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  1. We currently have no plans to take the project further, although I know how I would improve it if I got the chance. The solenoids don't have that much strength in their throw but we're using a pretty shitty power source. Also the solenoids are only playing in thirds because playing 2nds was too close together. This could be fixed by putting solenoids with longer throws above them and having the throw run in between the current solenoids. Anyway it's running off a raspberry pi for anyone who is curious using a short python program.
  2. MIDI File playing robot I made as part of a class with a partner.
  3. Thanks for always wishing me a happy birthday every year, even though I was too lazy/forgot to do the same for you. love you! <3
  4. Hey Everyone! I'm hoping to find some new reading material, and I figured you'd all have some good opinions on the subject. The book can be an instruction manual for an instrument, music theory book, biography or a band/musician/composer, etc.
  5. Well here are the pictures I promised (but nobody asked for). as for sitting with the V, I find it quite comfortable, you just stick the lower horn under your thigh, and let the upper horn hang over. you can even control the angle the v sits at by squeezing your things together, but once again there's probably a joke in there.
  6. I have a 2010 faded cherry V. I'll post pictures later, but it's really not spectacular.
  7. I don't mean to derail the thread any further from the original question, but my point is that the female composers are not at the forefront. sure they exist. I presume that you either A. intentionally looked up female composers to list, which would mean that female composers have to be intentionally sought out rather than appearing alongside the males. or B. you are so knowledgeable about classical music that you are able to list a number of female composers including the years that they lived, if that is the case then you would be far knowledgeable than I, that would make you an expert on th
  8. Misogyny has been a problem in the classical world for a long time, I can't even name a female composer and I consider myself at least somewhat educated about classical history. I think females get pushed out of music because for many guys their looks take precedence over the music that they are making. Imagine you just wrote the most beautiful song ever written and all the guys can think about is whether you're attractive or not. I think females get discouraged from the electric guitar in particular because for many players all it is a pissing contest.
  9. Remind me again why our forum has so few females?
  10. Pippy himself can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he was referring to the way the guitars look, not the way they play. We all understand and many have stated that the guitars are probably top quality, but they are not designs that we find aesthetically pleasing. No one is saying they are not top quality instruments, not do we think the people you mentioned such as Timmons or Keneally are wrong for buying such guitars.
  11. I think all of our opinions simply show that there is no right way to listen to music. Even among the same relative genre there are tons of differing opinions, and none of them are wrong. It's also interesting to note how many Classical composers absolutely hated each other. Tchaikovsky once called Brahms a talentless B*****d. I think the bands we like as well as the bands that we all can't stand show how truly diverse music is. I can't stand the way Louis Armstrong played the trumpet, doesn't mean he wasn't a great musician, doesn't mean he didn't touch the hearts of millions of people. I per
  12. Wampler SLOstortion. sounds very processed and adds a lot of noise.
  13. I wouldn't say difficulty, but there certainly is a difference when switching between a classical guitar neck and the narrower neck of an electric guitar.
  14. I love Pink Floyd, but a lot of their stuff really depresses me when I hear it.
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