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  1. My Uncle is giving me a couple of guitars he has had since the 60's. (I wish they were Gibsons, but unfortunately they are Martins). He lives out in California and I am in Ohio, I was wondering what advice some of you could give me on the best way to get them shipped: Is there a shipper that is better than others? How should they be packed up? What should I watch out for. He is giving me this instruments as long as I pay for the shipping and I really want to do it right. Thank You for any advice all of you can give me.
  2. Boyle06

    SKB o TKL???

    Another vote for SKB. I actually have both, an SKB for my Tele and a TKL for my J-60. The SKB is a tank of a case. I really like the way it snaps down and the shell is tough. I have taken it in my trunk from one end of the county to the other and my instrument has never had any issues what so ever. I have not traveled as much with my TKL case, but I do believe it would hold up fine. The molded shell of the TKL just seems far stronger than the laminated wood shell of the TKL, at least in my opinion. Either way they are both nice cases that will protect your instruments very well.
  3. My 2000 Gothic and case, All Polished and Setup.
  4. Boyle06

    The Other Guitars

    I am a new SG owner, I do hope to add more of them soon!!!!! far as other guitars are concerned, here is my baby. It is a 1966 ES-330 TDC:
  5. Boyle06

    2000 SG Gothic

    I actually made the stand myself. I am a hobbyist woodworker and made stands like that one for myself and my friends. Thank you for commenting on it:-)
  6. Boyle06

    2000 SG Gothic

    Blambo...... You make a very good point about the SG Special. I went and looked at the specs on the Special and they are identical to the ones listed for the Gothic model. It even says on the SG Special that Gibson used a Crescent Moon inlay on the fret board before June of 2003. The one thing that is strange about the Gothic model is the use of the Crescent Moon and Star inlay on the fret board along with a picture of Orville Gibson on the back of the head stock. It would appear that Gibson was trying to pay homage to Orville Gibson's early guitar and mandolin inlays, the ones he used around the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century when Gibson himself was still making the instruments. At that time Gibson used the crescent moon and star inlay on the headstock of some of his instruments, especially Mandolins. It just seems out of place to use that pattern on a type of guitar that did not even exist during his time. I would have thought if they were looking try and use a pattern that hearkened back to an earlier era, they would have used it on one of their acoustic instrument lines. On another note, The pictures I supplied really does not do the guitar justice. I do not know if it because of the flash, but they make the finish look scratched up. It actually is not that way at all. It really looks quite good with only a few small areas on the finish that are not in really good shape. With that said, if I do decide to sell it in the future, I will definitely take your advice. I will have the Luther I take my instruments to for service go over it and put the finish as perfect as possible. For now, however, I am truly enjoying this guitar and plan on continuing with it.
  7. Boyle06

    2000 SG Gothic

    Actually, both of your posts help a lot. I really appreciate the link, it gave me the specs that I did not know. I have about zero knowledge on this model so any information is great. I have been really enjoying playing it. I love the sound that I get out of the guitar it is very different from the Les Pauls and Strats I have played. I also find it really comfortable to play, somehow the body really seems to fit me well. hearing that can go for up t $900 about floored me...I only payed $400 for it without a case. I did get a new postal monkey case for $100 to go with it, so out the door I was only at $500. In all reality the value is basically academic since I really have no intention of selling it, but it is nice to know that I seemed to have gotten a decent deal on it. I really do appreciate the information and look forward to anything else any of you may have.
  8. I was lucky this weekend and scored a 2000 Gibson SG Gothic. Although I have played a number of solid electrics over the years, I have never even touched an SG until I purchased this one. I have been able to determine that the SG Gothic is no longer being made as a Gibson but apparent there may be an Epiphone version. I am hoping that the folks on this forum who have knowledge on the SG line would be able to answer a few questions for me: 1) What years where these guitars made? 2) What is an equivalent SG that is being made today? 3) Other than the look, is there anything significantly different between a SG Gothic and the other styles of Gibson SG's that were being made at that time? (Pickups, woods, etc....) 4) Any general observations on this guitar, rarity, long term value, playability...basically any information would be really appreciated since I am starting without much knowledge myself. I am including a couple of pictures, if any of you would like to see other shots of it just let me know. I want to thank all of you in advance, I really enjoy reading the postings on this forum and am always amazed by the amount of knowledge the members possess.
  9. Thank you for the information. I have looked in the cavities on this guitar and can not tell that is was ever routed. The wood under the pickups is stained black like the body of the guitar, it just does not have any lacquer on it. From your post, it does sound like the Pro Deluxe did, on rare occasions, come with Humbuckers. I wonder if mine is one of those odd balls? I think I am going to pull the pickups and take a closer look, there may be something that I am missing. Either way, I really appreciate your feedback, since they would have had to route the guitar if the humbuckers were added, putting P-90's on it would not be feasible.
  10. Thank you for the information. Since this is a 'Pro Deluxe' model, according to Gibson it would have normally shipped with Soap Bar P-90's. Would that have required the Pickup Cavities to be routed or are they the same as a Humbucker?
  11. I am afraid it has full size ones -- Not a good sign :-( I did find a picture of the Guitar, I wish it was better but I hope it helps.
  12. I was given a 1976 Les Paul Pro Deluxe back in 1984. When I received the guitar it had humbucker pickups on it. I did not think anything about it until I was reading a year or so back that the Pro Deluxe model normally would have shipped with P-90's. I cannot tell that these pickups are anything but factory, but I have the feeling that the original P-90's were probably replaced with humbuckers in the years before I received the guitar. The humbuckers that are on the instrument are genuine Gibson and from what I can tell are period correct. I have two questions that I hope the folks on this forum might be able to tell me: 1) Does it make any sense to replace the humbuckers back to P-90's? 2) Would they have had to modify the holes that the P-90's were in so the Humbuckers would fit? The humbuckers have worked and played without any issues, so the only reason I would even consider doing this is to bring the instrument back to factory specs. I have to believe that the guitars value would be more if it had the original pickups, but since I am not looking to sell it that is not all that important to me. Being new to this forum, I really enjoy the great information that I have been able to get by reading the posts. I would really appreciate any information or thoughts you may have on this.
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