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  1. All mahogany construction. 1953 Retail Price: $35.00
  2. I am borrowing a 1953 C.F, Martin OO-17 for a week. My band's lead singer owns it and wants to sell it. I explained I have no intention/resources to buy it. He is allowing me to use it at my home until next week. I am blessed with a 2010 Gibson ES-335 Satin Black & a 2007 Gibson L-4A EC Sunburst, so my money is tied up there. This old instrument is easy to play, and sounds really nice. It has a booming low end and crisp highs.No electronics. Seems to have been refretted recently. The tuners are not original. The nut seems the same age as the frets. If I had $3500 to spare, I would buy it. This is a treat!
  3. I played a fifth gig of the summer on Dafuskie Island, SC (USA) yesterday. We played from 1 to 5 PM. Our 6 man band is named The Walker Harris Boys (formerly The Walker Harris Band). We acquired a bass player with the last name of Boys last winter, hence the change. It was a glorious day outdoors. The venue, fun, camaraderie, and audience reaction were all fantastic. Mistakes were made by each of us, but no one criticized anyone. That's the fantastic dynamic among our band members. There is a 1 hour ferry trip to & from the island venue that is very pleasant. I consider myself very, very lucky. www.facebook.com/OldDaufuskieCrabCompany/ www.facebook.com/Walkerharrisband l-r below: Matt DiBenidetto (drums),Jeff Harris (guitar, vocals),Donnie Schlieger(vocals),Paul Good(guitar,vocals,harmonica),Eddie Boys(bass),Tom Walker(me, guitar) Setlist Sweet Home Chicago E Lay Down Sally A Listen To The Music E Melissa E Rikki Don't Lose That Number D Can't You See D Midnight Rider C I'm No Angel E One Way Out A Just What I Needed E In Memory of Elizabeth Reed Am Revival A Running on Empty A The Weight G Sweet Home Alabama Take It Easy G Peaceful Easy Feeling E Already Gone G Ohio C There Goes Another Love Song G Sultans of Swing Dm Blue Sky E Honeysuckle Blue A Long Train Runnin Gm Knockin On Heavens Door G Up On Cripple Creek A Down By The River Em Funk #49 A Simple Man C Gimme Three Steps D Feelin Alright C Mary Jane's Last Dance Am American Girl D The Boys Are Back In Town A
  4. Throw this against the wall & see what sticks.... 1. A Little Love 2. A Pirate Looks at Forty 3. After the Gold Rush 4. Amie 5. Blackbird 6. Box of Rain 7. Bright 8. Brown Eyed Girl 9. Bury Me Beneath the Willow 10. Can’t You See 11. Carefree Highway 12. Catfish John 13. City of New Orleans 14. Clay Pigeons 15. Desperado 16. Doctor My Eyes 17. Don’t Let It Bring You Down 18. Down By The River 19. Fire on the Mountain 20. Friend of the Devil 21. Good Riddance 22. Harvest Moon 23. Have You Ever Seen the Rain 24. Here Comes the Sun 25. High and Dry 26. Hotel California 27. Knocking on Heaven’s Door 28. Layla 29. Leader of the Band 30. Lil’ Martha 31. Lonely People 32. Long May You Run 33. Mainstreet 34. Margaritaville 35. Melissa 36. Mexico 37. Mr. Bojangles 38. No Time 39. Ohio 40. Old Man 41. Pancho and Lefty 42. Peaceful Easy Feeling 43. Sister Golden Hair 44. Sittin’ On Top of the World 45. Southern Cross 46. Sultans of Swing 47. Take it Easy 48. Tequila Sunrise 49. The End of the Innocence 50. The Joker 51. The Needle and the Damage Done 52. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 53. The Story in Your Eyes 54. The Weight 55. Uncle John’s Band 56. Wagon Wheel 57. Wasted on the Way 58. Wildflowers 59. Will the Circle be Unbroken 60. Willin’
  5. I recently changed the strings on my 2006 Gibson L-4A EC Rosewood. I have been using D'Addario EJ-15 Phosphor Bronze .010-.047 X Lite for 4 years and have been quite happy with them. A shipping error brought me the D'Addario EJ-13 80/20 Bronze .011-.052. So I put them on. I really like the change. The volume is greater. The tone is richer and to my liking. The string bending is a little more difficult, but acceptable. The strings are lasting longer. And they are cheaper. A happy mistake has improved my experience.
  6. Davey Johnstone played on a LOT of Elton John's albums and live tour performances. Guitar & mandolin & vocals.
  7. I use the capo plenty. So this is not a dig at the sentiment you express. I agree with you. But I wish to tip my hat & give a nod to the discipline inherent in the classical guitar genre.
  8. Give me a ping, Vasily. One ping only, please. Capt. Marko Ramius , played by Sean Connery Hunt for Red October
  9. The 5 piece garage band I play in just invested in the Zoom L-20 mixer/recorder. Arrived one week ago. We got it mainly because it has 6 monitor outs that can be headphone outs, too. 16 XLR inputs is plenty to mic everything, including drums. On board effects are nice. We wanted to make a demo to get a few bar gigs. The Bluetooth Ipad app has a 15 band EQ feature that helps in ringing out the room. And it is good for instant feedback so we may improve our chops. Looking in the mirror is harsh.
  10. I'm right here with you. I'm 61 and I have found running everything through the PA and using that for volume works well.

  11. Guitar Hero (the video game) did not help.
  12. Things are evolving. Due to members changing jobs, now different members show up on different days. Last time we played, we had no bass player. I did not miss the bass one bit. We had a Hummingbird through the board, a drummer (who started loud, but backed off), a lead vocalist with a ESP (who turned it down when I asked him to do so), and my ES-335. My goal is always to hear and improve the vocals. The room is prone to standing waves of bass frequencies. I like the bass player and would like him there. His voice is good and his sense of time is great. He often resolves time/beat/rhythm issues for us. But I want to hear his volume way down. We worked out Blue Sky, Just What I Needed, Revival, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed & Listen to the Music. The vocals are the most important part of the song. They must be featured. If you can't hear the vocals, you can't fix them. If you can't hear the vocals, the instruments are too loud. Band are remembered for tight vocals.
  13. Clay Pigeons by Blaze Foley. Covered by John Prine & others.
  14. I owned an Ibanez AS83 (a clone of the ES-335) just before getting my ES-335. I will never regret getting the ES-335. My age, 50 at that time, income and commitment to music allowed me to justify the $1800 purchase. I also own a Gibson acoustic, so I have skin in the game as I state this opinion. I bought that Ibanez used online for $280 ten years ago. They are slightly higher today. For those who cannot or choose not to drop larger sums on a guitar, the Ibanez is a fantastic VALUE. I say this from a ROI (Return on Investment) perspective. My old Ibanez sits in my buddy's jam room and I pick it up occasionally. It is a fantastic guitar in all respects.
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