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  1. In the meantime I did, and the sound is just stunning I have to say.
  2. Here a demo track of the album I am working on. In the next vid I hope to be brave enough to show my face http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyAC_3Zhm-8&feature=youtube_gdata
  3. Don't worry about that Bird. I picked up my new Bird last year right from Montana. I was there with the shop owner to open the shipping box. The guitar sounded rather dull, ok not as dull as this one it seems (although it is a recording). But I fell in love with in a way and decided to give her a chance. Now a year later she already sounds way different than that first strum. I wonder what it will be like 5yrs down the road.
  4. Gijs here, from the Netherlands. And a happy owner of a Hummbingbird and a Les Paul.
  5. I'm thinking of moving to all bone on my 09 Bird, but I am a bit reluctant as it already sounds somewhat bright. Scared to make the brightness a bit too overwhelming. Any thoughts on that or experience in changing to bone on standard Birds?
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