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  1. That would be the wisest, believe me. There are so many variables and corners to investigate and finding (buying) a new high-end guitar - your first - is a serious quest (move). CU later
  2. This is actually Stephen Stills vintage Jumbo. You can almost see his eyes saying, , , "careful Neil, I might resell it one day. . " And it was on the Bay some 10 years ago. With a paper document and stuff. It's from 1940. . .
  3. So beauticool and what a condition. Just never get tired of these guitars here. A 62-63-64, , , ? Can you tell us more. .
  4. By Kalamazoo - No it wasn't. Understand your dilemma de luxe. Sweet situation in sour times. .
  5. Hi - you obviously have experience with playing and listening closer to acoustics. I'd say you know too much for advice. The nuances in the models in front of you are too many and too subtle for us to make sense by talking certain Gibsons up. In other words you must try them all, , , as many as possible. And the handful you line up is a good place to start. Throw yourself after everything that calls you - and don't delay if one particular guitar blows your hat off. Take it home - it may be gone tomorrow. Not trying to underplay you post - but what you read is the best I can. The hunt will be good fun - and if you absolutely must buy now during the crises, remember to get a deal that enables you to return the thing. Aaahh, an idea 💡 = if you can, then get 3 home, let's say a J-45, an Advanced Jumbo and a Hummingbird. Enjoy yourself indoors for a week before sending the 2 lesser guitars back - then keep the home-romance goin' with your chosen one. Good Luck gibpicker - do send us a postcard
  6. But if 'fixed bridge', , , what ain't fixed about this guitar. . .
  7. Hey - this beauty sounds good. The caramelish back'n'sides/neck set it apart from the previous True Vintage/Vintage Hummingbirds and really make the whole thing come together. Would love to try one live and compare it to my own broken in non-torrefied darker B'n'S also darker logoless necked (yes, Gibson !) 2012 TVs. They'll be hard to match now, but the ex above is very alluring.
  8. Now there's a bit of confusion on the line. Wasn't the B-25 the same as the LG-2, only with a new name. As falcon-eyed BK777 noticed on March 22, the new Neil-guitar hasn't got the mid-seem-brace, which would make it an LG-1. Into a little sherlocking here 🔎 - not because of the times, , , but because of the place.
  9. Hehe, , , that's what I thought - not only 1 big star, , , 8 different sized smaller ones . . 😮
  10. Aha, , , but to me the force of these first videos was the triple-point in both the man-machine-connection, the look and the actual sound of this creature. Anywayzzz. .
  11. Sure, , it made him some sort of saint he may never have been without it. . . Not really understood - d'you mean the T-O-M didn't play a role in the first place. .
  12. Starry starry night, , , , paint your palette black and grey. I'm glad the soundhole is still round. ✰ ✰ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ✰ ✰ ✰
  13. Yes, , , and I was afraid he'd decided to switch the T-O-M . Luckily and wisely he did not. Let's hope the best. Well, it's hard to see where it can go wrong.
  14. Then I'll say OUCH for him - and then remind us that he actually had a discrete and unplayed J-45 under the clazzic BBC-session just after his big break. That's looong time ago so he could have forgotten and lost G-overvue. Never seen him with 1 single slope Gibson during all these years. He might need to lurk here.
  15. Hey Arlington - and welcome. Nick has a strong point above, but I have heard Clapton praise the D-45. Never seen him with one though, , , yet. What I like about this little groove is that they show how it should be done when 2 guitars meet for a kitchen jam. And the simplicity of the 12-bar makes it very easy to decode : Listen the man who carries the torch (the singer), , who for his part naturally listens back and serve space for the other. Here done on a silver-plate.
  16. , , , well, never mind too much - it's just a number. But talking 'bout numbers here's a nice little acoustic duet. Sometimes things like this end up in a mess, but the jam below actually shows how to do it. It's good. Sorry - no Gibsons
  17. Didn't the one Oasis-brother smash the other Oasis-brother's J-200 after the other Oasis-brother had smashed the first Oasis-brother's 335. . .
  18. Wait till you get it right - it'll change the perspective. I remember feeling slightly lame when trying to get the intro under control back in 74. It gradually fell into place during a month or two. . So just keep dodooing it. . .
  19. Never knew P. Townshend had a Southern Jumbo. .
  20. Agree with everything you say, , , and yes, noticed the outroline too ^
  21. Some of it yes - but a lot of the latest records I have to avoid. The track above however, I find very inspired, , , as if he got through to the main source. Even the greatest artist can sink in the swamp of skills and craftsmanship. Sometimes they sense it sometimes they don't. But when it happens - and no matter what awareness - it means moving below the level they travelled on when becoming who they are, , , or were. There has to be a third factor in the pic. The 1 with no name. Your insight in the early period is impressing. I had a friend who owned the Great White Wonder. Must say I recall the myth as bein' greater than the music. Ouuu, we were a group of guys who heard a lot of bootlegs and circulating tapes in the late 90s. There was a book called The Invisible Republic too, , , we felt like citizens there. . Stay bob'd
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