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  1. 1993 Accu Bass. Made in Samick, Korea. Probably worth $150 USD or somewhere around that amount.
  2. Hmmm....I don't know. They lost in the EU and they would probably lose here too, just like fender did. It sounds like they are trying to scare companies into collaboration so they can build a case in court. If X amount of companies "collaborate" with them, it could sway the court to uphold their patents or whatever the deal is. It sounds like they couldn't kick down the front door, so they are trying to sneak in from the back. Same old same old.
  3. Here you go. http://epiphonewiki.org/index/Les_Paul_Special.php#Les_Paul_Special_Single_Cut
  4. Happy new guitar day! Thanks for the review!
  5. You are correct to a degree, but forum participation appears to be down everywhere these days, either due to Facebook groups or people just leaving social media platforms because of drama or privacy concerns. Even MLP isn't hopping like it used to and they tolerate a lot. Yes, the admins drove many people away over the years, but i don't think that has much to do with the low participation we are seeing now.
  6. Here's the thing though, it's the admins that come in with a heavy hand and ban people. Sure, Duane is in the middle of the fray as a moderator because it's his job to do so, and of course he is obligated to back their position and he may even agree with it. But it's the admins, who have no relationship with forum members, that hand out the questionable bannings.
  7. Actually, this update is miles better on mobile than before. I had a hard time with the forum on my phone before the update. It was almost unusable except for a quick comment here and there. You couldnt even link to a site without going to the full version...which was tiny. I'm honestly not sure what issues people are having with the new layout from the perspective of functionality. Well, the notification section is wonky and hangs up as an underlay instead of an overlay, but aside from that, it seems better to me.
  8. I never threatened to never return. Only to leave. And I did for a couple years. I eventually came back because there was an apparent lack of knowledge when identifying and verifying Epiphones. This is the first stop for many people with questions and they weren't getting answers. Either way, I don't typically engage on a personal level here anymore because that type of social interaction leads to attachment which leads to meltdowns like we are seeing with parabar. I'm also not a sociopath, so I have a hard time finding this type of thing amusing. It's not, and I doubt parabar thinks it is either.
  9. Not another exodus!!! I just came back!
  10. This is most likely the case. Samick makes many OEM guitars. As a matter of fact, Samick Indonesia still makes guitars for Epiphone. Though I don't recall any guitar with a $2500 price tag coming out of Samick.
  11. I would disagree that the prices of matsu guitars are artificially low. That would imply that the prices are being kept low on purpose to spur sales, which doesn't really work on the used market because there is no one entity deciding the value. Prices of 60s and 70s matsu guitars are generally low because much of the quality from that era of Japanese export guitars was low. But nowadays, those same guitars are creeping up in price, probably due to nostalgia. The 5102t had problematic necks and neck joints that were well known and the resale prices have generally reflected that until recently. The 5202t may have been a better guitar, I don't know for sure, but if the prices were oddly low, it was because of quality perception thanks to guitars like the 5102t and other low end Epiphones of the time. And I envoke Epiphone because those are the matsumoku that most if us in the states were exposed to until the online used market cane into existence. That and stuff like Teisco and other low end brands sold for export to the US. Thats my take on it.
  12. 2017 was some type of anniversary for Epiphone. Yours probably wasn't made in 2017.
  13. Samick 1992 or 1999. Id say 1999 because the serial is stamped on the headstock rather than on a sticker like you would typically see in 1992. It's legit. The pickguard is from an archtop guitar. The tuners and control knobs have also been replaced.
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