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  1. I heard about your comment out on the interwebz... I had to see it for myself. I lolz'd! sEm0000n!!!
  2. This is Definitely Brazilian Rosewood... HTH!
  3. Been a while since I stopped by and thought this was the perfect reason to do so. Was lucky enough to acquire this little gem! 1959 Les Paul Junior doublecut! Had a refret, original tuners replaced with Grovers, and a headstock repair that's barely noticeable!
  4. These are the BEST things coming out of the Custom Shop IMHO.
  5. I just played the same Iced Tea and Gunmetal at my local GC. I didn't get the serials though. Personally I liked them! It was good to feel a floyd under my palm for the first time in like 20 years! After getting used to it again I took both Axess' out for a ride. They stayed in tune no problems at all there, as mentioned in previous reply's no one seems to know what PuPs are in the Axess but they sound good. I didn't notice a terrible loss of sustain in the Axess from the extra routing, they even made some changes to the body contour that made playing up around the 22nd fret very comfortable! I did note however there was a noticeable difference in tones from each guitar. The Teaburst had a meaty full tone with a soft touch...while the Gunmetal finish had a tighter more thinner sound to her, both sounded good to me IMO. Just have to play a few too find that right tone since they all seem to be different! I've been thinking of adding something with a Tremelo to my current collection and was thinking about a PRS at first, then turned my attention to Ibanez since I had an Ibanez Saber w/ Floyd back in the 1980's and always dug that axe! With the introduction of the Axess I may have to reconsider my thoughts on a Floyd equiped axe once again! Overall I like the Axess and I am planning on purchasing one in the future. I would jump on it sooner but that Custom Shop tag pushes this baby up enough to put it off until after the holiday season! Another thing I did notice was on the top of the Gunmetal finish, where they routed out the tail for the Floyd they missed spraying some of the wood... I looked under the fine tuners and saw raw wood! NOT GOOD QC!!
  6. When you begin to notice there is a guitar pick laying somewhere in every room of the house, the washing machine, the lint trap in the dryer.. When you go in to finish paying off your third Les Paul in 4 months and they hand you another one that just came in! When Guitar Center has YOUR number on Speed Dial!
  7. I have been very lucky when it comes to the axes I play and have accumulated over the years. I give thanks to the axe god every day by making sure I play at least one of them! lol you know your 69's, yes she came with the "witchhat" knobs which I replaced back in 93 with the speed knobs. I still have the originals just can appreciate errr... ummm... larger #'s when I look down.
  8. hemply


    Thought I would throw up some photos of my 2008 G0. I purchased XIII on the 4th of July!
  9. She's all cleaned up, I snapped the shots after retriving her from a friends studio I had left her in for a couple of years for safe keeping. I litterally opened the case and started snapping away. I plan on taking her to a local Luthier I have been talking to so he can open her up give her a good cleaning out and we can photo doc as he appraises her. He only charges $25 for the appraisal, but it does sound much easier to just send the photos to Walter Carter at Gruhn's and pay the $50 for the convenience rather than driving the 100 miles... though if I go to my guy I can check out Ace Frehley Les Paul's that this cat is working on, he's also working on a couple of Billy Duffy's Les Pauls, would be nice to check them out!
  10. All the mods were done at the same time in 1993 and I kept all the original parts. I've been playing this axe since I was 12 years old, at that time she was already 10 years old. Believe me I'm not worried about the "cork sniffers" as you call them, I will never sell this axe! She has performed at middle school Friday night dances, to recording and jamming with some heavy hitters in the industry! Nope, she not going anywhere!
  11. I thought this is an appropriate BBS to post some photos of my 1969 LPC BB. There have been some mods over the past 30+ years she has been with me, but I have kept the original parts. Though now I am starting to believe the Luthier back when I perfomed the mods, or someone else in that production line may have pulled the old switcheroo on my original tuners? Anyway, she a beauty, my "Queenie".
  12. There will always be the LP purists, hell I was one for 30+ years, wouldn't even consider anything else. I really bought the PRS for it's collectable value in the years to come but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I got her home and really got to know her! Actually, myself and 5 close friends all bought the same PRS in the same finish... so that's leaves another 65 of them floating around out there. According to the PRS story the inception of the "bird inlays" came about when Paul Reed Smith was looking to add something unique to his guitars, he remembered a book of his mothers that he would look at as a child, it was a book for birds! He took that sentimental memory and added it to his guitars. If I recall correctly once upon a time people used to make fun of the larger headstocks on the LPC's, guess we all know how that turned out don't we? Just so the purists don't cringe too much; two weeks after bringing the PRS McCarty Korina home I bought a brand new G0 LPC. So I should still be able to retain my devout loyalty to Gibson, just broadened my horizons and shed my narrow mindedness.
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