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  1. The thoughts and prayers of all on this board are with you. Every time you play one of those great guitars let the notes ring strong and loud for her.
  2. Removed the UST on two J45's and very happy I did. I also dropped in bone saddles. The biggest difference I noticed was more volume. I think the tone was more clear but not a significant difference there. As others have said,. It just feels right now.
  3. I too like the Gibson strings on my J45's. I have used D'Addario for years on my other Gibsons but they just don't sound right to me on the J45's. Interesting tho is I like the PB's on the rosewood custom and 80/20's on the other.
  4. Jinder I am with you on that ES275. Been transfixed by that thing for awhile. Not in the works though. I have an ES137 which I love and it would have to go to justify the 275.
  5. J185cat

    Adi Braz

    I have never had the opportunity to play a guitar with Madagascar RW but do hear lots of good things about it (assuming you are a RW person to start with). My guess is that there is not a great deal of difference between the two. I do have a J45 Custom and yeah that and the AJ are completely different beast but even though the AJ has all that "cannon" stuff going on it has a deeper, darker tone than the J45. I have thought the same about my AJ when I have compared it to IR AJ's but I enjoy them all. Would love to hear a maple also. At the time I bought my AJ I had just decided I wanted an AJ with that combination of woods since I had a feeling new ones would not be available much longer and I didn't feel like I had enough knowledge of the vintage market to trust myself there. If I am honest I suppose there was a bit of "hoarder" mentality involved when I made the purchase but I am now glad I did. Not just because of price but also because this AJ is my favorite guitar. Every time I pick it up and strum a couple of cords I just break out in a big smile. Ain't it great to be able to sit around on a Friday morning and discuss guitars! I especially enjoy when guys like Tom join, always learn somethin interesting. Think I will play some now.
  6. J185cat

    Adi Braz

    The interior label on my AJ reads Style Luthers Choice AJ Number. MMBAJ007 MM stands for Music Machine and BAJ stands for Brazlian AJ. Also there is a COA that states this guitar has Brazlian back/sides/, fretboard and bridge. Trying to verify visually would be very risky. Most of the later day Brazilian seems to not have quite as straight a grain as IR but that is a big generalization.
  7. J185cat

    Adi Braz

    Gibson did continue to build some AJ's with Brazlian and Adi up to about 2005. I have one from 2003 and it is stunning. Materials may not be as big a factor as age but they do make a difference. Also I was at the Nashville Gibson showcase in the early 2000's and they had Brazlian AJ's, a J45 and an SJ. Not sure about Adi tops tho. I also know they made a few Brazlian Luthiers Choice Humingbird's for a Company called Music Machine.
  8. God I love that guitar. Something about 50+ year old mahogany and that ceramic saddle that just appeals to me. I had the chance to play a 1962 (believe that was the year) j45 at Lowe's Vintage and it hit me the same way. Went home to think about it and by time I checked back it was gone. That's how it gone.
  9. J185cat

    Tone Woods

    One "alternative" tone wood I have come to appreciate is zebra wood. I have one of the Montana 20th anniversary J45's and it is Sitka over zebra wood. I have seen some try to compare it to rosewood but it is different. I have a J45 Custom so I have a direct comparison. The RW has deeper bass and brighter trebles whereas the ZW has a more balanced and smoother tone. To me it is somewhere between Hog and RW. I love it for rhythm playing as the notes just blend together. I have seen some try to laugh it away since it is not one of two woods that are seen as traditional and therefore acceptable but I love it, one of my favorite guitars.
  10. Like Dave I received the certificate, book and strap but no binder. The only time I received a binder was with a Luthiers Choice model and I believe it was black.
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  12. Okay, I surrender. All my guitars will go up for sale and I will find something else to do. Wow! At first I thought he was hybrid picking with flat pick and fingers. But as the video went on it looked more like just thumb and fingers?? Must have some light gage strings on that thing. I actually would like to hear that played on an ES335 or Stat. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Almost two years ago I sold a Koa J185 that was a gorgeous guitar to look at as you can imagine and had a beautiful but delicate sound that didn't suit my less advanced playing. I loved to hear others play the guitar and hoped that one day we would connect. Owned it seven years before finally pulling the trigger and it was a tough decision. Now, I am glad I made the decision and it gave me a new perspective on holding onto guitars you don't play. I have since bought two J45's and play one or the other almost every day. It was the right decision for me.
  14. Jinder what are the b/s wood on that year? If I recall correctly didn't Gibson make some J100's with bubinga? I have always been curious what they would sound like. Either way congrats, the J100 is on my wish list. Maybe Santa is listening.
  15. Over here at my house the last few weeks neither my AC or heat has been running much and I have seen the humidity go up as high as 70%. Concurrently my guitars are sounding like they are dampened as you might guess. It seems to me that the rosewood ones are more affected, maybe because they tend a little brighter to start. I was wondering if you had seen a similar effect and how the maple J200 is reacting?
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