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  1. So I have been using those gray, teardrop .88mm Jim Dunlap picks for YEARS. Use them for everything, acoustic and electric. The other day I was in Sam Ash to pickup some odds and ends so I grabbed a pack. Got home pulled one out and started to strum. Wow, completely muffled sound. Could not believe the difference and had to double check to make sure they were the same. Upon close inspection I noticed a very thin rib of plastic all around the pick like it had not come out of the press cleanly. So I took a knife and scrapped that rib off and bingo. Sounds normal now. Suppose a lot of playing time would have accomplished the same thing. Keep picking!
  2. Good morning. Hope all living along the Gulf coast are okay. So PatriotsBiker I bought what they call a Martin Custom Wildwood Spec D28. It is essentially a D28 with Adi top and “golden era” scalloped 5/16 Adi bracing. I’m 68 now and just decided I wanted to add one Martin to my small collection so I went with the iconic D28. I had been considering a J100 but just decided to add a different voice. Can’t wait to compare it to my AJ.
  3. Prayers to all in the path of this monster.
  4. MissouriPicker I am glad you posted this. I was just about to message them to ship mine on Friday due to my schedule but it’s in the 90’s over here in North Carolina. I just sent them an email and requested they ship on Monday. If I don’t hear back I will call them tomorrow. Thanks for posting.
  5. Ironically I bought a guitar from Wildwood just yesterday. This is my third from them. Not a Gibson this time (no worry I still have my 5 Gibs and they ain’t going anywhere). Worked with Brian this time. I sent them emails first and they promptly responded. Left a voice mail and they called back in a couple of hours. Asked me how I wanted the guitar setup and string gauge etc. I told Brian that even though they have an extensive inventory it felt more like dealing with a small mom and pop outfit. I have local GC and Sam Ash where I live and have bought electrics there with no problems but WW is a cool store to work with.
  6. I own two J45’s, an H’bird, a 1994 Centennial Jumbo and a 2003 Luthers Choice AJ. The AJ is by far my favorite. It is my “run back into the burning house” to save guitar. Mine does have an Adi top and I suspect that affects my opinion a lot. Yes it is an extremely strong guitar when needed but beautiful on quiet passages also. Some have stated that AJ are not good strummers, better for single note lines. However I love the sounds of chords played on this guitar. The sound is deep with just a beautiful shimmer on top. I love it. Guess that’s why there are so many different models out there.
  7. Thought I would get in before you get bombarded by marriage proposals or “do you have any sisters” remarks. Do you? Just kidding of course. My wife bought me a Gibson years back for a birthday and that is something you don’t forget. That old saying that the quickest way to a guys heart is threw his stomach may not apply to guitar players. Gibson makes so many different styles of guitars it is hard to recommend one without knowing the person. But many of us think that every Gibson player needs a good J45.
  8. My favorite electric of the ones I own is my ES137. I have a LP Standard, an old Ovation Tornado (not the round back, think ES335 style) and a Strat copy I made from a StewMac kit. The reason I like the 137 is it is very versatile. Jazz, blues, rock even country. No not a Strat sound but a versatile Gibson. It is a little heavy though.
  9. Hey PB since I live next door in Raleigh I know I don’t have to tell you this but, it is hot as Hades out there today. Fight the urge as hard as you can and give that guitar time to adjust to house temperature. That sounds like a terrific get and can’t wait to hear about it. Just be cautious.
  10. I have a 99 bird that was my Dad’s before he passed away. Someday I will have to tell the story about how that guitar could bring my Dad back to us for awhile as he was afflicted with dementia, but that for another day. So I have experimented with strings on mine and always end up going back to the old D’Addarios. Look forward to what you find. But NGD? Okay what you got over there?
  11. As I expected great input and helps me focus some. I currently have five Gibson acoustics; mahogany, Indian rosewood, Brazilian rosewood and even zebra wood. Used to have a Koa J185. So the only wood I don’t have experience with is maple. And that’s sort of what was bouncing around in my head when I started this topic. So one side says maple but I just feel like this guitar in mahogany would be great also. Good thing is there is no hurry to decide.
  12. Yeah Bobouz I often regret selling that J185. There is something special about those guitars but I felt like I didn’t do it justice. I enjoyed hearing others play it more than myself,
  13. Thanks 62burst, I think you make some good points there. I did own a j185 but it was Koa not maple. I sold it because I felt it was too “refined” for my chord bashing play. It was a beautiful sounding guitar when finger picked. Guess I have been tempted to add a maple guitar lately without spending a fortune.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the comments MissouiPicker about the size angle. I am not a big guy but I do have an AJ and am okay with that. If it was much more than the AJ then that could become an issue. Wish I could find one local to try. Maybe a J200 to get a feel.
  15. Wanted some opinions from the group. I know there have been several versions of the J100. I believe maple, mahogany, walnut and bubinga if I am not mistaken. If you were interested in buying one which way would you go and why. Thanks in advance.
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