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  1. I stayed for 15 years with the pick guard off (I play rock & blues) on my LP but I put it back on a few years ago. It was "off" because I liked the look of the LP without it and is back because my taste evolved.
  2. I don't think the ydddyrrr was introduced in 1965 but much later. please visit here : http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Support/SerialNumberSearch/
  3. I do own a strat and some Gibsons. It's only a matter of beeing in the mood or not. Last year the other guitar player in my band played a 335 and I thought it better to leave my Les Pauls at home and play the Strat so that the sound wouldn't be too similar ... my Firebird VII was an interesting alternative by the way. One thing you can't deny the Strat is a very ergonomic instrumet. Very easy to play. These days, a new band another, guitar player who plays a strat so I rely exclusively on Gibsons, my SG beeing used most of the time.
  4. BRILLIANT ! I'll give it a try. thanks for the information !
  5. You are probably right.I love this guitar so much i play it all the time and seem to get accustomed to it. A slight change of style induced by a new instrument ... I may let it as it is I'm too afraid refretting the neck would change the feeling I have with this guitar. If I play a song that really needs bending I still can switch to any other guitar I have. As I said I really do regret the fateful day i decided to refret my '66 custom telecaster ...only at the time it was the only guitar I owned.
  6. yes I thought of that too but it may detroy the guitar look ... anyway I'll stay for a while with the "protruding" push pull pot just to see if it's worth the pain. I also may work the top of the guitar, take out a couple of millimetres of wood ... anyway, no need to hurry up. Let's see what's going on. I let you know.
  7. Hi. I followed your advice and bought one push/pull pot. This seems to be THE solution only ... the pot is a bit too tall for the SG body so I can't close the plate ... this iS silly isn't it ? This SG custom is so thin you don't believe it ! Let's see if I can live with one half closed pot cavity plate. LOL.
  8. Hi guys. I am the proud owner of a 1971/1972 SG Custom, one of the last "fretless wonders" they made or so it seems. Of course these frets are not the most desirable item when one want to bend strings and I bend a lot. Here's my qustion : are these fretless wonders collectible and/or valuable instruments and will it completely ruin its market value if I change the frets for more usable ones ? I do not buy guitars because of their value but on the other hand I've ruined a couple of vintage guitars I own which are now very playable but worth nothing.
  9. Hey, why not ? This way the guitar would look the same ... no visible modifications ... I'll think of it. Thanks.
  10. Yes she does and to add insult to injury the three of them are "tar sealed" so it is impossible to cancel the fact that the bridge and middle pick up are out of phase without changing one of them. At least I can't blame any one as it is my second SG custom with the same features the first one I owned in the early 80's so I knew what I was paying for. LOL.
  11. push-pull pots ... yeah I'll think of it. I'm not sure about what combination I really want. I once had a three pups SG and replaced one tone pot with a regular 3 positions toggle switch ... no holes drilled but it ruined the look of the guitar ... the combinations were neck, neck + ??? and ??? by "???" I mean using the extra toggle, so it was middle, middle + bridge, bridge ... sort of 7 positions ... not all of them useble I must say ... but I liked the middle pick up alone choice ...
  12. Hi guys. Here is a question about the possible three pick ups wirings. I am the proud owner of a vintage SG custom and the wiring scheme is bridge, bridge + middle (out of phase) and neck. I once owned such a guitar but at the time modified the guitar and drilled holes in it to put switches and I do not want to do this anymore to avoid ruining whatever value my guitar has. I think I remember reading in an old issue of Guitar Player magazine a column about other wirings still non-destructive ? Can any one help me ? I'm not looking for a strat style 5 ways combination but to have the middle pick up alone would be a fine addition ... and no holes drilled of course.
  13. Yes, the last time I ordered a Gibson in the uS, the french customs added an unbearable amount of taxes so I do not do this anymore. The guitar would've been cheaper if ordered in Germany or any other EEC country. Nice SG by the way.
  14. I first saw Billy Gibbons doing that a loooong time ago. Here's an explanation. The tailpiece can, as you know, be lowered or raised. Just give it a try without changing the strings setting you'll notice that : the lower it is, the greater the sustain but you've got high string tension and low harmonics. The higher the tailpiece is the lower the string tension and the sustain but you get richer harmonics. You have to find a balance between the two. If you wrap the strings just as showed here you'll end up with less sustain but a sound richer with high harmonics. Of course you've got low string tension which depending of your style may be hazardoius. If you do a lot of bending - as I do - you end up with strings popping out of the saddle very easily which is not exactly what most of us want. Of course it's just me trying to explain to you using a language that's not my mother's so please excuse the lack of precision. Just experiment by raising it using the big screws and you'll get - fast and inexpensive you don't have to restring the guitar - an idea of what you get by wrapping the strings this way. I don't do it anymore except, sometimes, with one of my Juniors which has a rather dull sound. Think of the way Gibbons plays the high harmonics and you'll understand why he does that.
  15. As armadillo said, check out the pots serial numbers. They tell you when the pots were made so the guitar was probably made some time after ... or not.
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