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  1. Okay I will have to expose my ignorance here, how do you recognize a dual action truss rod? I ask because Dave F above stated his 94 Centennial Jumbo had one. I also have one (#75) and have always assumed it was a regular action truss rod. I have adjusted it myself and there is only one nut in the truss rod cavity.
  2. Be careful there BoSoxBiker, there a lot of old time Yankee fans down here! Fortunately I am not one of them. If you house is like mine the humidity is already very low so keep them guitars right and thanks for updating us.
  3. A couple years ago I was at Lowe’s Vintage in Burlington, NC. Just window shopping. I happened to notice a guitar on a stand behind the counter and immediately knew what it was. But I asked the sales guy if it was an original AJ and he replied “yeah you want to play it?” So I said yes and sat down with it. Before I could strum it he told me it was 30k I believe. He said it had unfortunately been refinished or it would have been closer to 50k. I was so nervous holding that guitar I could barely make a cord! Some time later I looked on their web site and it was not there. So I am assuming somebody forked over the 30k. It was impressive with a big clear sound that was warmer than I would expect from a rosewood guitar.
  4. Best of luck Jinder. You got a whole family of fellow pickers pulling for you on here. Seems one player a long time ago sang “All things must pass” and I know your set back will also.
  5. Thanks for the input Larsongs. I had thought a little bit about calling Martin direct also but hadn’t got around to it yet. I am waiting now to hear back from a second local luthier on an appointment, he is busy. Like I said this is not a major problem, more an irritant like a mosquito buzzing around your head. However you don’t expect this from a CS guitar. As you can imagine they are NOT inexpensive. This is my first and likely only Martin, not because of issues or dislike, it is a great sounding guitar. I just have more guitars than I need now. So I want this one perfect.
  6. Interesting tpbiii, of the three demos I would say my AJ sounds closer to yours than my D28 does to either of your two. Now I am listening on on iPhone so there is that. Also the D28 is just months old. I think both of yours have a drier/cleaner tone than mine but guess that is not unexpected. Hope someday there will be someone out there to appreciate the few guitars I have as much as you do those you have collected.
  7. I’ve never tried to post pictures. I’ll look into it. Also wasn’t too sure about posting pictures of a Martin on the Gibson site.
  8. Yes, the scalloped bracing was what I was looking for. My previous experience with Adi is that it takes this wood a good while to break in, it’s very stiff. So will be interesting to see what she sounds like in a couple of years. I have played a late 60’s D35 that was much more bass heavy to the point of overwhelming and I hope she doesn’t head in that direction. I don’t think it will.
  9. Finally getting around to this. The two guitars; a 2020 Martin CS D28. Non thermally aged Adirondack top over 5/16 scalloped Adi braces in the “Golden Era” bracing pattern. A 2003 LC AJ with Adi top over Brazilian RW. Not sure about the bracing but suspect it is Sitka. BRW fretboard also. So let me start here. The D28 has a slight problem. About a week after receiving the guitar I was sitting on the sofa with the guitar beside me. When I picked it up to strum a little bit I noticed a slight little clink/ clink sound. Moved the guitar back and forth and noticed it again. At first I thought there was something loose inside the body so turned it upside and moved it around, nothing there. After going through all the standard checks I was convinced the sound was coming from the truss rod cavity where neck joins body. The truss rod nut was not loose so I thought it might be a broken washer or something. Took it to a local Martin warranty repair guy who has worked on tons of Martins. He heard it, went thru his checks and decided the truss rod was okay. His thought was maybe a glob of glue had somehow broken off in there. He also didn’t think Martin would be willing to cover this. Okay! Should I start a thread “More Proof of Martin Shoddy Workmanship” or post an X-ray of a glob of glue in the truss rod cavity? Nah, I ain’t that guy. I know these guitars are made by humans from living materials and stuff happens. Let me state this is a slight issue that does not impact playing or sound but I may get a second opinion anyway. Now moving on. When I first opened the case of the D28 I thought they had sent the wrong guitar. One of the whitest tops I have ever seen. Thought it might be a European spruce. But a closer look and you could see the red stripes of the Adi. When i strummed the first cord my wife was in the room and she immediately said “that sound like your AJ.” And you know she not far off. Two dynamic, resonate guitars with copious volume and powerful bass. There are of course differences. The AJ has an immediate impact. You can feel and hear the punch right away. The AJ has plenty of harmonic content but it is not as pronounced or sustained. The D 28 tends to bloom the notes and then ring on longer. The D28 can fill a room with sound with all that is going on. It is a very pleasant mellow sound but does take some getting used too. The AJ to me is more controlled. I think it has a great balance between punch and warmth. Single notes also stand out more on the AJ. As you would expect some songs and playing styles seem to work a little better on each one respective. I have gone on too long so to sum up. The AJ is still my favorite guitar as it has been from the first day I received it. The D28 is a wonderful guitar also, a different voice but not as much as you would think. If it were my only guitar I could be very happy. One last thing. I have 5 Gibsons and for me, emphasis on me, all of them play easier than the D28. I have smaller hands but it is not scale or string spacing or setup. I think it is fret board radius. Martin has a flatter 16” profile and since my fingers don’t come down at as much of a right angle I think that is the difference.
  10. I don’t have any depth profile measurements on the AJ but it feels and looks to me to a pretty full “C” profile. This guitar was built in 2003. I have two J45’s, a 2009 and a 2016. Both of those feel more shallow and a little more “D” profile.
  11. I think you are going to love that one. A great combination of materials and design. That would be one on my wish list. Interestingly my LC AJ has a 1.77 nut profile. I have small hands but find that guitar easy to play.
  12. I have five Gibson acoustics dating back to 1994 and none of mine look ANYTHING like that. My 2016 J45 is just immaculate in build execution and the easiest playing acoustic I have ever played. On another thread I mentioned that I had purchased a Martin Custom Shop D28 same day as MissouriPicker got his J200. I promised I would do a comparison to my Luther’s Choice AJ and that is coming. I will discuss build quality in that and you may find it interesting.
  13. So I have been using those gray, teardrop .88mm Jim Dunlap picks for YEARS. Use them for everything, acoustic and electric. The other day I was in Sam Ash to pickup some odds and ends so I grabbed a pack. Got home pulled one out and started to strum. Wow, completely muffled sound. Could not believe the difference and had to double check to make sure they were the same. Upon close inspection I noticed a very thin rib of plastic all around the pick like it had not come out of the press cleanly. So I took a knife and scrapped that rib off and bingo. Sounds normal now. Suppose a lot of playing time would have accomplished the same thing. Keep picking!
  14. Good morning. Hope all living along the Gulf coast are okay. So PatriotsBiker I bought what they call a Martin Custom Wildwood Spec D28. It is essentially a D28 with Adi top and “golden era” scalloped 5/16 Adi bracing. I’m 68 now and just decided I wanted to add one Martin to my small collection so I went with the iconic D28. I had been considering a J100 but just decided to add a different voice. Can’t wait to compare it to my AJ.
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