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  1. I agree with you Murph. I have been using D'Addarios forever but if I were to remove a set of Gibson MB's and replace them with EJ16's the sound is very different. They are not the same string. Really didn't mean to get this whole thing started again, just wanted to let readers know the Gibson branded MB's were available at Stewmac which I thought was interesting.
  2. Was basing that information on a previous post that Murph started. The information sounded very compelling and yes the gauge difference was noted. Unless Gibson comes out and states that company (fill in the blank) made them we may never be able to say for certain. I thought it was interesting that on the StewMac site they stated and I am paraphrasing that the strings are made in America under Gibson supervision.
  3. There was recently an article here concerning Gibson now not offering their old Masterbuilt non-coated strings. Thanks to Murph seems those of us who are not fans of coated strings and liked the older Masterbuilt's now know where to go, GHS. I did happen to notice as I was looking at the Stewmac web site that they now have both the 80/20 and PB's listed. May just be they bought up the remaining stock and once that is gone, that's it. Just an FYI.
  4. Thanks Murph, I will give them a try. When I first received my Rosewood J45 and strummed those first few cords it was "yeah that's the sound I wanted from a RW J45." Then when it was finally time to change strings I just went to the cabinet and grabbed a set of my old standards, D'Addario EJ16's. Whoa not the same guitar at all. Not bad just not the same or what I wanted. So I began the string tests game and based on something I read here on the forum went ahead and ordered some Masterbuilts. I literally put new strings on only to turn around and take them off the same day. When th MB's got here and I put them on that was it and haven't tried anything else since. I never did try GHS though so that is good info.
  5. The "Compendium of Acoustic Pickups." Thanks Jinder. Great info and you have probably saved us all a bunch of time and money. One question, you have pretty much addressed this but we're any of the units difficult to install?
  6. There seems to be a question if the e Gibson strings are repackaged D'Adarios? I have been using the EJ 16's for years and can say that the Gibson PB's sound very different. I have not used D'Adario 80/20's so can't comment on those. I still use the D'Adarios on three of my acoustics but really liked the Gibson strings on the J45's.
  7. In the past couple of weeks I just ordered 5 sets each of the 80/20's and PB's not even realizing that they were going away. They arrived last Friday. I really liked the 80/20's on one of my J45's. I have yet to find a coated string I really liked. These should last me awhile. At 67 years old I thought I had finally solved the never ending search for "the right" strings but here we go agin.
  8. I have watched the online videos at StewMac of Dan Erlwine repairing a dent in a guitar with super glue and blending the finish. The results are very good. So I think Leonard McCoys advice might be worth checking out. I would only do a total refinish as a LAST resort.
  9. The thoughts and prayers of all on this board are with you. Every time you play one of those great guitars let the notes ring strong and loud for her.
  10. Removed the UST on two J45's and very happy I did. I also dropped in bone saddles. The biggest difference I noticed was more volume. I think the tone was more clear but not a significant difference there. As others have said,. It just feels right now.
  11. I too like the Gibson strings on my J45's. I have used D'Addario for years on my other Gibsons but they just don't sound right to me on the J45's. Interesting tho is I like the PB's on the rosewood custom and 80/20's on the other.
  12. Jinder I am with you on that ES275. Been transfixed by that thing for awhile. Not in the works though. I have an ES137 which I love and it would have to go to justify the 275.
  13. J185cat

    Adi Braz

    I have never had the opportunity to play a guitar with Madagascar RW but do hear lots of good things about it (assuming you are a RW person to start with). My guess is that there is not a great deal of difference between the two. I do have a J45 Custom and yeah that and the AJ are completely different beast but even though the AJ has all that "cannon" stuff going on it has a deeper, darker tone than the J45. I have thought the same about my AJ when I have compared it to IR AJ's but I enjoy them all. Would love to hear a maple also. At the time I bought my AJ I had just decided I wanted an AJ with that combination of woods since I had a feeling new ones would not be available much longer and I didn't feel like I had enough knowledge of the vintage market to trust myself there. If I am honest I suppose there was a bit of "hoarder" mentality involved when I made the purchase but I am now glad I did. Not just because of price but also because this AJ is my favorite guitar. Every time I pick it up and strum a couple of cords I just break out in a big smile. Ain't it great to be able to sit around on a Friday morning and discuss guitars! I especially enjoy when guys like Tom join, always learn somethin interesting. Think I will play some now.
  14. J185cat

    Adi Braz

    The interior label on my AJ reads Style Luthers Choice AJ Number. MMBAJ007 MM stands for Music Machine and BAJ stands for Brazlian AJ. Also there is a COA that states this guitar has Brazlian back/sides/, fretboard and bridge. Trying to verify visually would be very risky. Most of the later day Brazilian seems to not have quite as straight a grain as IR but that is a big generalization.
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