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  1. I really hate to perpetuate the whole Korea vs. China debate because the Qingdao guitars are better in every other way. But the Korean guitars seem to excel when it comes to the feel of the neck and the fret work. And to me, the neck IS the guitar. It's the only place where your fingers make constant contact with the instrument and is the most important aspect when it comes to bonding with it imo.
  2. Google docs requires your permission to let grant access to view them.
  3. Yes! The necks are far superior, imo. I have to give it up for the Indonesian necks too. They also are very good. There is just something about the feel of the older necks that the Chinese manufacturers can't replicate. I don't know what it is. It's almost as if the older necks feel more organic or something.
  4. I don't know...I live Michigan with pretty extreme temp changes. I don't have any Gibson's currently, but I have a pile of Epiphones that rarely go out of tune. I have a 1986 Epiphone strat copy in a case that i rarely play. It has stayed in tune for the past 2 years in its case. Okay, okay, it has a floyd and a lock nut, but it still counts, dang it!
  5. It was a 2012 redesign. Here is more info http://epiphonewiki.org/index/Prophecy_Series.php#Prophecy_Les_Paul
  6. He's donating the money to a climate change charity??? Of all the worthwhile charities out there, he picks this? WTH? He might as well pick a random politician out of a hat and hand him a wad of cash. I'm not a denier, as it's easy to see that the climate is changing, the reason being debatable, but all of the money circulating around this issue is little more than wealth redistribution. Damn it, Gilmour. I thought that someone in such an anti-establishment band like Pink Floyd would be aware of this.
  7. It's an early Korean. Everything is off. Thats part of its charm.
  8. Ok, so let's chalk this one up as a faux pas. How long before he attempts to smash a Maestro on stage and fails spectacularly?
  9. So, what do you think he meant by that comment? Honestly, , like most people, always thought thaybhe taping over logos was done for copyright infringement purposes...probably because that issue has been at the forefront since the internet took off in the late 1990s. It's a reasonable conclusion for the layman, even if incorrect. This comment from Agnesi, not being a layman, seems really weird, and even weirder after your explaination.
  10. That does make more sense, but the way he phrased that comment implies that the taping over the logos is to avoid copyright infringement, rather than getting free product placement on tv. I mean, that is actually what he said. From Agnesi's mouth to my ears, it's no wonder schlubs like me get that wrong.
  11. Thats the part that caught my attention. Sure, go after the counterfeiters, but the guys taping over the logos are usually playing their personal guitars. What's next? Paying royalties to Gibson to perform live with a Les Paul? You know they would if they could. Shameful.
  12. The reputation points have been around for years in various states of functionality due to abuse.
  13. That serial number is from MIRC. The guitar is a factory 2nd. Thats the only thing that serial will tell you as its not original to the guitar. Also, serial only tell year, date, factory and batch. Nothing else.
  14. It looks like a bad counterfeit. Definitely not an Epiphone.
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