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  1. A bandmate/friend of mine was the luck recipient last Sunday of a new Fender Player Stratocaster HSS in 3 color sunburst. It was a fine, spontaneous gift from a close friend of his for no apparent reason. It plays well, sounds great and looks good. I got to play it a short time on Monday. I wish I had a benefactor such as his. But I rather be gifted a Gibson.
  2. Good Concert(s) story: I became a Nickel Creek fan in the early 2000's. I saw them live at the Johnny MercerTheater in Savannah, GA around 2003. I was transfixed. It was stunningly great. I got it in my head that they used "tricks" to sound that good. No way could they sound that good live. I suspected backing tracks, pitch correction or looping. I went back for another concert a year later. I got great seats; center close. I payed close attention. I was dead wrong. They were glorious both times. There is nothing but talent, skill and hard work going on there. I feel guilty for b
  3. I saw James Taylor at Carowinds, just South of Charlotte, NC, around 1981. First half of the concert was his acoustic stuff. I really enjoyed that half. Second half was the electric (LOUD) stuff. I walked out after the first electric song ended & did not return.
  4. they could just invert a few 9's until they find the missing 6's
  5. I have had this rather faithful guitar tab of Tommy for years. Pretty much the whole album tabbed out. I have learnedand forgotten large swaths of it over the years, Some parts have stuck with me. I hope someone else can enjoy this, too. https://www.thewho.net/whotabs/tablature/tommy.txt
  6. I was expecting odd numbering, as in 1 3 5 7 9
  7. Outstanding! I really enjoyed that. Well done. Thank you.
  8. By the time we each reach mid adulthood, most of us have had occasion to seek out a medical doctor for some reason or another. You probably chose that doctor with some degree of care. Once in the presence of said doctor, you probably formed an opinion about that doctor. Hopefully the doctor has instilled their trust into you. If you then trust & respect & value that doctor's opinion, you are likely to follow their advice. If that does not happen, seek a doctor you do trust. There are quacks out there, but they tend to tip their hand early. Part of that relationship will probably be a
  9. I have found that playing gigs, or more precisely, preparing for gigs, motivates me to improve. There is a certain "pucker factor" involved in a gig.
  10. I got Phizer #2 yesterday. Zero reaction. Jammed with the band last night. My wife got the same two days prior.
  11. To Brad1 & Dave F: That was a really nice thing y'all did. Very classy.
  12. Our garage band has had a trumpet/flugelhorn player in the room for the last 3 sessions. Sitting in with us is the bass player's brother. He is a trained amature musician who sings lead or backup vocals and plays the two horns I mentioned. Very interesting and pleasant sounds. We tried to think of a few new songs to pull in the horn. Mainstreet, As Long As I Can See the Light, Long Train Running, You Can't Always Get What You Want were some of the things we tackled on short notice with modest success, if I may say so myself. Music constantly surprises us, no? I asked him if he thought he coul
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