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  2. Of course but when buying online you don’t have that option so I’m trying to get as much information as possible. I hate that I can’t play it!!
  3. Bump. I'm eyeing a 2013 AJ model that has this amber burst and bhilwara b/s. I'm looking for more info on the tone of this particular b/s wood. It seems some folks say it is the 'best of both worlds' between hog and rw. Others say it's all RW tone and very little hint of Hog. I'm so confused!! I don't like the Hog tone, so this is a tough decision. Guitar I'm eyeing is not in my area so I can't play before buying, unfortunately. Would love some more details or sound clips from anyone who owns this specific model.
  4. I found this thread googling as I do research on this particular model. I'm in the market for a 2nd AJ. The one I currently own is a 2002 standard with sitka spruce and EIR with a natural top. AJs are my favorite guitar so I want another one and I figure I might as well go for one that has red spruce top and I LOVE this amber burst, it's just stunning. My one concern, however, is the b/s wood which I believe to be bhilwara. As you mention, Ren Ferguson himself says bhilwara is the best of both worlds from Hog and RW. I'm personally not a fan of the Hog tone so that nugget of information is scaring me away from buying the amber burst I have on my watchlist. From what you are saying, at least with your model, the tone resembles RW much more than Hog. I know this thread is several years old but could you give any more details about your guitar and maybe some more photos, particularly of the b/s? The one I'm eyeing looks a lot like EIR but the seller is not certain either. I hate the mystery around this particular model but I'm happy to have found this thread. Happy Friday, everyone!
  5. So I just put in a request with my local Gibson dealer to have a custom made J-45 Vintage. My request is basically to build the J-45 Legend (top, b/s & bracing all with thermally-aged wood) with the cherry sunburst finish and L.R. Baggs Lyric installed. I'm hoping they can do it. I just LOVE that cherry sunburst color like the J-45s from the mid-60s. I'll update this thread or start a new one if my request is successful and not TOO expensive.
  6. Thanks, guys. I had settled on a Vintage, now I think I need to find a Legend.
  7. Would you mind sharing the link where you bought your pick? I'd like to try one out! Thanks.
  8. All this jabber about the AJ being only a bluegrass picker is just hogwash. My AJ is the perfect guitar in every way. Absolutely blows any other acoustic out of the water. It simply smokes any SJ-200 I've played (although I don't own a 200). Call me biased but I just speak truth - I am always looking for a reason to buy a new guitar but can't find anything that tops my AJ. The only guitar that is even close to my AJ is my Augustino (LoPrinzi) AR-38, which is a damn fine guitar. Good luck, I hope you buy the AJ, you won't be disappointed.
  9. Must be nice to be able to drop a few grand on a guitar you've never played before. I'm an AJ owner and firmly believe it is the best dread available. However, the maple back/sides would require me to play before buying. I'd love to see pics if/when you get some. Congrats and I hope it's worth every penny.
  10. I definitely can't participate in this event for 2008 but hopefully in the near future I can - sounds like fun!
  11. Couldn't be happier with the L.R. Baggs Dual Source in my AJ.
  12. That's a damn tough question to answer with 100% certainty. I looked at some pics on the vintage guitar website and they appear to be the same size, but I can't find any measurements. With the L-00 being smaller, the pickguard almost touches the edge of the body. On the AJ it doesn't come nearly as close to the edge. I used my extra keen eyesight to look only at the outline of the pickguard (while blocking out the remaining body of the guitars) and it certainly looks to be identical size - but again, I'm not sure I'd bet anything substantial on that claim. Good luck and let me know what you find out!
  13. Nope, got the Ushanka hat for $1 at a pawn shop :-k/
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