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  1. Agree. Found out my new next door neighbour used to teach music theory at Penn State and was in a band that played up and down the east coast including Cats Cradle in Chapel Hill.
  2. Congrats BoSox! That looks like a terrific new addition. You are definitely raising the guitar “profile” of the Triangle area.
  3. Welcome Chip, I expect you may have some interesting stories for us. Heck, you may have worked on some of our guitars!
  4. I will throw in from left field my AJ. Owned it since 2003 and it still brings a giant smile to my face every time I play it. If restricted to the three listed, I would say Hbird with the qualifier that I have never played a Dove. A problem I need to correct. Hbird are just hard to walk away from.
  5. Jinder I think you nailed it with regards to the J185. Beautiful guitars but not for everyone. Peace all.
  6. I owned a 2005 Koa b/s J185 for a number of years. Took the guitar a good 3-4 years to open up. And by that I mean the sound was not as compressed sounding, little more sustain and notes just seemed to be more dimensional. What did not change appreciably was volume, bass and general tone. It was better sounding guitar but not a “different” guitar. I really thought the guitar had a beautiful tone but just not suited to me so I sold it. The right person would love that guitar I believe. Also I removed the UST from two J45’s and thought there was small increase in volume and note clari
  7. Okay I will have to expose my ignorance here, how do you recognize a dual action truss rod? I ask because Dave F above stated his 94 Centennial Jumbo had one. I also have one (#75) and have always assumed it was a regular action truss rod. I have adjusted it myself and there is only one nut in the truss rod cavity.
  8. Be careful there BoSoxBiker, there a lot of old time Yankee fans down here! Fortunately I am not one of them. If you house is like mine the humidity is already very low so keep them guitars right and thanks for updating us.
  9. A couple years ago I was at Lowe’s Vintage in Burlington, NC. Just window shopping. I happened to notice a guitar on a stand behind the counter and immediately knew what it was. But I asked the sales guy if it was an original AJ and he replied “yeah you want to play it?” So I said yes and sat down with it. Before I could strum it he told me it was 30k I believe. He said it had unfortunately been refinished or it would have been closer to 50k. I was so nervous holding that guitar I could barely make a cord! Some time later I looked on their web site and it was not there. So I am assuming
  10. Best of luck Jinder. You got a whole family of fellow pickers pulling for you on here. Seems one player a long time ago sang “All things must pass” and I know your set back will also.
  11. Thanks for the input Larsongs. I had thought a little bit about calling Martin direct also but hadn’t got around to it yet. I am waiting now to hear back from a second local luthier on an appointment, he is busy. Like I said this is not a major problem, more an irritant like a mosquito buzzing around your head. However you don’t expect this from a CS guitar. As you can imagine they are NOT inexpensive. This is my first and likely only Martin, not because of issues or dislike, it is a great sounding guitar. I just have more guitars than I need now. So I want this one perfect.
  12. Interesting tpbiii, of the three demos I would say my AJ sounds closer to yours than my D28 does to either of your two. Now I am listening on on iPhone so there is that. Also the D28 is just months old. I think both of yours have a drier/cleaner tone than mine but guess that is not unexpected. Hope someday there will be someone out there to appreciate the few guitars I have as much as you do those you have collected.
  13. I’ve never tried to post pictures. I’ll look into it. Also wasn’t too sure about posting pictures of a Martin on the Gibson site.
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