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  1. She did look quite nervous. Who wouldn't be, right?
  2. I have a Les Paul Acoustic, and an LP Florentine. Here is a shot.
  3. Hi, not real sure what you mean when you say all Les Paul Florentine's have thicker bodies and a deeper cutaway. I have an 01 Custom that is the same size as any other Custom, it just has the F holes and is about 2 pounds lighter. Can you show me a picture of what you mean? I love these guitars, but mine is the only one I've had the pleasure of seeing in person. Thanks. The last picture is just to show same size.
  4. Thanks alot Murph. I'll give one a try. Compared to alot of the other acoustic amps I've been trying, It seems to be in the same price range with alot more options.
  5. GIANTRobOT420, This guitar is a Gibson Custom shop Acoustic. Mahogany body with carved Maple top. The bridge is carved in the top so that the Piezo pup can be mounted the way it is. Totally hollow inside. It is very nice for me, because sometimes I am very uncomfortable playing a thick bodied acoustic. As far as I know, only made in 01 and 02. Mine is an 01 in Translucent Black. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Sorry, should have shown the acoustic I'm working with right now. That is why I asked about the amp.
  7. Murph, I noticed you have a Carvin AG100D. How do you like it? I am seriously considering buying one. Do you recommend it? Thanks
  8. I'd really like to gat a Custom Lite. I think they are pretty cool.
  9. I think Gary Rossington is the only band member still alive. I believe EdKing just died a few years ago. I don't really have a favorite member of the band because they just all seemed pretty equal to me. Personally, I like the songs that never got airplay, you know, older stuff. Mr. Banker, Curtis Lowe, Am I Losing, Cottonmouth Country, stuff like that.
  10. R9, thanks I didn't know that. It was my understanding that they switched after thet run was over.
  11. Bear


    Awesome guitar. I always wanted a Black Custom, I just never pulled the trigger. Congrats!
  12. deepblue, the liftons cases are not "bad", they just do not offer as much protection as a Custom case or Gibson USA case. jamman is correct. The cases were swithched after the the first 500 guitars with the gold COA were finished. After thet Gibson started using the black Custom Shop case.
  13. Hi jamman, thats beautiful. I'm sure you love yous as much as I do mine.In your pic of the guitar in the case, the piece of foam laying in the case by the cutaway, any clue where I can get one? I have been searching for one since I got my guitar and have had no luck. I know its not a big deal, but the reissue cases are a little loose with the fit and I would like to have one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man.
  14. When they played that for the first time on SNL a few weeks ago he was playing an R9. Some were saying that it was his 59 burst, but they confirmed that it was a reissue. It sounded better on the SG though. I'd like to know what amp pedal combo he's using, because that does have a really cool sound.
  15. I really like that cabinet flight959. Do you tune your guitars down when your not going to use them for a while?
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