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  1. Update on progress: We built a 6" drum riser with foam padding beneath. A curved plexiglass shield now surrounds the drum kit (half circle, as it backs up to a wall). That rear wall has the cheaper convoluted foam on it (matress topper material). There are Auralex 12"x12" panels inside the plexiglass - 10 of them. We have 14 more available for future placement. There is now Auralex foam on the ceiling above the kit . We placed the two floor monitors on 1" insulated risers. I think we are running out of surfaces to cover. The sound improvement is nothing less that stunning. I used t
  2. My bandmenbers and I placed acoustic sound absorbing panels on the walls of our band room. We suffered from standing waves and feedback, echos and noise bouncing around the place. We bought 12 2'x4' , 12 2'x2' panels plus four 2' tall bass traps.This cost right at $1000. After putting it up the improvement of our sound was shockingly better. We have drums, bass, 2 electric guitars and an acoustic guitar, plus three vocal mikes. I could not believe how effective these panels truly are. We will now build a drumkit isolation booth of some type. We should have done this years ago.
  3. Today I took a buddy fishing on my boat in the Beaufort River, Beaufort, SC, USA. He and I each caught a nice redfish apiece. We returned both to the water. The company/conversation was great. I am blessed.
  4. My buddy has a Ibanez TSA5TVR 1x8 5w and it sounds great!
  5. A bandmate/friend of mine was the luck recipient last Sunday of a new Fender Player Stratocaster HSS in 3 color sunburst. It was a fine, spontaneous gift from a close friend of his for no apparent reason. It plays well, sounds great and looks good. I got to play it a short time on Monday. I wish I had a benefactor such as his. But I rather be gifted a Gibson.
  6. Good Concert(s) story: I became a Nickel Creek fan in the early 2000's. I saw them live at the Johnny MercerTheater in Savannah, GA around 2003. I was transfixed. It was stunningly great. I got it in my head that they used "tricks" to sound that good. No way could they sound that good live. I suspected backing tracks, pitch correction or looping. I went back for another concert a year later. I got great seats; center close. I payed close attention. I was dead wrong. They were glorious both times. There is nothing but talent, skill and hard work going on there. I feel guilty for b
  7. I saw James Taylor at Carowinds, just South of Charlotte, NC, around 1981. First half of the concert was his acoustic stuff. I really enjoyed that half. Second half was the electric (LOUD) stuff. I walked out after the first electric song ended & did not return.
  8. they could just invert a few 9's until they find the missing 6's
  9. I have had this rather faithful guitar tab of Tommy for years. Pretty much the whole album tabbed out. I have learnedand forgotten large swaths of it over the years, Some parts have stuck with me. I hope someone else can enjoy this, too. https://www.thewho.net/whotabs/tablature/tommy.txt
  10. I was expecting odd numbering, as in 1 3 5 7 9
  11. Outstanding! I really enjoyed that. Well done. Thank you.
  12. I have found that playing gigs, or more precisely, preparing for gigs, motivates me to improve. There is a certain "pucker factor" involved in a gig.
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