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  1. I agree. I have had pickups where the red and white went together. And most diagrams will say the same. But others are the green and white. Having a mulit-meter is a time saver.
  2. Nice lp prophecy. That model comes with gibby dirty fingers. A real beast. It was the top of the line for the prophecy model if I am correct. Brand new I recall them being around 800.00.
  3. The classic pro's IMO are not as muddy as the pro buckers. I replaced the pro-buckers in my ultra with gibby classic 57's. The classic pro's have similar characteristics of the gibby classic 57 and is why I have not pulled them from the 339 pro. I really like the clarity of the classic pro's and they can get loud and keep that clarity. I hope this helps.
  4. classic pro's. I have both the ultra and the pro and love them both!!!!
  5. Congrats Crust!!! You will love your 339. I love both of mine.
  6. I have swapped out the pups on my 339 ultra. And that is about the only thing you will be able to do. With the pots intergrated into the circuit board, you will not be able to us push/pulls without redoing the solder joints on the board to remove the current pots.. If the Ultra II is like the 339 ultra, you probably don' have enough space for push/pulls with all the circuitry in there. On another note. I put classic 57 in the neck and a classic plus in the bridge of the 339!!!! Also, you might want to try a push/push on a project. I recently put some in a prs se mod and love them.
  7. I know, I need to get more photos, but had to put something in this thread.
  8. just to add, my 2cents, has anyone tried the new push/push pots. Just got 2 from guitar parts resource. Not sure if I do a JP wiring or what guitar to put them in yet.
  9. Where the hades do we get such parts? Answer, no where I could find!!!! Has anybody done this - replace Epi ProBuckers with Gibson BB Pros? If so, was the diff enough to make it worth the effort? Yes, I have replaced the bb on my ultra 339 with a pair of gibby classic 57's. World of differences. Yes the epi bb pro's are great sounding, but still can't match the clarity and power of a gibby pup. I know the 57's are not bb pro's, but I have put a set into another guitar (prs se) and the gibby bb out classed the epi one in my opinion. I actually cut of the connector with some wir
  10. Everyone should have a ice blue metallic/ pelham blue guitar in the stable. Just saying!!!!
  11. I tried looking at the pups the other day and can't tell. I believe they are the classic pros. I plan to hit the epi site and see.
  12. Have to say no in that the weight is diffrent and the body is alittle bigger than a LP. This thing is special. I am really amazed at the finish and the playability. This makes for my 3rd blue guitar of the same color shade. I have a MIM tele and a DG prs. If i could I woul love to snag the historic 335 gibby at the local GC with cream p-94 in her!!!!!
  13. Crust she is awesome. Almost went for one until I saw the 339.
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