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  1. In the meantime I did, and the sound is just stunning I have to say.
  2. EA there are houses in Europe, I just bought one!
  3. These mid priced Epiphones are nice guitars, especially the masterbuilts. As we speak I am sitting at the beach with my current beater: a martin backpacker I recently purchased. Real nice solid wood instrument considering the price.
  4. Hmz maybe I was mistaken beceause my luthier used an old ornament from WA-ivory to make my saddle. Shhh, don't tell anybody...:)
  5. Ivory is somewhat harder, but compared to bone the difference is expected to be minimal. I went from plastic fantastic to ivory on my Bird and that indeed was a difference!
  6. http://www.arctubulae.com/files/Bird_new_pins_apr12_2.mp3 My take is the first tune in this mp3 I posted earlier. Not with the right stings as I acknowlegde now (much too bright sounding coated ones), but still a nice Bird!
  7. Guitars are very unpredictable. For example: the Les Paul was not really popular in the 80s, but once players such as Slash started playing them in the late 80s, the guitar's value got to extreme highs again. Acoustics are a bit different I think beceause of the material used. Brazilian guitars are now expensive because they are not made anymore. The same will happen to Indian, making them expensive, and so on...
  8. Good move. Keep us posted on when she flies in.
  9. Sounds real good to my ears. A little darker than I am used to with Birds, might be the strings, might be what's underneath the Bird's mask ;) Either way, sound is awesome.
  10. I totally agree, but at the same time if a company is selling a guitar with the price tag of a Gibson you expect they have things such as specs right on their site/brochures/whatever. To me it still feels silly that although I emailed Gibson about the incorrect string specs 1 year ago, they still have it listed incorrect.
  11. gijs


    Wow, killer looks! I thought my bird had fantastic bling status, but it fades besides this J45. I'm one jealous mofo :)
  12. Specs on gibson.com regularly suck, like stating with many guitars they are strung with 11s while they put on 12s.
  13. I'm with EA, always play the thomann jingle first
  14. I was playing some classical stuff on my spanisch guitar at a friend's wedding and had to do my thing again once they had said 'yes' and were signing the wedding contract. I did not realize that the sun had been shining on the guitar directly after I first used it that ceremony, so when tuning the guitar I did not think anything of the high E being way off. Started playing and that E just kept going, and that' when I realized the nylon string must have gotten soft. After some adjustments while playing I had to realize the E was a goner, so went on improvising on 5 strings. Not the best feeling since it was a wedding, but the audience was real good to me :)
  15. I was away for three days last week. Just before I left my guitar (played every day) sounded awesome. Then when I took it out of its case after three days the sound was not really there. After a couple of songs it started to come back. Was it real what I was hearing? Or in my head, me getting used to the sound again after a few days? It's a mystery to me...
  16. A week later, but I haven't been able to play much as I was gone for three days. So the strings haven't broken in completely yet. But here's a new recording: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyAC_3Zhm-8&feature=g-upl
  17. Here a demo track of the album I am working on. In the next vid I hope to be brave enough to show my face http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyAC_3Zhm-8&feature=youtube_gdata
  18. That is a beauty, wow! Hope she plays as good as she looks.
  19. Hi Aster, I got these pins from a Dutch store The Fellowship of Acoustics. They do sell via the internet (www.tfoa.eu), but perhaps shipping would be a little too expensive for such a small item?
  20. That is also how I interpreted all responses. Fellow idiots who can spend hours discussing and experimenting rosewood vs bone pins, coated vs uncoated strings, mahogany vs rosewood Btw: look how horney these bone pins with pearl inlay look: Combined with the TR cover it is now totally bling
  21. The bone pins do make a differenece. Although subtle, it just gave a little extra more presence, the tone is a bit nore alive. Good idea to let the strings settle and then make a new recording. I will report back here in a week :)
  22. Thanks for all the compliments guys! About those strings: I had been using EJ16s for quite some time, but I find those so harsh sounding, especially when new. As I was discussing strings with the shop keeper he said he always used 80/20s bronze's on all of his mahogany guitars, so I decided to give them a go. Unfortunately he only had them in coated version at that moment, and I absolutely hate the sound of coated strings. But he said to just try these specific ones. And to my surprise they do sound nice....at least to my ears But I do want give the uncoated 80/20s a go one time. Em7: the song is '20 Years' by The Civil Wars, check it out here: Beautiful duet by a guy and girl. In lack of a female voice a did both in my version
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