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  1. It's most likely a PR735 or PR755. Those are the only Japanese guitars I could find with maple binding.
  2. It most likely has a two way truss rod. Loose and floppy is center. Keep "loosening" it and it should start to tighten up again and put relief in the neck.
  3. The only Riviera with p94s was the Nick Valensi model, but it had binding and didn't come in red. As a matter of fact, all Rivieras had binding. Dot studio has no binding.
  4. You can see from the side of the fretboard there used to be a fret there. It looks loke someone removed it and put a chunk of wood in its place.
  5. Epiphone serials from that time often did not have any manufacturing info contained in them. If they do, however, the first number would indicate the year. The 5 *may* indicate 1975, which could be interpreted as being built in 1975 for the 1976 model year...but it also may mean nothing. It's really hard to say. The good news is that it is most definitely Japanese from the 1970s. No doubt about it.
  6. According to this website, your guitar was made in 1966. http://guitarhq.com/epiphone.html#serial
  7. It's an Olympic in what looks like Inverness Green. I'm not sure about these older serials, but it was made between 1963 and 1970. There are websites that list old Epiphone serials with relative accuracy.
  8. JI is one of those serials that Epiphone lost track of at some point. There are not many guitars with that designation, and we don't have it listed in the wiki. It's most likely a cousin serial to "J", which we believe is Jakarta, Indonesia. It would help to see the guitar to determine the year, but most likely it's a 1998. If it is a 1989 (first two digits) it will have the narrow open book headstock. If not, then 1998.
  9. We would need to see a pic of the guitar to be able to identify it. I'm not familiar with the IC designation. There was UC and JC, but no IC that I am familiar with. Most likely the guitar was made in 1995 or 2005, as Epiphones were only bein made in Japan and Samick, Korea in 1985 to the best of my knowledge. Also, the only Les Paul guitars made in 1985 were the LP 1, 2 & 3 which were bolt neck "super strat" type guitars with a Les Paul body. Very 1980s. There was one other prototype or limited run from that era that was a flat top LP with a set neck, but those are pretty rare. A pic would really help alot.
  10. Your guitar is a refurb. The serial label is from the company that refurbished it and doesn't contain any identifiable data to that guitar. The original serial is on the label under the refurb sticker. The most you can do is use a flashlight and try to see the first 4 digits of the original serial under th refurb sticker. I'm pretty sure the stringers on the neck indicate that its pre China, but I'm a little rusty with my Sheraton identification.
  11. Thanks for the fast pics. Gibson truss rod cover, plus non-angled headstock logo tells me it's a 1996.
  12. In the USA these are going for $150 -$200. The resale price has gone up exponentially over the past few years.
  13. It's definitely not 1986 since the set neck Les Paul didn't come out until 1989. I'd need to see a pic to determine if its 1996 or 2006.
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