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  1. Actually we made the trade and the guitar has Gibson pickups. I saw the invoice and it was purchase with the Gibson pickup upgrade, which the previous owner had installed. I am not sure which pickups were installed. I will pull them and try to see what they are.
  2. I talked to the owner of the store and he said that there was a picup upgrade but they were still Epi pickups. Thanks for the replies
  3. I am doing a swap, a leftie G400 for the same guitar in a rightie. I want a guitar for my left handed Grandson, and the guy was trying to play left handed due to a hand injury, but has since had an operation to correct the problem and it worked. Mine is a 2007 and his is a 2009. He mentioned that his original invoice has "upgraded pickups" on it, and he said they are Gibson pickups. It was brand new when he purchased it and not modified. Does anyone have any information on an upgraded version of the G400. It was purchased in Canada and would have been direct from Gibson/Epiphone to the shop where he purchased it. It could have been a special edition. The only reference I have on pickups in 2009 is the change from chrome to nickle on the HBs. In the pictures it has the 61 pickguard. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Thanks for that. I guessed that might be the values. I opened up my Korean special edition Custom and it has the values stamped on the top. It also has a guick connect in the cavity and I was wondering if that was stock. It is a 2000 LE. I am gathering information for a firend who is going to mod a newer Custom with some Gibson pickups.
  5. I have a 2005 Elitist Custom LP in Wine Red, I know they have the 50SR and 60ST pickups from Gibson, but what pots and caps are in them. I pulled the back and there is no identification on the top of the pots only a red magic marker on the volume controls. Also what caps are in them, and what are their values. I tried a search and could not find anything. Thanks for any help. I am trying to assist a friend who is going to put Gibson pickups in his regular non elitist custom.
  6. Gibson under no circumstances were going to do anything about finish checking. They pointed me to their warranty. They sent me a copy of this. This Warranty Is Subject To The Following Limitations THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: 1.Any instrument that has been altered or modified in any way or upon which the serial number has been tampered with or altered. 2.Any instrument whose warranty card has been altered or upon which false information has been given. 3.Any instrument that has been damaged due to misuse, negligence, accident, or improper operation. 4.The subjective issue of tonal characteristics. 5.Shipping damages of any kind. 6.Any instrument that has been subjected to extremes of humidity or temperature 7.Normal wear and tear (i.e., worn frets, worn machine heads, worn plating, string replacement, scratched pickguards, or damages to or discoloration of the instrument finish for any reason). 8.Any instrument that has been purchased from an unauthorized dealer, or upon which unauthorized repair or service has been performed. 9.Any factory installed electronics after a period of one (I) year following the original date of purchase. 10.Cracking, discoloration or damage of any sort to the finish or plating for any reason 11.Gibson does not warranty the playability of a instrument whose "action" is lower than the standard "action" as defined in the owners manual. I pleaded my case on the Les Paul Forums and everybody thought I was crazy not to be really happy that my Goldtop had already started to check. I also talked to my guitar tech and he said he has two of them and they both have the same checking. Apparently all goltops do this to some extent. It has something to do with the gold and the laquer. I have since changed the pickups for a set of Burstbucker 1s and 2s (That I purchased from a guy who took them out of a Historic), and an RS guitarworks vintage pot and 022 cap kit. It is now one of the best sounding guitars I own, and a joy to play. I don't even notice the checking now. I think if anyone read the warranty on Gibson guitars, it might make people think twice. I hope that answers your question. This all took place a couple of years ago. The Checking hasn't gotten any worse, and it isn't just the pot area. Any where a screw went through the finish, including the pickup rings, and pickguard. I haven't had any of the checking that older guitars get from just "being a goldtop" but I am sure it will come.
  7. Thanks guys that is the kind of feedback I need. But in the end we are talking about a 60 dollar case with shipping at 16 bucks to Maine, where I will be for a month. The Gator case is 99, and I can probably pick one up at GC in Portland. For what I will be using it for I will probably go with the Rondo. It is basically for the look. I rareley take my guitars out and it will be mainly used for storage.
  8. A fellow on another forum sent me pictures of that Rondo case, with his Epi Tribute in it. It is not a good fit. Of course the case is for his Agile LP and that was in it first. That might have distored the foam. It seems to have abaout 1 inch at the bottom and the sides don't look to be in the correct position. I will copy them and show you.
  9. that is exactly what I am looking for but unfortunately I am in Canada. I will be in the US for a month in the near future so I was looking for something in the US or Canada. I like the fact that it has a double neck support. The tolex is a little darker than I like but it would do just fine. That is about 105 Canadian dollars. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I already have several of the cases you mention, and I know I can easily get a black case that fits perfectly for that money. I would like to hear from people who have had experience with the brown cases for sale now, with the pink interior and the shroud. Mostly how an Epi LP fits.
  11. I recently found a 2000 LP Custom. It had no case with it and I have an extra Gig Bag for it. I am looking for an aftermarket Brown/pink shroud interior case for it. I know the Gibsons are perfect but they are pricey when you can find them. Rondo has one, but apparently it does not fit a regular Epi LP snuggly. The Gator has mixed reviews as well. Some love it and say it fits others say it is not a tight fit either. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with them. I have both the brown, and black Gibson LP cases, and I know the fit is perfect. I also have a couple of the Yorkville Canadian black cases, and an Epipohne Elitist case that fit perfect at well. I really want a brown case for this one and I would like to stay under 100. Any help or reviews would be appreciated.
  12. The guy seems to sell either model airplanes or guitars/parts. The guitar in question looks legit, IF that is the guitar you are getting. I would like to see a picture of the serial number on the guitar, I didn't look at all the pictures. It looks as if he is in busines buying and selling. He certainly had lots of transactions. None seem to be bad.
  13. All I can say is that I am 100% certain that they are the original ones thet came on my special. It is a 1968. I am not sure what other tuners came on Gibson guitars of that era.
  14. I ended up buying the guitar. I got it for a steal. It is not wine red, and is a much more brownish red. I will get some good pictures in natural light. It is a special edition and I am really pleased with it. The Wine Red Epi Elitist Custom I have is a beautiful guitar. It was made in Japan and comes with USA Pickups. It is one of the nicest LPs I own, including the Gibsons. Epiphone has since cancelled the run from Japan, but I think they still make a couple of Epis at Fujigen plant where mine was made. The Korean Epi is petty damn nice compared to it. For 350 dollars it was a steal. No case but I have many cases. Thanks for the help. Well some natural light pictures.
  15. I have 3 SG Style guitars. I have a 2007 G400, a 2004 Standard, and a 1968 Special with P90s I have owned the special for over 42 years. A good friend of mine has one of the early Faded SG specials, and he loaned it to me to compare to my 68. At that time I had not purchased the Epi or the Standard. My impressions of the Faded was that it was really close to the feel of my 68. I really liked the tone and the feel of that guitar. It has the open coil 490 set. The neck was not as chunky as the 68 but pretty close. Fit and finish were great and I instantly wanted one. That was about 2 years ago. I started looking at used ones and they all were pretty pricey. Actually not that far from a used Standard. This year I decided to get a guitar to take to my vacation home. I saw a G400 for 200 bucks and grabbed it. Unfortunatley the action was high and that should have been a warning. I ended up having to get a new nut and Fret level. The Jack also needed grounding, a wire had come loose. 100 bucks later and it is an amazing playing guitar and I have a 2 mm action on it. I liked this guitar so much I decided to look again for a Gibson. I saw several used fadeds but again they were only a couple of hundred under a Standard, I found a 2004 Standard in mint condition and I really like the 498 in the bridge. It seems to have just a little more bite than the 490T. As far as LPs I have 4 Gibsons and I plays mostly my SG now. I find it is the most comfortable to play all poisitions on the neck and I can dial in such a sweet blues tone. When you want all out solos you just crank the tone knob. The faded LP Studio is a really nice guitar with the BBs in it and that might be a nice compliment to your faded SG. I do like the brown faded best though. You have to look for a good one, workmanship can vary quite a bit on the Fadeds. I don't see as many of them for sale now and I think people ralize they are as you said really good value for your dollar. You didn't mention what year yours was? Another thing about the Standard was that it came with a Gibson case.
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