/volume/Amp tweaking, and meh... You'll find the tone you seek. Just have to remember - P-90 style pups are not as BRIGHT sounding as single coils. They can, however, produce everything from sweet Blues to crunchy vintage rock tone (think 70's Mountain/Mississippi Queen), and beyond. I LOVE GFS Pups. Cannot compare to Gibsons, but they sho' am easy on the pocket!!!! I'm sure others can add to this.... http://www.guitarfetish.com/Humbucker-Sized-Guitar-Pickups_c_26.html A/F
  5. Maybe a bit detailed - Bad habit I have: Posting Pictures on EPI Forum: (This method uses Photobucket) http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/53931-posting-pictures-on-epi-forum/#entry720134 OR, for alternative - Go to "Do-it-Yourself" Sticky at TOP of EPI LOUNGE, click it. First few entries deal with posting Photos. Find the one that's right for you.
  6. Well, you'll note that the EPI LP Studio(Worn browm, Worn Cherry, Ebony) is getting a high amount of recommends, and is still selling at Musicians Friend for just under $300.00 - without AMP, or course. A quick visit to a Store/Pawnshop/or Craigslist can remedy that. When I decided to re-join the "Guitar Army" back at the end of 2008, I kept going back and forth between the LP-100 (Bolt-on Neck) due to price, and the Worn-brown LP Studio. Chose the Studio as I wanted a set-neck Git like the Gibsons I used to own. Was quite happy. However, within finiancial considerations, the ultimate choice is YOURS, plus if you DO have the ability to add to the "kitty", even better! I've purchased a few "String-thru" guitars for Mod Projects, but have always preferred a "stop-bar" tailpiece, so off to the modification races we went: ORIGINAL DEAN VENDETTA XM: POST-TAILPICE MOD, PUP UPGRADE, BRIDGE and TUNER UPGRADE, and RE-FINISH: The Mod Bug will eventually bite you, just give it time. Just did this one because I could. Whatever Guitar you are able to chose, all power to you!
  7. Agreed. Needless to say, we're all interested in what you eventually choose!!! Should your "Parental Units" have ANY questions, please feel free to post them here - we'll do our best to provide unbiased, informed answers. Of course, we ALL have opinions, and you've established the parameters of how much and gotta last. Brianh is correct, get a GOOD player Guitar in your hands FIRST. The Modification "Bug" will eventually bite you, and you can start your learning curve on less expensive Gits, which, BTW, CAN be made into some rock-solid Axes once you get a handle on what you're doing. There's a Sticky at the Top of the EPI Lounge called the "Do-it-Yourself" Thread. If you'll click on it, then scroll down to the "Projects and Builds" sub-section (the smaller BLACK header - There's a main BLUE one, then further down is the Black one) you can look at various MOD projects some of our Forum members have done. Just for future reference... Oh, yeah - when you finally choose and receive your GIT, we EXPECT pictures...
  8. I'll add my two cents, which is based on personal experience, and will partially echo comments already made. Regarding ANY Epi Special/Junior Guitar - I've owned both the Epi LP Special and SG Special. They ARE playable with a good set-up, BUT, the tuners are throw-aways. Epi dropped the ball on these models. Stock tuners are Stamped out/mass produced, and have an inherent problem with the Tuner worm gear meshing with the post driven gear. They tend to be loose between the two, causing slippage. We've had threads here in which the tuners were dissected and flaws pointed out. Stay away from the Special/Junior unless you plan on replacing tuners. If EPI would just step up and put decent D-Tip Grovers on them, they could sell thousands more... I highlighted the "Inexpensive" and "Last Me" because I have a suggestion which you should consider, and meets both criteria. Brianh also suggested same model I am about to mention, and I bought mine in Dec 2008, consider it to be HIGHLY playable and a KEEPER. I had to sell mine about a month ago due to financial needs , really miss it, and would buy ANOTHER in a Heartbeat. Please consider the EPI Les Paul Studio (Worn Brown, Cherry, or Ebony). I'll also provide a link to the Musician's Friend page, AND a link to a Review I wrote sometime in the recent past. Normally, they are selling for around $349.00, currently priced under $300.00. Plays like a dream, has SET NECK, GOOD Grover D-Tip Tuners, holds a set up very well, and it really is a keeper which will provide years of enjoyment. I eventually upgraded mine with Gibson pups and tuners, but I like to work on my own gits. I don't forsee that you would be disappointed AT ALL with the Stock Guitar. Just my thoughts, trying to get you the best Bang for your Buck. Musician's Friend Link: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-les-paul-studio-electric-guitar/518351 REVIEW - Epiphone LES PAUL STUDIO (Worn Brown/Satin Finish): http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/71435-epiphone-les-paul-studio-worn-brown/ You also mention preferring styles of music/performers which have traditionally been associated with "Strat-Style" guitars. There are many of us on this Forum who enjoy finding Guitars/Manufacturers that are not well known, but produce a high-quality, yet inexpensive line of instruments. I'm one of those folks. RONDO MUSIC is gaining a reputation for being a source of such instruments. I've owned several guitars from them, and have always been amazed at the quality for money. Rondo sells SX, Agile, Douglas... They are an on-line company, and I have been purchasing from them at least 2 years with no problems. I'm going to link to a "Strat-Style" SX guitar with P-90 Pickups, sells for $119.00 + shipping. I OWN one of these, and am very pleased with the tones I can get from it. It set up very nicely, I'm really digging the Maple neck, and the Tuners are actually DECENT! Rondo link and a REVIEW link follows: RONDO MUSIC Link:(on page 5 of website) http://www.rondomusic.com/product4324.html REVIEW - SX HAWK MN MH Strat Copy With 2 P-90s and Stop Tail: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/70034-sx-hawk-strat-copy-with-2-p-90s-i-found-the-missing-link/ There you have it. Two Completely Different Guitars to add to what you're considering. These are just MY opinion, but it's based on Hands-on experience. Good Luck in your search!!!!! Animalfarm
  9. Save THIS review!!!!! Save THIS review!!!!!
  10. JLP - Pls see your other post with the attached picture...
  11. JLP - stumbled across your review, found it to be very well written. Would you object if I linked it in the "Guitar and Gear Review" Sticky at the top of the Epiphone Electrics Section? It was an idea I started back in June 2011 with only 8 reviews, now it's up to 49 reviews with promises of more to come. I'm a former Gibby Owner myself, had 2 1979 Les Paul Customs, and a 1978 "The Paul". Sold 'em when I went into military. Would hate to see your review get pushed back, and am always looking for reviews by Gibson/Epiphone Forum members. Please follow link, look at a few of 'em... Epiphone Forum GUITAR & GEAR REVIEW THREAD http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/69929-epiphone-forum-guitar-gear-review-thread/
  12. Search Engine is fine - You just have to "Force" it into Advanced Mode by typing in only two characters, then the options become available of searching a specific forum section with your search terms. Be sure you're on the Forum section you wish to search before proceeding. For example, if I wished to search the Gibson Lounge for "G-400", the software would display the most recent 400-ish results with "G-400" in either the Title or the thread. At this point you would have to know either the Title, the Author, or the approximate date/time frame of the post. THOSE results can be manipulated by chosing to view Ascending by date, Descending by date, Thread Title, Author, and on and on. Usually results display about 400 posts max, but by switching from say, Ascending to Descending the 400 results will be different. You can find what you're looking for, just takes persistance. I actually found one of our long-term members FIRST EVER post at his request. I found mine, too. I used it quite effecively to locate "lost Threads" when reconstructing the EPI LOUNGE "Do-It-Yourself" thread after the last Bad Crash. Takes some Work, and getting used to. I've actually been able to locate threads as old as early 2008. Will all depend on what Words you enter as search terms... If you know the Author, go to their Profile page (click on their name) and select "Find my Content". The results will be displayed as ALL posts they've participated in. This can be further narrowed down by selecting "Title Only" IF you know what the title is. Other options are there, too. It IS useable! A bit odd at times, but still useable.
  13. Dunlop Gator Grip Standard Guitar Pick: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/70113-hnpd-i-scored-a-pick/
  14. I DID notice! there's a trend - Cabinets in background, carpet, Amp, Guitar... I like the color meself! But wait - the Tuners??? They're not the Blonde Gibson tulips... Stunning Guitar, a KEEPER (at least until next MORE STUNNING geet creeps around corner? Women will never understand - these are investments! Exchange of Cash for another item of value, which could be liqiudated and returned to CASH if needed. At least that's what I tell mine!
  15. I don't see any mention of the Guitar Model you are/will be using, so I'll default to Les Paul Style. Regarding what knobs are what: And regarding right or left hand playing...
  16. AHA!!! BUSTED!!! Should you feel up to it, I'd LOVE to put a good review into the "Guitar and Gear Review" sticky - Just go to G and G Sticky in EPi lounge, and look over 3 or 4 reviews that also have pics to see the kind of format requested. Your input is very valuable, ESPECIALLY since you've had some play time under your belt. Takes a slight bit of work, but is well worth it since in the future others will be able to look over what YOU think about the PRO/FX. May help THEM regarding purchase decision. Having our members contribute to the EPI forum is what makes this a unique and great place. We have about.... Ten Gazillion members at this time? If only a small percentage add something, the Forum improves, and the feeling of community grows.
  17. Surprised no-one directed you to: Epi Lounge "Guitar and Gear Review" Sticky... Epiphone LES PAUL BLACKBACK (Limited Edition): http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/72061-les-paul-limited-edition-blackback-has-arrived/ http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/67846-snapshot-review-epiphone-limited-edition-les-paul-custom-blackback/ No PRO FX reviews as of this posting...
  18. Yeah, I KNOW lots of us have seen this already, but we have many NEW Forum members. I'm bumping it because, well.... IT WORKS. Hello, new members!
  19. OK - I, too have seen HB covers attached with Silcone instead of Resoldering. Defitely thinking outside the box, so to speak. Just gotta get creative sometimes!
  20. I just read the Wikipedia about Rocksmith. It SOUNDS like a great Idea. What guitar are you using now? The thought of playing a "Right-Handed" instrument upside down AND leaving the strings as is Freaks my mind out. I really am thinking a left-handed Guitar would be to your advantage! I taught myself to play at 13 using a Mel Bay chord book, cannot remember how I was exposed to Barre Chords. Rocksmith appears to be the "electronic" version of a Beginner's chord/song book, with several extra goodies tossed in. I'm thinking that if you are indeed a "Lefty", you should be using a Git for Left Handed players, as it would simplify your learning of chords, and would definitely speed up the learning curve. I'm a "right-handed" player, and if I were to grab a left-handed Git and try to learn while holding it in the Right hand position and not reversing the strings (new Nut would be needed for that) it would create problems later with Chords (Especially Barre Chord) and lead runs/bends. post back with Git info, pics if possible. You would be a very unconventional git player.
  21. Agreed! You have LOTS of patience, and it shows. Stellar work on the "inlays" - or should they be called "outlays"? HOW LONG did the project take??? AND, out of curiosity, how did you attach your HB Covers? I added a couple of "+" to your effort. Deserves to be recognized!
  22. For Rob - Post #21: your Fretboard protectors are a gread idea. I not STEWMAC SELLS something like them, but I don't hink they do theirs from YOGURT containers!!!!! Not high dollar enough. HEY - This could go into the Cheap Luthier Tools Section of "DIY"! And that ladies and gentlemen is WHY we post these brilliant ideeeees. WE LEARN from each other! Strange things going on in other folk's trailer park homes.
  23. Read the Review!!!! Lists STOCK PICKUPS and Resistance Values!!!!!! In addition to the ones in the Studio, there are a variety of others, for example: In LP Standard/Plus Tops the Bridge is a HOTCH(G), Neck is 57CH(G) On Semi/Hollowbodies both are usually 57CH(G)s, On "entry level" gits both are ceramic magnets, neck is 650R, bridge is 700T. EDIT: EPI Cataloge verifies G-310 comes with Ceramic Mag 650R and 700T Pups, wound a bit "hotter" but tone is not going to compare equally to HOTCH(G) and 57CH(G), which use Alnico 5 Magnets... Epiphone LES PAUL STUDIO (Worn Brown/Satin Finish): http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/71435-epiphone-les-paul-studio-worn-brown/
  24. Ahhhh - sometimes finances have us do things we do not wish to do. Very Sad to see it go, as it was one of my faves to play, next to my LP Classic. Sounded Great with the GIBSON 490R/498T Pups in it. (Personal preference). Hope you get useful info from the review. I can answer any question you may have, as can other Studio Owners here...
  25. Dunlop Gator Grips - variety of thicknesses!!!! Dunlop Gator Grip Standard Guitar Pick: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/70113-hnpd-i-scored-a-pick/
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