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  1. Ohhh, I was wondering what those were for. thanks
  2. 2010 Gold Mist Crackle Custom Shop Standard... the pics don't do it justice, the sparkle and true color isn't captured: compared to the '83 silverburst custom
  3. I bought a goddess for my wife last year. The guitar is very light, and the neck profile is very slim which is great for smaller hands. The goddess are kind of rare now, but there is also the "vixen" line, which is like the studio les paul, it has the same neck profile and weight as a goddess but it has a rosewood fretboard and no binding and cost around $500 - $1k. There is a vixen on ebay at this very moment, search for "gibson vixen"... The one drawback is that there is no abr style bridge for intonation adjustment, the tailstop serves as a wrap around stationary bridge. Good luck.
  4. White, ebony fretboard all the way!
  5. Good luck with it and welcome to the silverburst club!
  6. Thanks man. I remember way back when (until about 6 years ago) when there was only 1 model gibson had made in the color and the collection was simply 1 guitar. I still can't get over the neck on this explorer, the RD, BFG and my standard all have a fatter neck profile then this guitar.
  7. The house of guitars called me today and told me they got one in. I went down and picked it up. The guitar is amazing. The action is low and the neck profile is comparable to my LP custom. The burstbuckers have a deep full sound... its just a pleasure to play. If you're getting one, you wont be disappointed
  8. Yea that $4k explorer was a 1 off according to the auction, I didn't care for the head stock either, very un-gibson... I believe he stated he had it built from the custom shop (which I thought Gibson wouldn't do for people). I'm surprised there hasn't been a silverburst explorer production run in recent years with some of the other models getting it. I don't remember if Bill is from Rochester, NY or not, but Bran (drummer) is, they were in the band Lethargy in the mid '90s. Bran is 1st cousins with my best man on his mother's side, small world. I get to hear some Mastodon stories every now and again when their family reunion happens from him.
  9. Earlier this year there was a custom explorer on ebay, it had a silverburst finish and a white pickguard, looked like Bill's in the picture. I didn't like the white pickguard on it, and the fact that he wantd $4,000.00 for it. An explorer 2 would look much better... no pickguard. I've haven't seen another silverburst explorer except for this picture of Bill's in the thread. I would add one to the collection, but not for $4k, maybe $1k. Bill and Brent have many silverburst guitars, I don't think its a trick of the lights in the photo.
  10. My '91 LP studio is the same way (same pickups to), It squeels like a pig in heat. Nothing a noise gate pedal can't fix though. You should be able to pick one up on ebay or craigs list for around $50 bucks used.
  11. Nice collections! See Sig for details:
  12. See Sig for details: A better pic of the '83
  13. One tends to show up on ebay every few months, good luck
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