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  1. But the good news is that I used some Gorilla glue I happened to have and smeared it into the holes and pounded the threaded sleeves back in. It's been a month and the bass seems as good as new. The bridge pulled loose while I was atempting to make some adjustments to string height. Probably my ham-handedness that did it.
  2. Thanks! The tone is actually better than the vid indicates. These digital cameras have terrific video quality but the audio not so much.
  3. Thanks! Uh....a big YES on the video.
  4. I love this song, especially the lush guitar work and Chris Isaak's crooning vocal. This is my attempt to at least do the guitar work...not the vocal! I recorded a backing track using the P93, an Epiphone DR500MCE Acoustic, and a Fender P-Bass on a BOSS RC-3 looping pedal and one of its built-in percussion modes. The amps are a Roland CUBE 30x, a Roland GA-112 and a Peavey MAX 115 bass amp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA6_9vANU3A
  5. Thanks! Reminds me that my deck really IS weathered....LOL!!
  6. Yep! I noticed that bridge leaning right away. The centers are 2 29/32" which is the same as the StewMac roller bridge. I should have it tomorrow. I'll also use some graphite on the nut slots while I have the strings loosened.
  7. I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I saw a guy do it on YouTube and it's just a simple swap-out if you don't want to change the mounting posts.
  8. This is my first semi-hollow body, first with a Bigsby, first with three PUPS, and first with P90's since I got rid of my Gibson '56 Goldy decades ago which had P90 soap bars. I wanted the P90 sound again and this one delivers. My Epi LP '60 Tribute has Gibson '57 Classic H-buckers as does my Gibson SG Standard. I have a whole new set of tones to have fun with especially with THREE P90's. I love the variations I'm getting along with the Strat-like thwack and crunch. The workmanship, fit and finish on my copy is excellent and it played well out of the box but I've lowered the action very slightly. Tuning as expected is a bit fussy because of the Bigsby but not too bad overall.
  9. I agree! My 2013 Heritage Cherry Standard came yesterday. The reasons I picked it are pretty much just what you're saying here....the '57 Classics (my Epiphone LP 1960 Tribute has the same pups), the small pickguard (I used to have a "batwing" SG but sold it). I was not aware of the differences in the beveling until reading your post however. Interesting information. Tom
  10. You might be on to something here. I always point the mic at the sound hole and close to it. Barring getting a different mic right now I'll experiment with placing the SM-58 as you suggest and see what happens. It makes sense really. Thanks!
  11. Sorry...I should have been clearer. My "amp" is virtual. I use POD FARM 2 software for my amps and tones and monitor through headphones during recording with final mixing done through speakers. I interface with a Line 6 UX-1 into a laptop and use Audacity as my DAW. Your recording sounds terrific by the way! I wish I had your vocal quality.
  12. The Sure SM-58 is a fine mic especially for voice from what I hear. But when I record acoustic guitar the bass and lower mid-range seems to over-power everything else and usually I have to do some equalization after the fact to get it right. Even backing down the bass and midrange on the "amp" doesn't seem to help much. Any ideas? Oh, my budget is shall we say limited and of course I'm doing all this for fun so a pricey pro model would be inappropriate but I'd like something decent. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. There's a really good version of BC doing this song live just a few years ago...it's really awesome. Meantime here's my less awesome cover...!! Feel Like Makin' Love
  14. Wow! I like this. That mando looks vintage and it has a really nice tone.
  15. This is an Irish harp song written by Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) The lead melody is my $50 Rogue mandolin while all the guitar accompaniment is the Epi DR-500MCE and the Epi Les Paul 1960 Tribute. Bass is the Epi EB-3 SG. Then to add insult to injury I remembered the penny whistle my late wife bought many years ago and threw in a little of that...!! [unsure] Then. To REALLY confuse the issue I put it all together in a slideshow of some of my photos. Hence the link is YouTube. Hey, I claim some Irish heritage so it's always St. PAtrick's day in MY house...!!! [rolleyes] http://youtu.be/ogQIAf1tEZc
  16. Nice job....you have better control in the high range than I do. AND, I LOVE this McCartney song.
  17. I've been using Line 6 UX-1, but I don't use an amp...I use software for my virtual amp (POD Farm 2) only because it came withe the UX-1. If there's a better way I'm open as I'm really a newbie to home recording even after a year and a half. I'm still learning....NEVER stop learning!
  18. I struggled with the high harmony on this one. The main melody is OK. The highlight of this song for many players is McCartney's terrific bass line. He's underrated as a bassist in my opinion. In many of the early Beatles stuff the recording engineers didn't seem to care much about bass so you have to really listen. The recording I have of AML is a good example. He played this bass line while singing lead too...not easy. You can see this on the vids of their Ed Sullivan appearances in 1964. In my recording here I did not! [crying] BTW...the bass here is my Epi EB-3 SG....the one that neck dives. I don't gig with it so it's not a problem. I put a strap on it one day out of curiosity and sure enough I let go of the neck and down it went...LOL! All My Lovin'
  19. Well, in a virtual way. I was going to do a cover of my favorite Credence song and was in the process of designing the drum track when I just said...the hell with it! So...I did an unplugged version with no bass or percussion or electric guitars...just three tracks of the DR-500MCE live-miked plus a couple fill tracks, plus my feeble vocalizing... [crying] What I was after was a "wall" of acoustic guitar to provide some depth in the absence of other instruments. The song is in E Maj. One DR is capoed at the third fret, the other two are playing open first position chords; one is strummed over the sound hole and the other is strummed just in front of the bridge. Hope you all like it! Tom Who'll Stop The Rain?"
  20. My biggest problem seems to be the mastering process. Of course with having nothing but Audacity as a DAW as my "studio" and not being a professional recording engineer might have something to do with this. I learned fairly quickly that although using headphones is necessary for laying down the tracks and mixing the mastering process needs to be done in the "open air" as the sonic differences can be dramatic. It might sound great through the phones but on your stereo it might sound like crap. That happens to me all the time. It's to the point that as I listen to stuff I did a year ago I want to do them all over again because I could do a better job as I'm a little smarter about it all than I was then...just a little!
  21. I have the DR-500MCE in natural finish. I had a local luthier work on it. He installed a compensated bridge and new Tusc bridge pins in addition to polishing the frets and doing a neck adjustment. I just last week put a new set of Martin SP light gauge strings on it and the sound as well as the playability has improved dramatically. I'm so pleased with these strings I'll probably always use them. Here it is in action. I multi-tracked it to simulate a twelve string. Walk Right In
  22. I started playing guitar in the early 60's during the folk music craze, pre-Beatles. I practiced this song till my fingers blistered on my $15 Harmony acoustic. Well. it took me 50 years but I might finally have it right...LOL! I don't own a 12-string (wish I did) so I got the idea to record the octave as a separate track. I live-miked the 500MCE through my Roland 30x, added some reverb and just a touch of flange effect. I also recorded separate solos so I actually have four solo guitar tracks. Bass is the Epi EB-3 SG. I got out of sync slightly in a couple spots...not sure if it was latency or just me. The original RTS recording utilized two Gibson 12-strings playing the solos for a big sound. The DR-500MCE is a fine instrument but I did have it gone over by a local luthier. He added a compensated bridge saddle, new pins, new strings and a neck adjustment. Walk Right In
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