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  1. This probably isn't going to help you but there is no better or worse. Whatever you you like is what is best. Hendrix played maple & rosewood then smashed it up set it on fire and played another one. Tone is in the fingers.
  2. Go to hobby lobby and get some graphite lube sold for the axles on the cub scout pinewood derby cars. It's a nasty slippery gray powder that I put in the nut slots before I string the guitar. If that doesn't work I think you should get your nut slots cleaned up by a tech. Also do you have a consistant wind on your string post? A sloppy wind with the string windings doubling up on top of each other doesn't help.
  3. Played one of these in my local GC Great Amp!!
  4. I have an SG classic & I love it. Plays great & sounds even better. Always torn on which guitar to take out the LP or SG. My first electric was a mid 70's SG with humbuckers. Wish I still had that one.
  5. I love Craigslist, picked these up off CL a few months ago for $500 each. The LP special dc was never played & still has the plastic of it. The SG classic is sweet too the guy had close to ten calls on it while I was picking it up. P-90 heaven!! The SG even had a case. I just missed out on a silver face vibrolux for $300!!! Anyone got some good stories?
  6. Sounds like I'll leave it at his house. I have another Les Paul I can play at home. I kinda wanted to keep this one around the house. It sounds like leaving it in the car is a bad idea, I just bought the Vintage Mohogany Saturday morning off Craigslist. Thanx for the info
  7. I didn't think about the wax potting melting!
  8. Anyone had any bad experiences leaving their Les Pauls in a hot car? It would be in a case in the trunk. It's a Les Paul Vintage Mohogany. A few guys I work with jam at lunch time. His house is close to work. I can't bring it into work. so it would be in the car all day. Could the neck twist, frets pop or glue joint crack? I'm not worried about the finish since it's a worn finish. I can't let it cool down slowly it will come right out of the hot case into air conditioning. I live in Ky and we get close to 100 deg days. Thanx
  9. Id never keep a Gibson in a bag. The angled headstock is pretty weak.
  10. Hey new to the forum. I bought a universal TKL case. I think it is mostly made for Teles & Strats but the neck rest is tall enough to allow the angled headstock on my DC Les Paul Special to not hit. The case is pretty nice. I have two of them one came with a SG I bought used & the other I bought used on craigslist for $30 for my DC. I see them used on ebay too. Mine measures 2 inches from where the bottom of the cutout for the neck rest to the surface where the the back of the guitar rests on. If you find one used ask them to measure it for you before you buy it. I hope this helps.
  11. Hey I’m new to the forum. Last month I went to a Guitar show in town & some guy had a mint cherry Epiphone Les Paul Special with P-90s on his table. It looked & played great & he took $250 for it. I thought I’d leave it where we rehearse & I wouldn’t be out much if one of his kids got into it. This little guy blew me away! I have a USA SG classic with P-90s & a USA faded TV yellow DC Les Paul Special & this guitar plays & sounds as good as both of them. I also found a case for it on Craigslist for it. TKL makes a universal rectangular case that fits it perfect. It’s
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